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Save the date for Google I/O 2013

It might only be December, but Google I/O 2013 is set and is just 162 days away! We’ll be returning to Moscone Center West in San Francisco on May 15-17, 2013, and sharing the experience beyond via Google Developers Live and I/O Extended viewing parties. We’ll announce registration details in February 2013. 

If you have not yet experienced Google I/O, our annual developer event, visit the 2012 site at for highlights, including the spellbinding Google Glass demo (

To stay up to date on Google I/O announcements, as well as other developer news, follow us here on Google+ and join the conversation with #io13  .
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let's hope to get tickets & for the servers to be working this time (after two years with registration/server difficulties)
Any tips on how to secure a ticket or invite so we're not left battling website bugs at the last second? I've been able to go twice but lack of information and a less-than-ideal sign-up process has made it difficult to ensure a way to secure a seat despite that. I'd think that previous attendance would be an advantage since it demonstrates how serious one is about networking with others and training on Google products.

My company has already agreed to give me the time off, buy the ticket, and fly me. Hey +Google Developers, did I mention that we are a significant, up-and-coming player in the educational field and we're using Google tech more by the day? ;)  It would be a shame if we didn't get every edge-up possible (especially those we're prepared to pay for) that would result in us using Google services.

#io13  We realize that many won't get a chance to go and perhaps you've decided that it's "more fair" to withhold the knowledge, but I think I speak for most here when I say that we'd just like to know what to expect so our want/need/seriousness will give us the best chance to prepare rather than having to scramble at the last moment.

#ifihadglass  I'd have one more reason to go to I/O. In addition to all my business interests and needs relating to Google, i'll be looking to invest a serious amount of time developing #Ingress  companion services for glass that will use position to poll for nearby enemy portals and resonators when within striking range of a portal. I'd also like to develop an Ingress location sharing server that helped active players (while active) identify others using glass.

Also, we're getting tired of the scalability issues inherent to SQL and .Net but rather than adapt for Azure, I want to take a good hard look at Apps and talk to other professionals who have. Once again, I have a business (and now personal) need for I/O and anxiously await a change to purchase a ticket.
Wohoo!  Please do another code jam for tickets!
let's create an official event! Use your own social network! 
An official event would be great - so we all could be there virtually.
Thanks for the idea on the official event. Please watch this page for events and registration info, in time. And thanks for your enthusiasm! :)
Some massive hangout. The internet would creak!

Can't wait to hear about Android 5.0 cough I mean whatever you've got lined up ;-)
Alright, here we go again!  I'm getting a ticket this time :D
Hopefully there will be tickets available this time. 
I.. Need.. To.... Attend! 
I hope I can get tickets next year.
Hopefully signup goes smoothly. I'm not sure how they'll do it, but I don't want to have to refresh over and over, I don't want to see errors on the site.. I just want to click a button, and then either be able to pay or it's sold out.
We also need to have a Google/Android World Expo Event at the same time for Google fanboys & diehards. This would reduce demand for IO tickets and allow for more real developers to attend. 
Hopefully the third time's the charm. Been online at T0 the last two years in a row frenetically refreshing, but unable to get in. :(
Great conference. I hope I can go in 2013!
I won't make it again this time but will always keep fond memories of the one time I was able to make it :-) 
Please give me a ticket this time...
May be this year I will be lucky enough to buy the ticket!
I can use a ticket here!!!
I hope there are some tickets for loyal partners this year!
hope you'll at least creat an event on google+... :D
This is something I'd love to attend once! 
OK I'm getting plane tickets now and hoping for the best... please don't change dates as you did last year :-)
Got lucky last year and got a ticket. Had such a good time! I really hope my luck repeats but I'm doubtful....
Of course #io13  will be on the last two days of finals....
Lucky me Finals finish like a week before :) I think you should open it up to developers with apps in your market first and then expand to the general public.
Viet La
Not sure will go or not ;-)
+Google Developers it would be nice if Google TC's could get a early invite......well since we do so much for the community and all. 
Crossing my fingers for tickets
#io13  I must go to this! Now if there were just some way to order them before the servers go down HAHAHA
Android team member posts an illustration featuring an android eating a key lime pie, then Google Developers account announces I/O date.

Quite subtle, I must say.
Google I/O is one of those events that I love to attend.  For some reason I get a hotel... But from the moment I get to SFO I spend every minute doing something.  I think if Google I/O were a 3 day - 72 hour event I wouldn't sleep. Breakfast and Lunch in a room of people that get it... Amazing demonstration of the new... the kick ass new thing that they have to show us and we drool over. Going to sessions and rolling my eyes at some of the less than technical questions that get asked... but those guys are at every conference.  The extra events around I/O are so abundant the problem becomes which kick ass thing do you want to do. I've been fortunate in getting tickets the past few years... 2009... tickets....  2010... sold out... I didn't get a ticket... had a friend at work give me his... 2011... won that lottery... 2012... another win.... 2013?  *fingers crossed*
It would be cool if google could partner with a vendor who could run a commerce site that could handle the load of selling google IO tickets. Or maybe do some load testing on that service themselves.
+Google Developers Last year I was fortunate enough to go with a student ticket. Do you know if I am eligible for student admission if I graduate the first week of May or will I need a general admission ticket?  Thanks for the help!
I realize this has ~1.5% chance of getting answered here but... I attended the last two i/o as a student, not sure if I'll qualify as a student for next year. Do I get early registration access for attending the previous two?
Going to try and go this year.  Hopefully I can get tickets.
Awesome I look forward to watching... Or maybe even attending! 
last time it felt like a raffle when trying to obtain a ticket :P
date saved... now wish to be there or in the extended version.... Warsaw, Barcelona.... SFO...  :)
+Google Developers What are you guys doing to ensure that the ticket order process is not a fiasco like last year or the more recent Nexus 4 launch?
Dave L
Who thinks tickets will sell out in 60 seconds this year?
I'm using Google Plus. Send me a ticket! I'm so tired of watching this stuff online hours after it's aired :(
Do you have to be a developer to attend?
i think no need to be, attend and become developer if u interest further......
Nope its open for everyone but Developers are the main target. =) please join us!
I'd love it.  I think I can convince my manager to let me go.  The challenge obviously would be to get the ticket.
Perhaps set aside a certain number of tickets and use a lottery to pick?  I'm based in Phnom Penh and the chances of being able to getting a ticket the way that they have been given out in past years are next to zip.
I r want my tickets.....NOW!!!
Excited to get registered, any eta on registration dates? 
Like so many others, I really hope the registration process gets sorted out. Last year, I kept getting a 'searching for tickets' message followed by 'sorry, we sold out. Please try again'.

Well which is it? Sold out, or try again? very frustrating...then you see people trying to scalp them all over the internet.

Please Google...test the bejesus out of your registration system before you make it live. Everyone here would be willing to help load-test it for you!!
I am from India and eagerly waiting for this event. Hope i get an invite or the tickets so that i can plan accordingly.
This is right during finals week... I'm seriously crying over not being able to go.

Why would you offer student discounts on tickets if a vast majority of them can't even attend?
Maybe Google should host two events simulcast on the two coasts 
Hope to get tickets this year again. I'm happy to fly over - had great fun last year. I had to enter a competition to get the chance to be allowed to purchase a ticket a full price though. Hopefully I can just buy one outright this time. But I guess everybody is hoping that.

Also, still no news on Glass ?!
I personally wanna see more info on glass, hopefully we will get some info on a possible release date and/or price??
I am hoping to be one of the lucky few to get a ticket next year. Is it true though that only those that have an app published in the Google Play store can buy tickets?
Can anyone direct me to where o can find out what credentials are necessary to attend Google I/O do you have to be a developer and if so what must you have to prove so. I would really really like to attend this year to gain knowledge and info on developing for the Android platform among other things.
+Mario Jackson If anyone answers you can you mention me. I am wanting to attend next year as well and have been hearing different things about what the requirements are to be able to purchase  tickets.
Hopefully I can get tickets this time around. Maybe the third time will be a charm!
I hope I could attend next time. Hopefully Google will provide more information about the sign-up process.
I am currently 15 years old, but I will be turning 16 only two days after the event, May 19. Is there any possible way for me to go? I would not be accompanied by a parent, but I would have parental consent.
Thanks, Brennan
Can any one guide step by step registration and also payment methods........
I've been once but have not been able to get through the registration process a second time. Here's hoping that I can go this year. Definitely have a lot of Android love in my part of the market.
I hope I get tickets since I already bought flight tickets. Worst case is that I end up in SFO without a ticket and can stand outside the Center and dream
"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."  - Albert Einstein
I will try to go to this experience of GOOGLE IO , first getting the VISA for EEUU. 

GOD give me luck
I am a 14 student that has a genuine passion for android and everything Google. I want to know if I could get a tucket and go with a parent. If so how much would it cost? 
I hope I get tickets, which is my dream. If I get a ticker, I will ride my Harley-Davidson from Seoul,Korea to there, shipping my Road King. I am looking forward to getting a ticker....
Google I/O is Disneyland for developers. I hope I get at ticket this year!
Please Guyz help me out let me knw how to get Visa Frm pakistan fr Google I/O?
+Junaid Mir   I think the VISA is from EEUU so try to find more knowledge about that in the embassy of your country .

Best Regards
Is there an email or some alert that we can create that would allow to get the exact date when tickets go on sale?
I am new to this as I am a college professor here in Phoenix . I teach business and technology . I would love to experience this . How hard is it to get tickets ? How can I get notified that they are on sale ? Thanks a lot in advance. 
One can also create a circle specifically for the Google Developer G+ account and set the notifications as high as it goes :-)   including email  :-) 
Yeah, this would be fun
Very much want to go this year. What needs to happen for me to be able to secure one of the vaunted tickets?
As an 18 year old highschool student, do I qualify for student pricing or must I be part of a post secondary institution?
Plz tell me how to apply for Visa and where to get spncer
Hope to be in next time. I missed the ticket sales window last time.
You could sell tickets to official viewing parties with same perks of the real deal. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a package like the one you gave last year...
I want to attend just 2 issues: I live in the UK, I am 15.

For some reason Google decided to be ageist and impose a 16 age limit! I want to know why please.
When google sell tickets!!!!
Hope can join this event this year!~
+Lucas Valadares Tickets are not on sale yet.  They cannot be sold out until they've been sold ;)  The current I/O website is for 2012 as listed in the Title.  Information regarding when tickets will go on sale come out in February so stay tuned for that!
I hope in Google Nexus 7.7 :)
when are the tickets ready for buying?
Dates are saved....fingers crossed for tix... kool-aid
Kindly let me know when registration opens. This will be my first time if i got tickets.
Adam G
I went to io11, skipped io12... I may have to do #io13!
Can somebody make a recommendation for a Google Apps admin to go this year. Gotta convince the money people at work.
Hope there will be available tickets this time
I am only thirteen a I loooove watching the online stream. My dad gets to attend it every year!
Android key lime pie debuting with Motorola X :D 
cant wait now :D :D :D 
where is JELLY BEANS for S2 :P :P
Any one know if it is possible to order multiple tickets for different persons? A colleague and I want to go together (we're both from Germany) and therefore it would be easer if one could get both tickets...
Hmm, I think my comment got deleted... Wouldn't it be awesome if Android 5 was released in the 5th month of the year on a Nexus 5, 5 years after the launch of Android?
OK, it's "Early next year" any word on when the tickets will be sold so I can take the day off work in order to be ready to hit the "buy ticket" button this time? Missed it the last two years due to meetings.
let's say the people who get the most +1s get free tickets
(btw please +1 this)
When is the registration date?
Really looking forward to hearing more info about ticket dates and prices, so I'm joining this conversation. 
Can't Wait! Deffoo going!
mmm... it's getting close to February .... I need the next ADK too
Will there be information on how to purchase tickets prior to them actually being put up for sale? I wish to purchase a ticket using the educational discount through my employer, but don't want to miss out on a ticket because I wasn't able to gather the correct information beforehand.
Exciting!! I really wanna be there! :D
Any idea how to secure a ticket. it seems that they have huge list of people who want to go to the event but i don't think they have enough tickets.
Let's hope indeed that the whole process goes smoothly..
There should be a bit more information regarding academic tickets. except vague "proof of enrollment".. since, people from around the world will be coming, they should atleast put across, "accepted forms of identification" or some sort of procedure, viz. register via. University email id or something. I have already mailed, as well as, requesting more info regarding accepted form of identification. Also, any information, regarding who can get an invite for the conference... I have a few friends who are working in google US, UK & India... they all have their eyes peeled to this event, so that they can secure an invite for me... +Google Developers ... some information/help would be immensely appreciated.
super excited. Hopefully the process is unlike last years
Wish I can get a ticket this time, coming from Kuala Lumpur!
Ray Lee
Is there going to be a parallel London event as well this year?
Its February, any day now for registration info
when we will get the info regarding tickets
io2012 registration date (Mar 27, 2012) was announced on Mar 13, 2012 according to a GoogleDeveloper retweet. The logical part of my mind is telling me that sometime this week, they will announce the registration open date for #io13  

News articles state that last year's tickets sold out in 28 minutes and year before last in less than an hour. So we may have less than 15 minutes from the second that the registration opens to get access to what I consider is our generation's World Fair.

I'm have a feeling that registration rounds this time around may even include requirements for developers like "Google account must have used a google dev service in the past year".
We have a great new app coming out and should launch next month.
i am from pakistan can i get tickets and visa
+John Lee They may have sold out in an hour and then 28 minutes, but just being there at the start didn't guarantee a ticket.
I got to go 2 years ago but missed out last year.  I'm really hoping that I get a ticket for this year.  Hope the registration dates are announced soon.... 
I just need to know where to go and what website in order to get the tickets I have been unsuccessful for 3 yrs now. Past visitors how and when were you able to get tickets to I/O maybe for 2014?
Evic O.
I am hoping the news comes soon and we get information :) #io13
Do you mind if I ask when does the registration for Google I/O 2013 begins?? (I can't get any notices after this one..)
thanks for the app hope to get news about registration soon
One suggestion for the ticketing process. to make  process of  getting a tickets more fair and give possibility to everyone; I think Google could allocate tickets by continent, so people from different countries could have a fair chance to get (battle) for the tickets, so for instance, I'm in Europe, Prague Czech Rep, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and would like to get  a ticket, so Google could allocate some tickets to Europe  open the ticketing in some specific time and date,(different dates for each continent ) and in case some of the tickets wouldn't be sold (doubt it ) then at the end of the round  the rest of the tickets could  be open to everyone... also this could help with the servers overload ....

just my humble idea... what do you think guys?
another suggestion. make would be good to have latest post on top or option to select order, so I don't have to scroll down all the time to read latest post
Si alguien puede ayudarme, quiero asistir a google I/O asi que si alguien me puede pasar alguna inofrmación que me ayude en mi registro se los agradeceria
Jim my
I/O 2012 was outstanding!  Fingers crossed I get a ticket for this year.  Also, can you guys - Google Developers - put the Code Labs on Youtube as well this year? The assignments were awesome and taught me a lot. #io13  
Will we know when the tickets will become available (like last year), or will it be a surprise announcement (like the year before last)? Need to start planning! ;-)
Is the I/ON program continuing this year?
when will registration be open ? 
i would love to go again this year, It was Fascinating and very enlightening... i wouldn't even be too upset if they gave away nothing. or maybe just digital goods, or something... 
Is there only a registration fee, I read somewhere that there is also a conference fee or are they the same thing? Also does one have to be an android developer to go, I'm not a developer I just am a big tech "geek."
+mitchell young You'll have to be lucky to go. The cost is incidental. IO 2012 sold out in less than an hour. Anyone can go, if you're lucky that is. Do you feel lucky?
Im feeling pretty lucky. It would really help if I knew when registration opens. This is one of those things that I just have to go to.Since CES isnt open to the public this just seems like the next best thing.
Any update on when registration will open. Hell, I'd write the I/O 2013 app just so I can get a ticket :-) 
Please either make the tickets much more expensive and/or remove free gadgets. It would be great to have developers who really want to attend the developer event there, not people who "win in a first to click buy button lottery" and go grab gadgets for resales on ebay.
+Joonas Lehtinen Last year the price was $900 which would just about cover the cost of gadgets. I talked to a lot of people last year and everyone I met had a decent reason to be there besides the freebees. I think the price point is reasonable.

The real issue is that 5,000 tickets are available and 500,000 people wanted to go. Hard to fix that. 
+John lee I've thought that through already
+John Coryat How about booking more space then? Oracle manages to (poorly) fit 40.000+ attendees in SF on OOW+JavaOne. Google should be able to fit 10.000-20.000 very comfortably in Moscone. Of course that would move the expo to older parts of Moscone, but it would be a small price to pay for being able to reach larger audience.

If the price would also be increased a bit, it should be possible to find a balance where everyone who want to could attend to the conference.

(My favorite solution would be to drop freebies completely, but I guess it would be hard to stop at this point while keeping everyone happy)
+Joonas Lehtinen I believe Google wants to keep it small. I think it would be difficult to scale the event without changing the basic character.

As for the freebees, it wouldn't make a difference to me if they gave them out or not.

On the other hand, I got an Android device back in 2009 and because of that, developed RadarNow!, which is now in the top 400 grossing apps on the Google Play store. There is a point to the freebees.
cool! Looking forward to that! :]
btw: would be cool to be able to add a date to my calendar via click. Or even better: a button that lets me add a google io calendar to my calendar... I mean of course I can do all this by hand... but ... you know.. the things are there! Just connect them already!!! :D
Wonder what kinds of method Google Dev can sell ticket this time for more than 27 minutes.Also waiting for ticket +1.
when would the registrations be open?
Really hoping I can get registered this year! Last year I can attend as a student. Haven't been able to make it yet.
cmon google. its nearly halfway through Feb, still no word? Gonna wait till last  minute?
UGH!!! I can hardly wait until the registration announcement! I've never been to I/O before and now, FINALLY, my schedule will permit me to be in San Fran at the same time as the conference.
Now I just need to score a ticket.....
provided your lucky enough to beat 1 in 27 mins !!
When will registration be open???? I'm exhausted...;;;
Also eagerly anticipates news on registration for #io13 
Perhaps this year they'll do an Ingress like invite. I might sketch up a Nexus Q Death Star ;-) ...
Tickets to SFO just dropped $100. Ticket sales opening soon would be nice :)
What's a ballpark estimate on the cost of tickets?
Just look at last years pricing... I'm sure
Is RIM conference same week?  I wonder if a reschedule is coming.
It's almost 3rd week of february and annoucement for Google I/O 2013 registration is still due? #io13  +Google+ 
Hope the second-generation Nexus 7 comes up!!
Middle of a mini-heart attack when the didn't load on my tablet, cell phone, or laptop, each using a different connection respectively. Friends told me they couldn't load the site up from their machines either. Please don't tell me I missed it...
Thinking same exact was struggling also.  Let's just hope they are publishing '13 theme.
+Phillip Southern I tried to open the site at 09:00 EST on the dot and noticed the load delay. The fact I just finished my coffee isn't going to bode well for me...
eagerly waiting for info as well..
maria T
So when is the registration? :)
Google - please stop torturing us!  Let us know when registration will be.  I have been searching for, "Google io registration", 5 times per day for the last 30 days!
Becoming painful watching flight prices going up as I don't know if it's worth buying one from  England yet due to the ticket arrangements or lack of rather.
I seriously thought that the registration information would be announced by now. Given people have to purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms, it would be nice to give them the full 3 months to book a deal.  One way to allow more people to participate live is to sell tickets separately for Android and "The Rest".  I am not even sure the interest in "The Rest" of the Google properties can compare to Android, but I bet there are developers that may only be interested in Google App Engine and not Android.
Common Google IO, just stop giving away free stuff and raise the price to $4k. Then interested parties would show up with serious intent on networking and getting stuff done. Right now GIO seems more like an Opera filming with tons of giveaways.
maybe this is how they whittle people out...stringing us along..I'm sure some people have given up since we are under 3 months now till google io 
Ha. I thought that last year too. I think they were just trying to get Sergy's glasses ready.
+Joseph Lust stop giving away free stuff while raising the price is not what Google would want to do. Google does not want this only to be consisting of people rich enough to pay that kind of price. I believe either raise the price so that it will be significantly more than the giveaways or drop the giveaways and charge a slightly lower than regular conference pricing would weed out the people there just for the swag.
Lower the price to $10 and open it to many more people I say... 50,000 even. Then have smaller developer only presentations and let the swag flow there where it will be useful.
+Vincent Pun Here here! I agree with you completely. It's so irritating that the tickets are sold to people who just want the latest and greatest tech. when it prevents those of us who are actually DEVELOPERS who want to go for the knowledge and celebration of a culture that has been developing and becoming more and more mainstream for decades now.
I will be watching, and listening for live stream uses of #getUserMedia . I realize the peer to peer is exciting but hardware access alone is too important to zoom past on the way to preconceived uses cases. Thanks.
Sort of makes it difficult for those of us with jobs to go, eh +Bhupinder Gulati? Last year they had blimps, helicopters and a five ring circus, but not a firm registration date or solid ticket servers. 11 days left in the month, but keep in mind that last year they didn't stick to their announced milestone dates. Stay tuned.
+Don Gemus There really is no point in charging $10 because the administration alone will cost more,if you have that might as well make it free. Almost all sessions are recorded and/or streamed live so for those developers that really just want to participate and learn, they can watch the live stream. The problem is how do you know who is a developer? I always believe folks should have to watch some videos and pass a test in order to qualify for a loaner unit which Google will sell to you at cost. If you develop an Android app, Chrome extension or app engine app within a year you get reimbursement.
when are the registration details going to be announced?
prices for flights and rooms/hotels are on the rise....gotta hear something soon right?
No *.edu required in the past.  Just show up with some kind of proof.  In 2009, 2010, & 2011, I just showed them my student ID when I arrived at Google I/O.
The thing about the give-away is that it's the way google has to put a number of products in the hands of developers. Last year they gave us a phone (tradition, but it was a model that had been in the market for a few months and many of us already owned), but also the Nexus Q (which honestly I don't think anyone would have purchased) and a Chromebox (unsure, given that there's only so many hours in the day).

So by doing this they ensure that 3,000 developers will at least check out the toys, whether they want to or not :-)

What they could do is have a store right by Moscone that allows everyone to purchase all the gear (as a pack, not separately). Ticket + gear, $900, and you have to be very lucky to get in. Just gear, also $900 but show up early on the first day and you can have it even if you aren't going to attend the conference because you couldn't get a ticket.

This way people how just want the gear will get it, the tickets would be more likely to go to developers, google would make sure the tech goes into developers hands which supposedly is their goal, and well, we'd all be happier :-)
+Carlos Fernández except the majority of developers would have to fly into San Fran, camp out to get tickets, and then potentially be turned down. If non-devs are willing to pay $900 for the conference to get gear, why would they pay $900 for the gear, and then not go to the conference if they were one of the first to get the ticket too?

I'd not be happier if either of those things happened :(
You didn't understand me. Developers should still get tickets via registration process. But if people that just want the gear (but don't care about the sessions or the community) could get it on the same day at the same price they would just not register at all, leaving the places available for developers. So everyone wins.
+Carlos Fernández ah okay got you. In addition, would like a revision of the no-refunds, some-transfers-allowed policy to change to no-transfers allowed, but refunds allowed up to X date, to stop people from selling tickets on eBay.
+Carlos Fernández I heard rumours about physical Google stores coming this year. I think +Google  can save people some travel $$ by selling tickets for the gear to be picked up at the +Google Store . Developers can watch the event live or whenever they get some time and pick up their gear any time afterwards. It opens up chances for developers that can't travel to the US, cannot take 3 consecutive days off or just plain can't afford the ticket price and travel costs or just have a fear of flying and live overseas :) Even assuming all 5000 ticket holders are developers, I think +Google would like to reach more than 5000 of them and get them excited about developing on their platform. 
"We’ll announce registration details in February 2013."

Ten days remaining.
Peter, last year they missed the targeted date for information (and registration) by quite a bit so don't hold your breath :-)
Really anxious to get the registration info...
Could I just have a ticket for free please? (note I did say please) :)
Anyone know when tickets go on sale?
Given that tickets were allegedly sold out in "30 seconds". How on earth does one secure a ticket?
Hello, when do tickets go on sale?
I really want to go this year, but I fear it will sell out quick again.
I wish companies who use google apps, phones, tablets would be given 1 or at least offered tickets first. 
A quarter million people circled this account, 5500 seats in the stadium ..there will always be many disappointed  Maybe you will get lucky, maybe you won't.

The rumors are going to spur excitement... X-phone, Chromebook Pixel, Nexus Q2, 1080p N7, Glass is going to be crazy on ticket day no matter what.

I will try to get one, If I don't I'll watch online and order from home. it costs the same price and no waiting in line or airfare.
I think it will be soon now. +Google is building hype with their +Project Glass  announcement that are expanding their explorer edition pre-orders.
io, io, for the registration page we, io
I'm in there like swimwear. 
You like to keep the devs waiting, don't you :P
I think they forgot :P
yikes, plane tickets just went up $60 in my area because we are getting closer to the date
If your a serious dev, and you manage to get tickets, you should realize a couple things.  a) you will meet few other devs; even 2 years ago, the typical response I heard (when talking to other attendees) was 'I'm just here for the freebies'.  b) You will have to leave sessions early in order to get a seat in a subsequent session; people will camp on sessions going for the freebie grab.  c) What do you hope to get out of besides hype?
Sessions are great, but to be honest - you can watch all of them on YT, some of them even live. Attending a conference like this is usually a great way to reward the developers, meet new friends (most of them at a bar during an after-party) and have a chance to speak to people that are actually creating products we use all the time.
Freebies are (usually) not the primary motivation, but I think we're all excited to have a chance to play with the newest toys first :)

It's an awesome geek gathering, what else can you expect? :P
#oi13 I'm too tired of waiting, going to sleep... Fortunately, I see a lot of well-meaning colleagues, someone will certainly give me know if they opened the registration process :D
Well it looks like there won't be swagged Chromebooks at I/O, but maybe some major ChromeOS upgrades to match that high-end device?
when will more info on 13 I O be available
I thought they meant February 1st. :(
Thanks god we make a living as developers and not as detectives or we would starve. Everything else in the industry leaks and this is a top secret :-)
was strange...i went to   and it was promoting IO 2013....said March 13 7am pacific time registration opens.....but now when i go to the link its showing the 2012 info..unless google  working on the site right now
Yup, I can see that some of you saw the website earilier (server propagation?)
Good news, looks like you had good timing :)
Nope, it's back now live!
keep refreshing it LOL i seen it 3 times already showing 2013 info 
hmmm not seeing it on the home IO screen?
That's funny. I had checked 3 minutes prior and nothing. Good luck to all!
Sometimes it is, sometimes there is the old one. I think it will take some time to propagate all around the world (Google servers)
+Ryan Huff ah great grab.  That's crazy registration will open only 2 months before the conference.
I hope that's enough time to get hotel, flight and all the papers.
hoped they would do it like this week while plane tickets are $300 for me...hopefully its same price mid march
I really want to go to my first google io, i am from Guatemala and it would be amazing being there.
it would be my first IO also, I was always away at school when IO was happening 
+Eugene G, I'm in the same boat. Always had other responsibilities that prevented attendance in previous years and now, finally, my schedule will allow me to attend my first I/O! ..... if I can get a ticket
+Paweł Urban Get everything now using the refundable rates... change rate later if you get the ticket and are ready to commit. 
C'mon guys, be more optimistic ;-)
Well, at the least I'm extremely excited and enthusiastic.
Was one click away last year and a client called... by the time I got back... pffftttt. Looking forward to taking that last click :)
Meh...I clicked within a second of it going live and missed out.
Looking forward to it.  I hope that I get the opportunity to attend this year!
Will there be a separate press registration page by March 13?
All i finding is here.
4th search already and still going
Twice said I have a ticket but wont let me pay!! come on!!
still waiting, dam this is annoying.
I've had a ticket too, but the payment times out and I lose it. Uhhhh!
Yup of course, the same story.  Had a ticket, payment times out after I clicked "buy now" 
And there is no visual cue that the POST to checkout timed out.
Internal server error
Come on Google!!!
this is a mess .... i am trying to buy it and it timed out AFTER i got the ticket
I got lucky, but my best friend had the same problem as you guys, had a ticket and simply timed out. Perhaps it's a problem with your banks? he's on the phone with them right now, to find out if that's the case.
I got the same internal server error on the first hit
Yikes, I see a pending transaction in my Wallet account, but no other confirmation that I actually paid for the IO ticket.
so yeah, no problem on my friend's bank, so the issue is in google's end. Perhaps monitor it with the Chrome dev tools to identify the problem?
I also see a pending transaction in my Wallet but got punted from the registration flow. Wondering if there is any way to get back to the registration page???
I even got a pending transaction on my credit card but it still timed out...
Mine said sold out, oh well, my boss shot it down, he wants to get our product out first before we get to go to any more conferences.
I lucked out at around 7:18, but they payment wasn't actually received until a minute ago when they closed it down. Perhaps you guys should check out the registration page again to see if there's any way to get back there.
I would like to think it sold out in minutes rather than their servers just sucked, I would find it hard to believe that google had shotty connections or equipment, lol.
I had the ticket, but wallet wouldn't load and I lost it because the counter timed out. I don't expect miracles, but you have to admit, this system is infuriating. 
This reminds me of the Nexus 4 launch...
I got lucky to get the ticket, but payment got stuck. I see the reservation on my credit card, see transaction id in google wallet, but havent received an email or reservation number or else. Still waiting for reply from
I'm trying to get a google io ticket and I can see in my bank transaction the payment but in the google wallet I see: "Google has cancelled this purchase.Comments from Google: We were unable to process your order."

Why??? If the payment was successful...
Porque Google Wallet no funciona, viejo Estiven... A un amigo se le quedó intentando procesar el pago :S.
For everyone who missed getting a ticket...this includes me too :(....we should be looking at what other conferences we could checkout.  I really wanted to see first hand what would be happening with AngularJS.  I managed some AdobeMax 2013 tickets on the cheap.  If anyone has any ideas of other conferences please chime in!!!  SXSW is done, AdobeMax is coming up...
Last thought...

We should, as developers, target conferences that give us the hands on that we need.  For instance BYOD labs ;).  The started doing this at IO 2012 but seemed to be missing at IO 2011.
To be honest, It would've been too costly for me to go there. I live in india and the travel fare from mumbai to san francisco is 750-800$ 1 way trip. So that makes it 1600$ round trip cost + 300$( since i am a student) but that is if they accept my consideration and my id card, or else i would've had to pay 900$ which makes it 2500$ -.-
Doesn't make sense spending so much money! Dayum!
Ahh, cmon google, people from all over the world are interested in your event and not just america! I love +Google  more than anything! +Google Developers 
Guys, I'm trying to get a google io ticket, please help me. 
+Rose Pontes focus in on the other developer options.  I'm a little bummed out too but oh well.  It is what it is.  I'm myself am trying to focus in on pet projects that the 900+ dollars could have been used for.  Thinking of it as an investment in me ;)
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