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Mirror API docs for Google Glass are now available!
Hi Everyone!

A few months ago we told you about the Mirror API. It's how you develop Glassware, which is what we're calling Glass services. We know a lot of you are eager to learn more about it, and I have some great news. Today we're releasing the API documentation and a bunch of example code, so even though the API is in a limited developer preview, you can start dreaming with us.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this look into the Mirror API.
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Hi Jenny,
Although am not part of the first release of Google Glass but intend to get one asap, am I still able to start developing for it? Is there a simulation environment available to use to get a feel for what my apps will look like to users?
Thanks :)
+Javier Inchausti I'm supposed to get one in the next few weeks, as Google just announced. I signed up at last I/O. 
+Harry Yoon Oh nice! I'm so jealous! Hope they release them soon! Just can't wait to get one! I think it will be one of the most innovate and best new technology releases ever! It will change how we interact with the world around us in profound ways! 
+Javier Inchausti Yes, I have high hope too! btw, they might release a few more Glasses before the consumer editions are released (presumably in the next holiday season). So, you might be able to get your Glass sooner than you think. :)
Is there a reason the Mirror is not available for those of us with a Google Apps account?
Can't see the Mirror Api in the Google Api Services tab, am I missing something? Is this only available for glass explorers? 
Jim my
Is the Mirror API toggle showing up for anyone?  Not seeing it yet.
+Matthew Grill I'm in the same boat.
+James Iqbal +Matthew Grill +Chris Stewart  I'm presuming you should be able to see the api once you are authenticated through the appspot demo app? I keep getting 500 errorrs... were you guys able to authenticate first?
Any plans for a lower-level/native/non-web-app SDK? The AR application possibilities are endless with this :).
Is it just me but does it look like this is just a glorified "Now" api integration?  I too would like to see some AR implementations as well but maybe the hardware is limited?
I added the JSON models for timeline and subscription resources to the JSON Designer app (iOS) in the examples section. 
+Charilaos Papadopoulos +Shane Perry The fact that Google Glass is designed that you aren't always looking through a lense but, instead, must look up at a display... suggests that the design is not well suited for AR and is primarily aimed at making information available to your ears and eyes instead of adding information to reality.
+Peter Sitterly I can definitely see uses cases where you'd want to be able to do native processing of what Glass's seeing, even if you can not overlay the information directly on top of the user's view. Not having to play ping-pong with a web service can do wonders in terms of latency and UX. I can understand that there may be battery life/performance concerns and that this may just be a V1 SDK but i think there's really compelling stuff to do with lower-level access to device :).
+Charilaos Papadopoulos Agreed. I wonder if any real-time image recognition or video streaming will be handled directly by the device itself, or if it will do so via a Bluetooth connected mobile device. In any case, the screens to register Glass involve looking at a QR code without any mention of pairing with a device (but connecting via WiFi), so it definitely shows there is functionality in Glass beyond the Mirror API.
Hmmm, is there a Google Glass emulator?
Will there be an offline api and access to the sensors like accelerometer, gyro and gps? or the camera live stream for performant Augmented reality apps? For developers who do not want to create another news feed app ;)
+Tyler Scott +Ruben Orduz +Matthew Grill, et al: The Mirror API is currently in a limited developer preview. During this preview, only Explorers who have Glass will be given access to the API.

We're taking this approach because Glass is a unique platform that is mobile but fundamentally different than existing mobile platforms in both design and use. To develop great experiences and effectively test them, you need to have Glass.  
+Charilaos Papadopoulos We're aware of the capabilities that native development could bring. :) 

We've launched the Mirror API documentation today to give you all a peek into how easy developing for Glass can be, but this is in no way the end of the story. 
TOS Section 3: Fees

No Fees. You may not charge end users any fees or collect any payments in order to download or access your API Client, or in connection with virtual goods or functionality of your API Client.

That means we cannot run a business based on glass? That's the biggest letdown of the century.
Would be great if google could provide a kind of simulator working on a PC or even android to help the developers to buils apps already.
Lot of questions but no answers?
Why is the Google Mirror API not appearing on everyone's Google API console services?
+Graham Gibson It's been mentioned a couple of times that only people with the hardware will likely have access to the API.
+曹珺 下面说买了开发版眼镜的才会看到API。你买了吗?很想抢先开发一些应用啊!
Jenny Murphy, do you know when the Mirror API service will be available in the API console for developers that are not part of the Glass Explorers?
+Jenny Murphy do you know when the Mirror API service will be available in the API console for developers that are not part of the Glass Explorers? I have a test app deployed, but it gets to the point of requesting permission to "Allow Access" but then fails because Mirror API is not available to enable. Thank you for your help and your Glass tutorial was very helpful!
I do not have glass, how to test my app
such a good news!i can' wait for coding my new apps!
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