500 Google I/O Extended events, in all corners of the world
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From the Philippines (http://goo.gl/CJWDR), to Brunei (http://goo.gl/JWldl), to Kenya (http://goo.gl/4aDPF), to Uganda (http://goo.gl/2llhx), to Oman (http://goo.gl/k7dqa), our developers experienced Google I/O in all corners of the world. With 500 developer communities globally hosting I/O Extended events in 91 countries, we saw some standout events.

- For the first time, students brought Google I/O to 500 attendees at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile http://goo.gl/xNrXe

- 14 total I/O Extended events in the Ukraine allowed devs to experience I/O-a record number of sites in one country http://goo.gl/WtJ2F

Developers in Algeria were challenged to build an app for the environment at an I/O Extended 48-hour Hack4Fun event http://goo.gl/mzJRh

Cheers to the devs!

Check out even more event photos from worldwide sites on our I/O Extended Organizers Community: http://goo.gl/rL0mF. Learn how you can get involved with Google Developer Groups and the devs behind these great events at developers.google.com/groups.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch all the sessions, visit +GDL   (developers.google.com/live) for recorded official I/O content.

And, that’s a wrap!
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