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Introducing Android Studio: an IDE designed to make you faster and more productive as an app developer. 

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This looks balls. I might actually do some developing now...
I've been doing all of my android development for the last 2 and a half years in IntelliJ - I'm really glad to see official support/integration in cooperation with Google.  Eclipse drives me to want to throw hardware against the wall every time I use it.
So want. Feel sad about Eclipse :(
I'm pretty sure it's built on Eclipse like other JetBrains products.
I been predicting this for the last few years. It good that Google have done it, finally. 
Sounds nice. I hope that it'll be better than Visual Studio for Windows Phone.
URL please. What's the point in announcing a developer IDE, if you don't point anywhere where you can either download or buy it.
+Larry Glock why, I am sure they were at least given a chance to come aboard and release a specialise Android version. In fact I am surprise Eclipse didn't go ahead an do one themselves instead of waiting for Google. you snooze, you lose. 
Even if it's based on Eclipse, like Aptana Studio for web and dynamic language development, a tighter integration and task-oriented UI is worth keeping a separate installation.
Awesome! IntelliJ IDEA is so much better than Eclipse. This is a win for all Android devs!
I switched to IJ almost 2 years ago and have never looked back.  I am thrilled to see its official adoption.  I spent more time fighting Eclipse than working in it.
Is the project going to be Open Source (like Chrome(ium))?
Viet La
Is it better than Eclipse IDE? What is the difference between Google Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA 12 Community Edition?
I like JetBrains' products, where do I get "Android Studio?"
Google is the best home page for browsing
As others have said, would really love to download this now. 
I'm going to have to remember to look this back up again at a later date so I can download it.
Does that mean, that the current way of IDE integration (e.g. Eclipse) is going to be cancelled soon or will it still be maintained?
Please have decent dependancy management, please have decent dependancy management, please have decent dependancy management...
It's about time! I'm bloody sick of Eclipse!! Download link, please.. :D
Short meaningless comment here!
Links or it hasn't happened :P
Will this be available as a plugin for Ultimate Edition?
Eclipsed.... Not anymore
Xin Dou
That's great. IntelliJ big fan, But when and where can we get it
I have used Intellij and can't wait for the updated IDE!
+Jeffrey Blattman  Except it might be open source + free for android use now. Not $100+ for a license. We will see. :)
I really love eclipse, but if this makes handling multiple layouts easier I'm all for it
+Jeffrey Blattman Yes. For most of the Eclipse users in this discussion that's a huge step up, and still free. And with compatibility to Android Studio when it comes out.
+Pierre-Luc Paour i was responding to your link, which just points to the old IJ w/ android integration. that is not what was announced and is nothing new.
Happy so long as it includes an emulator that WORKS
Will this work on the Pixel, Google's Developer Laptop?
Link please, this will get so many more developers on board
So far I've been most happy to see this of anything! The current dev tools have always made me kind of sad and left me frustrated. 
Looks really good. Eclipse wouldn't be my tool of choice.
did you see that android studio look's ready to be in the lead with microsoft
Just revitalized my interest in app development 
oh my.. finally no more eclipse?!?!?!? thank the sweet zombie jesus
So when will it be available for download?
Installed fine but doesn't launch on Windows 8.
Nice. Thanks for the link
Mine will not launch on window 7
When you say "introducing" you also display, present, show, etc. the item you're introducing.
+Justin Cessna They said it had some bugs and would be rough but this is a little bit much. But I will still wait for an update so I can try it.
+Ben Murphy Sorry, meant for it to be an "as well" post, letting you know you're not alone. And in case they were tracking this feed.
Downloaded, installed, clicked on the icon labeled "Android Studio", and........nothing.   It doesn't start up. OK, how do I get support?  (this on Windows 7). 

UPDATE:  See Scott Hooper's post below.  ANDROID_STUDIO_JDK=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17
I can't make it run in my Windows 7 / 64-bit PC. Double click and it just doesn't do anything.
Devz B
Tried to run as admin, says bin\studio.bat not found. Located and clicked on it, says no JDK found although during installation it says JDK was found :s
installed but won't run on Windows 8
Same here, doesn't budge on both win7 and win8 devices. Quite disappointed =/
Hmm...  Xcode, Eclipse or Android Studio...
any chance to install it on Chrome OS ?? Can you make an online version?
Wow. I most definitely love the fact that by default, Android Studio's user interface is dark, along with the code editor that doesn't have the usual black-on-white color scheme that is arguably very eye-straining.
Please give us Android Studio on Chrome OS!! I want to drop my windows installation!
Can't wait to see how all the new features

I added ANDROID_STUDIO_JDK to environment variables, pointing to the JDK 1.6 root. Fixed the problem in 7x64.
+Marc Boucher uh, NONE of Jetbrains products are built on eclipse. They are on Jetbrain's own platform, which they now also offer under the name of MPS for others to develop IDE's on.
Installed and had a quick play with the initial release - looks great, and a huge improvement over Eclipse.

Am very interested to hear about any plans for NDK support, and if so how well it'll be integrated - hoping for great things!
Getting "plugin com.intellij failed to initialize..." when starting in Ubuntu. Seems to be related to env variables...but JAVA_HOME, JDK_HOME already point to (Oracle) JDK? Any others?
hey +Josh DiMatteo do you know if it has to be the x86 version of the jdk? I tried pointing to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\bin\java.exe and it still isnt working (win7 x64)
+Harold Methven Teamwork... someone posted about the studio.bat so I ran that, and it showed the variables it was looking for.

Now stuck waiting for ADT to update so I can export a project from Eclipse :-)
Will this be available as an IDEA plugin as well?
shut up and take my money!! (within reason)
Import from Eclipse was quick and easy (well, the ADT update was slow). Studio now working wonderfully. Only caveat was that I had to modify project config (in Studio) to tell it to launch on the USB device rather than create an AVD (never used IntelliJ for Android, but use it for much traditional Java).
Not launching on WIn7 but installed fine, help!!!
I downloaded this on windows and it won't launch. Anyone else having this issue?
be sure to have java jdk installed not just the jre
Finally! I might actually start developing some ideas I have now!
I tried the solution mentioned above for getting it to launch on Win7 64bit and it still doesn't work. I click on the icon and nothing happens.
that's great! thank you guys, you're driving near future tech. Waiting for the rest of #IO13  
Google is my new Rubrics....LOL you have a lot of pieces left over.....JAB 
Win8 64bit: installs but would not launch.
+Frank Davis if the solution you tried wasn't posted by me, try that one. I'm on 7x64. You can also run bin/studio.bat and look at the message it shows; there are other env. variables you can try.

Also, make sure you are pointing it at the JDK root (not just a JRE), like this:  C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_39

(Note: this is a 64-bit JDK installation)
Trepidatious to hear about the new build tool. It's not clear to me why Google won't adopt Maven and fix Maven+Eclipse integration for Android. Maven is the de facto Java build tool. There are several major bugs with Maven+Eclipse for Android (e.g. not supporting APKLIB dependencies, doing buggy exports) that would make setting up an environment - for development, integration server, and automated building - much easier.  
methinks longer battery power will be the  next big thing  related to climate change i guess also disposable phones solar etc
thank you Scott Hooper setting JAVA_HOME env variable worked.
Why are there no thumbs down -1 options?
Stu M
There are no thumbs down options because googlers are of that generation that was told they are great and special and don't take well to things like negativity.
+Stu M  there's thumbs down on YouTube and that is apart of the Google ecosystem
Does anyone have a good tutorial for starting out?
I wasn't able to get the standard IDEA Scala plugin to install.  It works fine with the generic Community version, but the install into Studio complained that the plugin was incompatible.  I've done a Hello (Android) World in Scala using Eclipse and I'd really like to dig into some Android+Scala work with Studio.
I don't think eclipse is that bad. Instead I'm wondering if Android Studio will be ready and mature in a short time
I found some bugs. I'll continue with eclipse... :( 
Oh man, I really like Eclipse over IntelliJ. not that its a bad tool, its very good, likely what I'd be using if I didn't have eclipse, but I'm not happy that: a) its now built onto a proprietary tool. b) support for Eclipse will likely now flag. c) I now have to use two IDE's when working. d) Support for the Eclipse foundation is important.
Funny thing is that I switched from IJ IDEA in 2004, because eclipse had better support for more stuff and did it all for free. 
I had a problem with gradle when I create a new project , android studio still download for a lot time , I download gradle manualy and setting gradle home to dezipped file ............. but alawys a same problem
For those who can't get it to work on Windows, try this:

1.) Right click on My Computer, and select Properties. 

2.) Click on “Advanced system settings” and go to the “Advanced” tab. 

3.) On the bottom, click the “Environment Variables” button. This will bring up the Environment Variables screen, you will see two sections, User Variables (at the top), and System Variables (at the bottom). 

4.) Add a system variable with the name JDK_HOME, and the value equal to the path to your JDK install. 

Step 4 might differ based on how your system is setup, but as an example, here are the settings that worked for us: 

Variable name: JDK_HOME 
Variable Value: c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21\ 

Credit goes to Jonathan Nalewajek of CypressNorth
I've trying it on Windows 8 and it still has lots of bugs, for example when you create a new project it doesn't have all the folders so it gets quite bothersome to create all the required files.
Hope the release a new update soon
Can anybody help me. Setting a project on Android Studio. I am trying to use it behind a proxy. But its not able to open a new project. Unable to download the
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