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We heard you loud and clear that you wanted a Last Call for I/O challenge, so this year, the Code Jam team is hosting a Sprint to Google I/O. The first 100 developers to complete a two-part challenge will be given the opportunity to purchase Google I/O tickets at $900. Register ASAP to be ready when the competition opens tomorrow, April 19 at 7:00 AM PDT / 14:00 UTC.
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Do the same rules surrounding Google employees competing in Code Jam apply to this? I'm currently a google ambassador and will be an intern this summer, but having failed to get tickets on my last attempt I'd like to get another shot if possible.
Ed Lea
so for those of us that were online promptly to buy I/O tickets and tried for 20 minutes in vain, we get the chance to take time off work to complete a challenge in which the prize is the opportunity to give Google $900?
Nice! But the page tells me that Round 1A starts in 9 days 10hr. So is it another round or do we have to wait about a week?
Yeld yor bucks to mighty Google! Let see: 400*100=40000, doesn't look like Google can afford it. I wonder who does this brilliant PR?
Woohoo! Thank you Google! :)
Signed up. Have to be at work at that time, but I'll figure something out.
Yep! me too i agree because i also develop...
Must stop and think,, it is all about the Big Buck's!
+Ruben Orduz It seems my sarcasm wasn't clear enough :D

"Giving away" 100 tickets to developers who qualify seems like a PR joke gone bad to me. Especially if you look at CodeJam. You'll compete against roughly 10k devs. This special event is announced roughly 24 hours in advance and it's during the worktime for most people or during the night for most of the others.

So the 2012 GoogleIO registration seems like a bad joke to me after all that happen.
Although its not ideal timing and its a shame the winners will have to pay for their prize, it beats no ticket.
Q: I was lucky enough to get a ticket already, can I still compete and GIVE the code to a friend? or am I not eligible?
1. Gather 100 skilled devs
2. Compete
3. ???
"...will be given the opportunity the purchase..."
...should be...
"...will be given the opportunity to purchase..."
+Google Developers Thanks. Also, feel free to delete
my comment about the typo. Just don't delete this
one. This comment is too fancy to be deleted. ;)
Registration page says top 100, while this post says first 100. Which is it?
+Peter Sitterly , that's still ambiguous. Is it top 100 scorewise (counting penalty times from incorrect small submits) or first 100 to submit both correctly?
Any chance of another round at a time more friendly to those of us in other parts of the world? Here in New Zealand, this equates to an unplanned all-nighter (or at least, very late night) since it starts at 2am here.
Thanks for pointing that out.
Happy coding, everyone!
+Google Developers Great, but that's only in the summary at the top of the page, hence "contradiction." The legalese and official "Terms of Service" still claim "Of those participating in the rounds, the top-scoring 100 contestants will be eligible to receive the prizes detailed below depending on their scores and rankings from the Round" and "In the event of a tie between two or more contestants, those contestants will be ranked in ascending order according to the penalty times associated with their solutions."
+Paul Nicholls We try our best but unfortunately there's no time that's friendly to all. In fact some folks here in Silicon Valley are claiming that your time (2 AM) is more programmer-friendly than ours (7 AM). :)
+Google Developers, perhaps a second round at a different time of day would suit those Silicon Valley folks who think 2AM is a better time than 7AM too? ;-)

2AM wouldn't be such a problem for me if there'd been a bit more warning, or it'd been on a non-workday - but since I start work at 8:30am, it's not exactly convenient. Programmer-friendly and employed-programmer-friendly aren't necessarily the same thing ;-)
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