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I'm glad to see that you have dropped the idea of a test for registration and instead have raised the cost of the conference. Hopefully you'll have more bandwidth this time for the onslaught that will happen.
+Vic Gundotra , does this mean that you will not have a registration quiz/code-contest to be able to register?
Ian Dees
+Marc Wangenheim Removing test for registration + raising the cost significantly means there will be fewer developers at a developer's conference. Very disappointing.
Cannot believe that after all this talk about non-professional attendees, you won't do a code test for registration. Dissapointing
Raising the cost will just introduce more business attendees and less developers. Take a look at WWDC.
Excited! Time to clear off my credit card and set my alarms!
By March 27th the hour will have changed here in Ireland, right?
So 11pm March 26th?
900$??? Wasn't enough to do a code test to keep freebie hunters far away? Sorry but I can't afford that, it's 450$ more than expected
Super Excited!! Can any one please confirm about the code test?
+Aitor Gómez I know this won't make you feel any better, but they did add an extra day.
Extremely disappointed at the price hike (and the abandonment of the programming test idea). It seems that the original goal of keeping non-developers out of the conference has pulled a complete 180; I expect a much, much lower ratio of developers to corporate scavengers this year.
Add to that a flight from Madrid, Spain, and the hotel (SF is a really expensive city, I was there on september). I just can't go now...
+Ruben Orduz Totally agree with you. We'll, the nice part is I can spend the saved money on some nice holidays now
Just to confirm, registration will be first come, first served on March 27th. We spent a lot of time thinking about this and decided that first come, first served is the fastest and fairest way to give everyone interested a chance to attend.
Fastest, fairest, assuming the registration servers hold up to the demand.
Fairest? A bunch of tech bloggers wanting shiny toys will be bringing down the registration servers as soon as it opens up, and all passes will be gone in two minutes. Meanwhile, real developers will have to watch the streams at their homes.

Sounds fair to me for a "developer" event.
+Chris Doyle Reto has already commented on that. I think Google just was totally caught off guard last year. They outsourced the registration process and the vendor obviously was ill-prepared. I mean heck if any company knows how to handle A LOT of traffic it is Google. I'm sure they have taken steps and are much better prepared this time around.
If there isn't a programming test, I'm glad they hiked the price. I felt like ever since they've been giving away free products, there have been more exploiters in the audience than developers. What was it, $150 for a Student ticket, but you got a $500-700 tablet or phone?

I guess I have a different perspective. I've been attending the past 3 years for the GWT sessions.

Maybe google should just have a separate Android conference altogether? :) 
+Rory Glynn There's three months from when registrations open to when I/O starts. If there're not going to do the test idea, they should consider the E3 route of screening attendees to make sure they have the right credentials.

For the record, I'll be going. Or I'll try to anyways, who knows if the servers will hold up any better this year and I won't be screwed out of a ticket thanks to the technorati.
+Rory Glynn Last year I solved this by writing a shell script that scraped the I/O registration landing page every five seconds, compared that to an MD5 hash of the last scrape, and texted me the second the page changed. I was in and registered before +Vic Gundotra had even Tweeted that registration was open. For all those who are complaining about non-developers getting in, I can't understand why they didn't come up with a developer solution to figuring out the earliest time to get in.
+David Smith There are many different facets of software development and many developers, like say, those working on Android apps, wouldn't be able to do what you did. Clever solution though.
The +GoogleIO is just a very intense and good event if you are into coding. I have enjoyed the last few IOs a lot and used the input in various following projects. No reason to complain about the price hike, it's ok for me (even when adding the flight from Munich, hotel..). We'll see what will happen March 27th :-)
+David Smith +Andrew Rabon I, like Andrew am very impressed by your system, but would be completely incapable of building it. I don't want to get lynched but: I'm happy about the price hike because I'm a student and I feel it increased my chances of getting a ticket.
I expected early registration for prior attendees? I may not get a big android plush toy! May have to watch on youtube with my go gopher at home.
+Andrew Rabon +Rory Glynn Fair enough. I guess I've always just been confounded by the people who complain about how it must be non-developers hogging all the tickets at I/O. The developers had the same chance as non-developers and could have developed mechanisms to give them a leg up--an Android app that did an HTTP GET on a cycle and popped a notification when the content changed, for instance.
So now it's a game of chance. Amazon tried this with their Black Friday amazing deals - setting a predefined time when the world could grab a PS3 for $200 (a couple years ago). What happened? Even Amazon with their incredible platform couldn't handle the traffic...judging by last years registration, there is not a chance in hell that cluster could handle the world knowing when to register. It was better not knowing and having my ruby script tell me boot camp and a price hike. Who the hell are you catering to?
This is disappointing to someone who's paid his own way to all of the prior I/O events. No early-bird pricing, no word (positive or negative) on I/ON registration, just a huge price tag and speculation.
+Sean Kovacs I think there's a huge difference between offering a PS3 at $200 and offering tickets to a developer conference (which still requires travel and hotel for most) for $900.
Here's a big problem with this... our travel budgets are already set based on an estimates that this year would have a $50 hike like last year did. Instead, I have two weeks to get approvals for the additional cost. Very inconvenient.
+Matthew Sparby I'm sorry to hear that your estimate was not accurate. Last year was two days. This year was announced at three days. Not anticipating an early registration period and assuming a $50 price hike, it would have been $600 for two days, thus I predicted $900 for three days which turned out to be spot on.
+Steve Reed I think its pretty clear why theres no early bird pricing, the whole things gonna sell out in an instant.
And to all you people complaining about the price hike, i think this was pretty forseeable, 50$ price hike plus another 50% because its 3 days instead of 2.
also, I wouldn't get my hopes too down yet about no preregestration, has it ever been announced in advance before?
If you want developers, all the I/ONs are developers. I have no problem with the cost but wasting time trying to get in will be a pain.
You don't think that game is there for just fun do ya... ;)
The "input/output" game does have a programming element. I noticed that the objects in code have settings that you can't seem to alter in the UI which is interesting..
Very disappointing. "First come, first serve" at 7 am. Well enjoy your Google I/O.
Hooray Google ION pre-Invite - Thanks Google
+Alvin Wang are you saying you got one?? Any idea if thats only for people whove been there every single year, or open to anyone whos gone in the past?
Yes, I am registered. $900 poorer but registered. My email said Google ION which is going every year. Last year, IONs got to register before Alumni. Regular Alumni might get to register before everybody else. I am not a Googler so I have no idea.
Zamir P
I've been every year (got my plushy last year) and have not gotten a pre-invite. I hope they fix this.
+Alvin Wang so many people complained about the lack of preregistration, i figured this would happen tho. Thanks for the info.
+Ed Murphy damn you, I was so envious of everyone walking around with their plushies last year.
All Registered! See you all in June!
Oh I hope preregistration is open to alumni. This would be year 3 for me. I love having access to Google experts and the energy created by being surrounded by fellow enthusiasts. (Though code camps, GTUGs, and having the hangouts are pretty nifty too.)
How are the pre-invites working? Is it for previous year attendee's only?
Got the I/On invite as well, making amends for my whining up above. :) I'm psyched, thanks!
I'm hoping past attendee's that aren't IOn yet get pre-reg invites next week or later this week.
+Brian Wilhite early-bird and pre-invites are different. Devs who have attended 3+ I/Os are already getting pre-invites.
I found the egg in the game and registered. Thanks G
My primary interest is Google Apps and Google Apps API's. I had wanted to attend, but Google Apps is barely (if at all) mentioned on the I/O site for this year. Are there any plans for Google Apps sessions?
+Vic Gundotra , +Google Developers - The price hike is going to put off the developers that plan to attend, only the corporate guys and students can attend. The price is ridiculously expensive for a developer conference.
I am 16 years old right now, 17 years old in April and am currently in High School. Does that count as a "student" for the discount?
Is there much of a process to go through to transfer tickets? I'm interested in buying a ticket but I really have no idea if I will be able to make it as I might be interning in Cleveland over the summer. If I can't make it, am I allowed to sell the ticket to someone else?
Also, on an unrelated note, I heard there was going to be a coding challenge this year to get tickets. What happened to that? Or was I simply misinformed regarding that.
Anyone else that attended last year get an invite yet? I hope we get early registration, kind of unfair that prior attendees have always gotten early registration, why not this year?
Erm, +Google Developers, if I may not have a desktop/laptop at the time of registration, should I be OK to weather the onslaught with a Galaxy Nexus? :)
It's just that in my time zone (+0800), I may be having a beer then. Btw +Ben Baranovsky , if you don't work at Google, did you go through pre-reg or something else to know this? :)
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