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Google I/O is happening right now! Watch live at .
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Seems like voice and NLP is a pretty big hit this year.
Google now may save my marriage, no excuse for not showing up on time.
wow really impressed with the voice search! Watch out Apple!
I'm too late for it! Is it possible to watch it from the beginning anywhere?
stream has no picture for me (in Mexico)
I can't view it on Galaxy S3 with chrome browser. Damn.
Incredible news! I'm so excited. Thanks Google.
+Google Developers , today's Keynote was removed from your Youtube channel. Got the message that it is "private".
A mistake or was that on purpose?
When can we expect it to show up again?
interesting many different media outlets were covering it live???
man i missed the google glass parachute jump...
Andre it was pretty epic as far as prototype demos go.
I didnot see this live show but if you find it please send me
Once googledevelopers updated this post yesterday she was notified like the rest of us...thanks anyway.
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