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Hear from three developers about their experiences and thoughts on attending Google I/O. Let us know what you're excited for by sharing a post using #io12  .
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+Google Developers Unfortunately can't get a ticket this year, gonna miss it. Hope you guys cover the whole event via I/O live.
We cant remember when shared our experience ;)
wish we could be there!
I'd rather not view their thoughts as I'm sure they would spectacularly make me despair for a ticket I cannot obtain.
Yep, the live event online will be the way for me.  Looking forward to a great event.
+Google Developers were we supposed to receive any correspondence from +Google after registering for #IO2012 because I have received none. Do we just show up on the first day? Do we need to bring any receipt printout, etc? #io12
The I/O app uses the hashtag #io2012. Might want to update that to standardize things.
Can you help? What is the best antivirus to use with my Google browser, we arent happy with McAfee. Thanks :)
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