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Meet the Web Platform

+Alex Komoroske created three screencasts that show some of his favorite capabilities of the cutting edge of the web platform to help developers meet the web platform again for the first time!

The first video, Meet the web platform - Building on foundations, goes over how the web platform has been fixing various historical shortcomings and building upon its core strengths, like complicated graphical effects, composability, and advanced text layout.

The next video, Meet the web platform - Learning from other platforms, reviews how the web platform offers new capabilities inspired by successes on other platforms with things like push notifications, payment APIs, and web intents.

The last video, Meet the web platform - On the cutting edge, demonstrates some of the new tricks the web platform is learning, like webcam access, powerful audio APIs, and complicated 3D graphics.

If you're interested in learning more about the technology behind any of the demos, check out the Meet the Web Platform companion guide ( or the Chromium blog (
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I like this...dies the generated css run in modern browsers or is it just chrome for now?
is that sublime text 2 i see? :D
Sublime Text is my favorite text editor :)
Coda! Coda! Coda! Cuz im a Mac....
That is just great. Web Components will perfectly solve my need for composability without clumsy XSLT wizardry
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