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The Google+ Stream gets a refresh with modern design and more to explore across multiple devices.

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Please allow me to disable multiple columns on mobile as well.
Looks amazing. When does it roll out?
It will be available later today. 
Are we going to actually be able to set up real usernames, like Facebook and Twitter have had for...I dunno...years?
No wonder it's been buggy these past few days o.O
 how we ca update it !!!
WANT WANT WANT .. now i need friends here
how can we start using the latest google plus?
Hopefully they roll the new layout before the end of the business day
All avalible today ... iOS Android an normal computer :)
Google Plus the best place to See Photos, Facebook the best place to see SPAM
Where is stuff? Besides, I have soo much space on the sides, navigation could easily fit there permanently.
I like most of it, but fix it so the stream auto-updates again. Having to click the little notification button is a terrible change.
doğum günü kutlama kayboldu lütfen yardım
I do not have to be a little clearer looks nice, but the new framework?
should not be confusing to the formation of a new more beautiful and colorful sit in a frame
it roll now... Google plus has new look today
Clean! Although, I wish the hangout status (online, offline, idle) was more visible, rather than the line underneath user pictures.
Kind sucks and is less usable. If you care more about how it looks than usability, that's sad. 
It's amazing! I love it and it is so stylish! Well done Google, very good taste!
I have a big problem with g+ now. The font is not readable. 
My eyes are getting crazy.Has anyone else the font problem  and may a solution to?
Trying out the new Google+ today. So far I'm liking a lot of the new/updated functionality. Still need more time before I can fully realize how I feel, but so far so good.
Homanominna, yeah yeah and what of it? You writing a book? Well leave that chapter out! 
It's very good and I love it. Almost Since release I'm using g+ and this is the best update I've seen on g+. gtalk and hangouts is now one thing and I can invite my phonenumber contacts  same as in whatsapp. it's awesome, glorious and I love it! Hangout and G+ u rock! :)

Actually I don't need all these Apps, especially WhatsApp - what I don't like most.
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