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Google I/O 2012 registration opens in 6 days and 7 hours!

(That's next Tuesday, March 27th, 7:00 AM PDT / 14:00 UTC, for those of you reading this in the future.)
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I must upgrade my internet speed for that day
Does anybody if they ask for student info during the process of buying a ticket?
+Nathan Buth No, they check your ID at the entrence according to an email response after i asked
+Nathan Buth Also FAQ says: "We will require a current school ID or other proof that you’re qualified to receive this special rate when you check in at the conference"
I hope I can get in. This will be my first time going if I can.
Its really neat and all, but none of the contraptions will survive browser resizing because the output is anchored to the right. Any share of your machine will potentially fail, leaving you look like an idiot that cant get the ball in the hole. Google Fail.
yup its a fail. Nice idea but the browser size will have a great deal to do with the success of any given machine. I linked to this machine and it failed until I re-sized my screen
Yea, I find this oversight surprising really. I expect better from Google developers.
Google, you could have fixed this a number of different ways. Here are just a few:
- save the browser size when you share it
- resize everything simultaneously
- save a marker line showing you where the output is supposed to be
- allow users to affix the border to anywhere on the canvas, not just anchored to the right
I'm disappointed that Google seems to have hand-selected people to pre-register for IO. A coworker went last year for the first time, as did I and three other friends of mine -- my coworker got a pre-registration invitation, and the other four of us didn't. The difference: my coworker used to be our CEO, the other four of us are just developers. So much for being a developer's conference?
+Randen Kelly I tried to fix this in mine ( by keeping the height limited (>800 screen height should work) and adding a track at the end which should fit most screen widths. It's true the height or width could still be too small, and the machine could be too slow, causing the ball to jump to unexpected positions. Really they'd need to save the order of the controls hit for a run and validate before attaching the ball to any control during playback, and playback should be immune to the border effects because obviously it succeeded if you were able to post it. I heard that the source isn't obfuscated, so maybe someone could update it and submit proposed changes to Google.
+Christopher Schmitz Hands down the best machine yet, really cool idea of having a hidden message that would be revealed by the android. How long did it take to make?
What happened to "Brush up your coding skills" needed for registration? Have they abandoned that now?
+Christopher Schmitz Well great job and I hope it pays off. :) +Paul Teale I believe it is built into the I/O thing. You are able to type out the code yourself if you want. I am glad they didn't do it entirely this year because then I for sure would not have been able to go. I am learning Javascript right now but still have some time in my program before I tackle Java or C. This way I can still potentially go two times as a student, once with some programming knowledge and the second time knowing more on what the heck it is I am doing. XD
+Ian Douglas All my friends that are I/ONs have gotten a pre-registration code. Are you sure your co-worker isn't an I/ON?
+Marc Wangenheim No idea. I can't even find information on what an I/ON is ... last year was his first year going to Google IO, the same as the rest of a small group of friends. I knew guys last year who got Emails a week before the public registration opened for having gone to IO in previous years.
Just an fyi, "I/ON" is a term Google refers to people that have been going to I/O every year since the first I/O conference.
@Nathan Buth: which code are you referring to that I can type out myself?
+Paul Teale Whenever doing the input/output machine program if you look around the bottom right of the screen you will see a box that has </> on it. If you click this it will show you the code for the objects which you can manipulate yourself. I don't know how it completely works but I know you can change how objects you add on it work, look, and where they are located at. You should be able to completely add new ones too.
Thanks, +Christian Faieta Christian... My coworker is definitely not an i/on given that description as he has only gone to io once, and that was last year.
What if I've been going every year since the SECOND I/O conference? :/
+Steve Stratoti I'm in the same boat as you, unfortunately there will not be any pre-sale tickets for past "alumni" attendees this year. :(
+Christian Faieta That doesn't appear to be completely true. A friend of mine who has been to all IO conferences since the second one got a pre-registration invite. +Steve Stratoti I would send an email to Google and ask what their policy is. I have heard that you are considered an I/ON now if you have attended at least three IO conferences. So far it seems some people that haven't been to the very first IO are still getting pre-registration invites.
I'm an I/ON (every single year) and I have not received any sort of invite. Worse, I'm tied up in a meeting all day Tues (some of us have jobs that aren't as flexible as picking a random day for a free-for-all registration). Registration will probably be sold out before I ever get a chance. Looks like this may well be my first missed year at I/O due to no fault of my own. I'm not sure I care for the new face of Google. Abandoning the faithful? Is that the right recipe for the future? Last year they rolled out the red carpet for me... this year they've thumbed their noses at me.
+Marc Wangenheim Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check into that! +Christian Faieta I agree with Marc - I've seen some other postings on Google+ about folks getting pre-registration. It may be a slow roll out based on initial date of attendance. (I hope!) Either way, we've had a script pinging the Google IO Registration site since :)
What I'm most concerned with is my Google Wallet. I just decided to double check that it's still setup, and since my Boss reset my password on our Google Apps domain a few months back the Wallet was locked out for security reasons.

Makes sense to me, but would've REALLY sucked on registration day.

I just sent in a request to unlock the account, but I'm not sure how long that'll take. Just wanted to give others a heads up in case the admin in your GA domain had reset your password over the last year.
+Steve Stratoti "It may be a slow roll out based on initial date of attendance. (I hope!)"

Don't think so, as my coworker went last year for his very first I/O and he got an early registration invite.
+Google Developers I've gone every year to I/O (so I'm an ION) and also haven't received an early invite. I emailed the Google I/O address asking if it could be resolved, they acted like it could asked for the email addresses/extra info which I provided last Friday and never heard back, I've sent one or two follow up after that to try and get a response and never heard anything.
this is the reply I got from Google IO team: This year, only I/ONs are able to register early. I/ONs are people who
have attended at least 4 previous Google conferences.
I just 1x short, only attendee from 2009 ;-(
+Nathan Oen What is the email address that you were using to contact Google development team? Can you send me a private message with it?
+Marc Wangenheim the fact that he doesn't know that Google+ is available for Google Apps I think says it all, makes the whole article sound out-of-touch at that point
I have been to Google I/O in 2010 and 2011 and I'm a registered Android Dev with two apps published with around 10k downloads in total. Pre registration code for Google IO this year? Well, not for me.
I still have a confusion about student registration requirements... on the registration page, it says that "Proof of enrollment or employment at an academic institution will be required for entry into the conference" and on FAQ page it says that, "We will require a current school ID or other proof that you’re qualified to receive this special rate when you check in at the conference.".... What should be applicable?
Does anyone have any idea?
Generally it's a photo ID card issued by your school, or maybe they'll take a regular photo ID and proof of enrollment at a school.
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