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The Project Ara Developers Conference is coming!
Hi Ara fans!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the upcoming Project Ara Developers Conference. You can see an updated agenda at In addition to our talks from the Project Ara tech leads walking through the Module Developers Kit (MDK), we are thrilled to announce that Jose Gomez-Marquez from MIT D-Lab will be joining us to speak about mobile medical diagnostics. For those Black Eyed Peas fans out there, we'll also have DJ Poet joining us for our birds-of-a-feather social! 

We still have a few seats left for folks to join us in person at the Computer History Museum, so don’t be shy to submit a registration request at

In the meantime, we are furiously putting the finishing touches on the alpha MDK, and working on our first form factor functional prototype, which we hope to show off at the DevCon!

See you in a couple of weeks!

— Paul & the Project Ara team

Photo: Perry Hung working on debugging the Ara prototype
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not sure whether to believe you. yet excited.
this is the life in my dreams! Google developer :) So we expect much of Ara project!!! :)
Already at the Computer History Museum?! That was fast. 
This is the most exciting Google product for years just after Android itself. I know that neither Ara nor Android are invented by Google, they were both bought by Google, but luckily Google has the money to realize it.
Please, like f**ing PLEASE bring it to Europe (I'm from Germany). I would fly to the US just to buy Ara parts, but I would totally love to see it in Europe. Maybe a little delayed like the first Nexus 7 (that were 3 months or so), but please, please bring it to us!
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