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Starting today, the Google Cast SDK is available for developing and launching Google Cast Ready-apps. The SDK is simple to integrate into existing apps, and is available cross-platform for Android, web, and iOS developers. 

All Chromecast devices have been updated to the latest software with support for the SDK, and you can get started by heading to the Google Cast Developers site ( and checking out our sample apps ( 

Let us know what you think: .

Happy casting!

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Great but, I can't buy the Chromecast device in Spain. Any news?
You have a friend in the US who can send you one? 
Amzon sells also in germany even its not official startet Here... Maybe its worth a look in Spain too...
Ray Dar
Still NO LINUX or Firefox support. Lame.
+Ray Dar Mozilla would have to add the functionality to Firefox themselves, which I'm sure Google would be happy to let them. But it is the Chromecast, remember? If you don't like Chrome, you probably don't want a Chromecast.
Ray Dar
+Darin Smith I have Chromecast and I like it. I have no Windows boxes or macs and never will. I sure would like to cast X11 screens from many Linux devices to my Chromecast.
+Ray Dar I run only Linux and Chromecast works great with Chrome. I generally run Chromium and had to install Chrome proper to get full screen sharing, but it seems to run smoother on my Linux (1st gen i3 4gb ram, Ubuntu 13.10) box than my brother's Macbook Pro (i7, 16gb ram)....doesn't slow my machine at all (and that's saying a lot for this thing) and there isn't all that much lag.  I'm happy with it at least.  They don't list Linux as officially supported, but that's only for the setup app to put in your wifi password.  They also don't say ChromeOS is Linux, but we all know it is...they don't use the L-word, because it's scary to a lot of people.

I would also wonder how complicated it would be to get it working in Firefox now that the browser isn't injecting the api...but that's for someone smarter than me to figure it out.  
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