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You heard it here first. We recently received an unexpected opportunity to extend Google I/O 2012 to three days, so update your calendars. The conference will now take place from June 27-29, 2012 at Moscone Center West in San Francisco. Visit at 9am for additional details and let us know what you’d like to see on Day 3 of #io12 at
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When will registration open up?
The blog post provides additional details, but registration will open in February.
Wait... What?!
I just bought flight and hotel tickets. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited it's 3 days, but wow.
I hear it's in Feb, is that true? Is there an early list we can get on to be notified? Also, thanks for the extra day, it will mean I can not only attend talks, but chat with the teams
good news, io is three days and on my birthday, bad news - I already booked my flights/hotel for the previous dates... best call virgin atlantic up smartish
Yeah, had already made plans for April. Now I won't be able to attend.
Glad to say I didnt book yet. 3 days will also make missing a week of work even better. Hope I can actually snag a ticket this year.
Hum. In the meantime, be sure to brush up on your coding skills. They’ll come in handy when the new application process opens in February. That’s all we can tell you for now, but we’d advise against making travel arrangements until then.

Now everyone has to pass to go? :-P That's gonna be funny :-P
From the blog "In the meantime, be sure to brush up on your coding skills. They’ll come in handy when the new application process opens in February." Interesting. This will help prevent non-developers from going to the event just for the freebies.
easiest way is to charge more than the freebies, i mean its nice but hardly worth going JUST for a free thing. anyway that may end this year, world recession etc. donate the freebies.
Good timing! I'd have booked flight & hotel this week.

I think it's an excellent move from Google to do something against the problem that non-developers attend a developer conference just for the swag and steal the places from actual developers. +Mac Morrison, yeah, they could just make it way more expensive, sure, but I think the approach they are taking now can - if they do it well - ensure that actual developers get places before people only interested in the swag steal them from them.
A small bug in the Blog article: the link in it points to - you might want to change this ;-) (I suppose that's a link to your internal preview version?)
Looking forward to the extra day! Will previous attendees be eligible for early registration like the past years?
So brush up on coding and don't make travel arrangements. Great. That's just what corporate developers need: taking time away from paid work to have to compete to get to the conference and then uncertainty about whether we'll even be able to attend. Let's hope that's not really what they are planning.
I'm thinking more like 'how do you code this?' to verify you /are/ a developer and not a scalper.
I'd be good with that +Grant Smith , I was just voicing my potential negative response to one possible implementation. :)
I really wish it was on Tues, Wed, Thurs so we could travel on Mon and Fri.
+Walt Armour It is a good point, though. The way they say not to make travel arrangements makes the whole thing a bit sketchy. That just can't work for companies sending groups of people. But, who knows what they mean. (And it's probably not what we think it is. Really, have they ever meant anything bad??) Certainly some seats last year were skills based, too. We'll just have to wait and see what they have up their sleeves. ;)
I'm expecting that ill make it to this event.. 
Nemishe inaro vase ma tarjome konin
What level of development expertise should you be to go to this conference. I'd like to go, to learn more about developing, but I don't really know anything about Android development yet(I've developed somewhat for other platforms).
+Panayiotis Papadopoulos Participating to speak or exhibit in the Sandbox is by invitation-only. Unfortunately, we are not accepting requests for participation at this time.
+Mac Morrison you know how hard it is to get a IO spot, should never book your hotel/flight until you have your IO ticket!
Cool! Wish you guys would have a event i Europe as well though... :)
Will those attendees who attended every year have to do the coding project as well? I'm a full time contractor (founder of the consultant firm) and working on a startup ( so my time is very limited in that. I wanted to see what options there will be and how big of a coding project will it be.
Something tells me it'll be a small "captcha" for engineers. Should we call this CAPTBEA "Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Business folks and Engineers Apart"? =)
I don't like the date change! I would rather have it earlier than later ;(
i wish i lived in the US! the flights are soo expensive.!! :/
i'll be watching the livestream in the middle of the night, though :)
How about extending it one more day, making the last two days (Fri & Sat) a Google/Android World type of event that is open to the public? Developers, Android Hardware companies, and Cell phone operators get to exhibit their stuff to public. Charge only $25 to
$50 for entrance. Access to exhibits and light weight talks on Gmail, Apps, Sketchup, Arduino, etc..... Come on Google, you still have enough to time to plan for it, now that its delayed till June.
What the hell! You guys totally changed my schedule!
Hopefully the coding challenges range from beginning on up so that the students that want to attend still have the opportunity. I was able to attend last year and it sparked even more interest for me. I have been studying and reading as much as I can but still have so much more to learn.
FYI profile still has the OLD dates: Google's largest developer event on April 24-25, 2012 at Moscone West, San Francisco.
Does this entitle me to a comp. ticket ?
sounds awesome tbh. looking forward to the challenge
sounds great. Looking forward to see the session list.
The application process will test general programming skills, as opposed to product-specific knowledge. We're designing it so that every developer is given a fair shot at attending Google I/O, but don't expect it to be as involved as last year's Last Call for Google I/'s that for a hint?
Will previous attendees still have early access to registration assuming they pass the challenge/test?
Does Google I/O put a call for presentations, or is it by invite only?
After Google Developer Days, Hackathon and other events I expect not miss this time. So I will be ready and, in case I will be not, as this year, I will enjoy of the GTUG company in the IO extended event.
Will student's that attened last year get early access to registration....
+1 to the list of I/ONs wondering about early access.
Actually looking forward to that quiz! In Japan we had a devquiz for Google Developer Day 2011. I loved it and spent quite too much time on the last challenge just to get into the top 5% :D.
Where(when) can I registered for IO/2012?
I felt the comment "be sure to brush up on your coding skills. They’ll come in handy when the new application process opens in February." meant google's preparing some questions to be attendee. if so, how can un-developer (e.q. UI designer) be attendee?? is there any chance for them??
Hello from Singapore! I loved I/O 2011! And I'll definitely be back in 2012 with a few of my friends who have been enchanted by my experience :p
where is the button for "-1" ?
Great Google !!! For worldwide travelers I believe is better to make a different registration because all the students will buy the tickets and sell them on eBay !
As someone who was only able to get a ticket by winning one from the Last Call contest last year, I applaud the use of some constraint on those attending. Looking forward to attending I/O for a third year in a row.
From the 'for what it's worth' department -- I wish they would pre-announce 'no giveaway' -- keep the conference for people who actually want to attend and aren't looking for free stuff. If people want new phones or tablets or chromebooks they should just buy them!
I totaly agree I think it's nice but then the seats for the people who really want to go TO LEARN are taken.
That's what appened me last year.
I want to give a talk at Google I/O 2012 on a particular technology. How do I submit a proposal? Someone please guide me..Thanks.. :-)
I'm excited as I have tons of Android possibilities, questions. Hope I get the early invite soon.
I am visiting LA/SF/VAGAS (coming from Australia) around that time!!!!...thats worked out so well! Hopefully I can get entry into this event...I'm sure they will have a good registration algorithm that would weed out the non-developers :)
noooooooooooooooo...Euro Cup is that month, and I have tickets for June 27th.......this really sucks, bring back April!!!
It's February.... registration starting any time soon?
yes please give us some info on when registration opens, need to know if I should bring the laptop with me on my vacation :)
Same here, please give us more information on the registration process. Can't wait!
I'm most definitely excited about I/O 2012! SF has always proven nice in April/May - let's see how it is in June! The extra day is an awesome idea! There is always so much to learn and so little time.
+Google Developers Early registration for i/o 2011 attendees? Please? Also, +1 about where to look for announcements (@googleio?) I need to set up all my custom notification systems to send me SMS, call at cell, work, honk the horn, ring the bell, etc :-p
Still waiting for more information on how this test/registration is going to work! Also how about UI/Graphics Designers that work on Android but don't necessarily have strong coding knowledge? And having a published application on the market should make you automatically eligible :)
Pre-registration for I/O past attendees please!
Only developers?! What about product managers who just wave their hands? :)
If I register as a student will I still have access to everything at Google I/O?
At this rate February will be over before we hear anything about Google I/O registration. Can someone post an updated estimate for when registration will open?
Hi +Google Developers +Scott Knaster Last year you had a separate day for boot camp which I liked more. Will it be this year as well? Since I am a student it would be cool to attend the conference again but since I can watch the sessions online I am more interested in the boot camp. Do you have any plans to make this a separate event? I don't wanna loose my chance to attend boot camp at all.
Ooo..I have been watching google talks sine..forever ago...I had no idea that there was a conference that I could actually attend..Wow im this the official information drop point for the conference, or is there some official website somewhere?
+Scott Knaster +Google Developers
Any news about past attendees getting early bird registration? Was it only rumours that there wouldn't be a coding test? Will it? More information please!
+Cassie Hall One from NYC-GTUG mentioned that earlier attendees would need to do the "test". And wonder if its only I/Ons that will be able to register early without a test or just earlier attendees. Would love to attend bootcamp again as well.
29th if they Really want to test the servers and max the registration attempts per minute. If some clever marketing is involved, 29th. ("Google i/o extended a day. February also extended a day for registration") - i hope i make it in.
What about iOS developers who want to develop parallel apps for Android??
Any information about I/O besides date has not existed yet, has it? I hope even people not developer can attend as well...
So, by now you really should have some info...
Come on, Google! Cutting it close! 5,000+ excited geeks (like me) are dying to grab our spots!
I just found out the CTO at our company, +Kevin Verde is going! If I don't get tickets, too, I'll be forced to tie him to some train tracks and pretend I got about a foot shorter.

Google, don't you dare toy with my emotions any more!
Here's a dumb C# console application I made to check the redirection of You must be using Outlook for it to fully work (Didn't have time to make a server mailer script). Feel free to modify, distribute, etc. I just made this in the past few minutes so it might be buggy:
You could easily replace the outlook related code with something similar for a server mailer script. Ill try to create a non outlook specific version when im out of class.
i'm curious...who really thinks that registration will open up tomorrow? I'm betting most of you have given up on today. And if it is tomorrow...i'd guess that they are already ready to flip the switch...what time of the day would you think it likely to open. And if it Isn't tomorrow...would you expect there to be a 100% chance either way of new information? ... forget everything i just said - Tomorrow we'll know what's up! (I'm having an IDOC UO moment)
To the dozens of people who commented on this post, your support and excitement is incredible, and we greatly appreciate it. We're still working on the final registration details for Google I/O 2012, and it's going to take us past the end of February to finish everything. But please note: When we announce registration details, we're going to give you plenty of time before we open registration. So you don't have to keep refreshing your browser, eating and getting crumbs on your keyboard, and drinking coffee to stay awake. Please get some sleep, do some work and some play, and please keep watching +Google Developers and for more information. Thank you again for your wonderful support. Here's to an amazing Google I/O on June 27-29!
I do repeat the sentiments of the others that post above me. I hope you save some spots for those of us who would like to return, but not necessarily have I/ON status.

I would like to comment on my frustration on Android and I hope that you guys take into consideration.. I genuinely want Google to succeed and reach further. In fact, it's my dream place to work at. But besides that point, I wish you guys can have a closer grip on the software you opensource. I get it, it's opensource.. but the fairweatherness that many manufacturers is one reason why Apple is just more attractive and more functional. Yes, you can customize, but consider the basic user base. Not everyone is tech savy or needs flashy specs. We just need something functional and one that manufacturers don't immediately abandon after making the sale. If there's no further investment to back their products, I surely wouldn't want to be a consumer.

I'm primarily pointing the finger at Samsung, they got considerable publicity by just distributing these 10.1 tablets to developers. If they don't themselves provide an adequate update to the developers who are indirectly developing apps that they can optimize on their fancy tablet. Why would the everyday consumer care? Why should we pay or invest for a competitive price that is marketed in the same range as the iPad, and clearly more functional? That's the same with their Chromebook.

Which stands to stay, what happened to the oath that many of these same manufacturer "swore" they would deliver timely updates during the Google I/O? Google is huge, but I wish sincerely they would consider their users first and foremost.

With that said, I am excited and hope I have a spot. I had a positive experience at Google I/O last year. As a non-CS major, it was unbelievable how welcoming the software developers I met there were. It inspired me to learn programming on my own and a vested interest in learning how to develop mobile apps. I just wish sometimes bigger corporations are more interested in listening to their users whom genuinely want to see them thrive further.
Hi +Joseph Drolshagen – Thanks for your comment. Google I/O is June 27-29, as mentioned in the previous comment. We don't have registration details to announce yet. We very much appreciate our developers and fans, and we'll announce more as soon as details are complete.
Thank you for letting us know. I think part of the frustration has been waiting for details. New dates were announced in November and then we have not heard anything since. Thank you for updating us and I am really hoping to get a chance to get in this year. with that said...I can leave my poor browsers refresh button alone...and stop my scripts...thank you for the update!
Can't wait +Google Developers :) I've never been but I really wanted to last year, I really hope I can get in this year! Even though I didn't go last year I watched as many of the live videos as I could! Thank you so much for everything you do Google! :) <3
Can you feel air getting thick with anticipation? Cmon guys, give us what we want!
Dear +Google Developers have you guys considered pre-registering the ones showing the support on this post? :) Just send the invoice ;)

Also, as a Ph.D student (topics: compilers, client-server tier split, multiplayer games), whom could I get in touch to start preparing for my own talk for next year, google io 2013?
Can I have a cupcake, too? And a ticket? ;)
It's not my birthday but a cupcake and a ticket would be great anyway ;)
Would it increase my chance to get a ticket if I submit my bachelor's thesis about Android application development? :D
+Google Developers cupcakes are sooooo last year... or the year before that even. I'm waiting for some jelly beans this year and really hoping to get a ticket when they're available! :)
it would be great if they can open reg soon as do not want to buy plane tickets and book hotel if I can't register and miss the 1.2 second window >:¬{
Ken Liu
Is this conference really happening? It's just over three months away and still no web site or word about registration.
My birthday is next week - hope registration open by that time :)
I'm really curious how they will find out if someone has developer skills and not a copycat ... this will be fun even before the IO actually starts :-)
Hey +Google Developers will it be possible to register as a student if I am graduating from university in May? I am currently a senior. Loved IO last year and I would love to come again! Thanks!
Any idea when the registration opens for this year io event.
Cake and programming huh? Should be an easy test then! :) lol
Will Sponsorships be available for Google I/O 2012?
I'm hoping we hear news this week about how to register. I'd like to book my room and plane ticket before the prices rise.
Hope to see something with Android@home, looks very promissing !
add any voice recognition and well... best domotic system ever...
Went to GoogleIO in 2009. Could not get tickets since then. Please kill the gifts so developers who want the training can go.
Yeah I pretty much have given up on attending GoogleIO. I don't know if it's the gifts to blame or it's just that popular of an event, but maybe you guys can eventually extend this event to a full week with different phases for different developers so more tickets and opportunities to attend are available.
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