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Do you have questions about building web apps, or how to use some of those cool new HTML5 features? If so, be sure to join the Chrome DevRel team for our weekly #HTML5RocksLive hangout on Monday (5/14) at 11am Pacific. We're putting aside an entire hangout just dedicated to your questions!

You can post your questions on Google Moderator at or leave a comment below and we'll add you to our hangouts circle so you can join and ask your question in person! And don't forget to tune in live here or at
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Wish there was more features in html5, im still having to choose flash and/or unity3d for projects.
The only question I have is why my simple "snack-man" game runs better in IE6 with <embed> for audio and expensive DOM updates for graphics, than it does with HTML5 <audio> and <canvas>... Progress? I think not.
I tried one of the demo ! I was surprised with the fact that when it runs on my Mac machine it takes a lot of CPU attention and increases its temperature by 10 degree and even more ! I needed to stop it as I thought it will damage it if I will continue it for some more time...any solutions ? or details about CPU usage ?
+Harsh Thaker It's called "rendering hints" -- There's the quick way to render stuff, then there's the slow and correct way... There's no option to choose which method to use, so they give you the slow and computationally expensive way.
Very good project with a nice design! HTML5 ROCKS!
can u help me is google app for business is free because i need to Pick an email address that matches my business’s name or web address: plz help me only for 6 user i need only 5 gb
The hand in the logo is a sign given by superstitious folk to ward off evil and bad luck. It's similar to knocking on one's wood -- Indeed, in some cultures males instead grab their testicles, or "family jewels" -- which are just expensive rocks.
Thus the phrase: "HTML5 Rocks!"
To put it another way: "Grab em if you got 'em!"

The use here is to ward off the evil of incompatibility due to proprietary deviations from standards.
Cant we add other languages like python so I dont have to use javascript?
I'm concerned about the use of the gang-sign reference for the HTML5 promotion logo. Gangs are bad, HTML5 is good. Get it?
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