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I'd want to try this again -- I have been following Go since I was a college senior three years ago, and haven't used it in quite a while. I am guessing that this has already grown so much. :P
Yeah, as Calle stated, it'd nice to see some real world examples how the project goals were more easily achieved with Go language.
I thing its better to put more efford on dart language instead of developing 2 different languages!!
Can anybody tell me or show me what we can do with GO programming language and how it is better from other language of similar kind.
+Anjul Sharma ...................... Damn right, I mean, people you should tell us why would we switch to this language or at least learn it? it's not a matter of taste you know, it's about features, rules, APIs and performance.
What can we do with it and how?? Println() ain't enough you know.
Even Oracle intelligently made javaFX apps developed totally with java, one of the reasons they gave for this change is that developers are not showing excitement to learn a new scripting language, actually I totally agree with that, and I find this and the rest of the changes Oracle committed to the language great and very effective.
i agree with +Abbas Zaini   we need only 1 language with cross platform, not many languages for develop 1 software.
I would really like to understand how Google uses go internally - what type of systems they converted to go. Google, care to comment?
My 2 cents, please bring Scala into Android... We'll save the time together. I feel like throwing apps and apps to the market with such a language Scala.
+1 for Mirek - I also want to know how they use all of those other stuff like Dart. And why? Go and Dart don't have any wow effect I would think of using them, there are already languages who using the concepts used there.
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