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A couple weeks ago, we held two hackathons for a small group of lucky developers from among those who signed up for the Glass Explorer Program at Google I/O 2012.  We called these events the Glass Foundry.  In San Francisco and New York, the selected Glass Explorers were able to spend two days with Glass and the API we’ve developed.  They formed teams and built over 80 new ways to use Glass.  Everyone who demoed received a special edition glass bar identifying them as a “Pioneer” of this next generation of computing.  Eight hard-working teams won the grand prize: Google will pick up the cost of their Glass Explorer Edition.

The Glass Foundry was a great opportunity to get our engineers working next to developers on Glass and the API.  We discovered that we all shared a passion for the future of wearable technology, and the feedback we received is already helping us improve the platform.  The whole event was deeply rewarding for our team and the participants seemed to have a great time, too.  We hope to have more Glass Foundries in the future.

Although the details of the API are still confidential, we did want to share the photos in the attached album.  If you'd like to know more about developing for Glass and you'll be at SXSW this year, we recommend you attend Building New Experiences with Glass ( with +Timothy Jordan  on Monday, March 11th at 5pm in Ballroom A of the Austin Convention Center.

+Timothy Jordan +Sarah Price +Ossama Alami +Jenny Murphy +Alain Vongsouvanh 

photos by Daniel Gaines Photography and Philip Montgomery
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What are all those people doing with Macbooks? Ugh...
+Al Sutton I'm sure the reason is more logistical than just wanting only Americans to use glass.
+Steven DeFreitas Honestly, don't bother trying to explain. Al's been complaining about this... for... well, since I/O.
+Florian Westreicher If you don't get one of the models where Apple has swapped in substandard parts without telling you, and still charged you full price? Maybe.
+Al Sutton Um... dude, admit it, you wouldn't be satisfied with that. You'd pitch a fit why you didn't get a dev kit, didn't get to go to dev events, etc. So don't even pretend you just wanted to "register an interest". Let's be real here.
+Jake Weisz the aluminium case, the display and the battery life is all that matters. and the case is really good. if you're curious, i use lenovos right now and those are great too - but nowhere near the macbooks.
Wow, looks like a good sized crowd. Sad that space was so limited.
+Florian Westreicher Heh, only fanboys care about the stupid brushed aluminum case. It looks like a kids toy. (which is fitting, because it is one.)
I had a great experience at the hackathon, and I gotta say, glass is a pretty freakin awesome product.
Glass foundry was awesome!!

To those arguing macbooks vs pc's. Grow up, honestly, this day in age in doesn't even matter anymore. You can build on whatever and achieve anything

Fyi, tons of google employees use macbooks too.
+Ryan Warner Actually, you can't build on whatever, because Apple is a criminal enterprise that uses anti-competitive behavior to further their agenda. You have to have a Mac to develop iOS.
+Jake Weisz +Michael Evans  a very large portion of developers many among the best in the world use macbooks to develop with. It is fine that you subjectively and personally dislike macbooks. However you lose all credibility if you claim objective statements regarding them with all empirical evidence shows otherwise.  This post is about the Glass Foundry--- lets not derail it in a fanboy/anti-fanboy pointless internet squabble. Come on, Glass is awesome-- we can ALL agree on this. You and I both had fun at the Foundry no matter what computer ran what. :)
+Jake Weisz it was a bit of an exaggeration. But to be that nitpicking about technology and be that hardcore against an in particular computer let alone line of laptops is just sad and ridiculous
+Israel Knight I wasn't arguing there was anything wrong with them (I am using one)! And I agree, this should be about Glass, rather than an argument about development environments. :)
The photographer definitely did an amazing job.
Anybody else I Glass dev tester besides you +Michael Evans and +Israel Knight? I would love to follow as many of you as possible.

Hoping more will be unveiled at I/O this year, since I won't be going to SXSW this year.
+Chris Lang I was there as well. But you won't get any secrets from me! ;)
Yeah, I know you are all under NDA, I was too for Gwave way back when +Jake Weisz, just want to be sure I got you guys on my Circles radar when the time comes.
Erich W
Google should take this type of development and apply it to other areas
+Jake Weisz I am writing a fictional novel around AI / AR, so I am going to skip I/O and a possible second offering of the Glass Dev. No NDA for me, since I am moving from Apps dev to writing fiction.
I'm sure once Glass Explorer is out, you won't be able to avoid the posts from Explorers, +Chris Lang. :)
Erich W
+Chris Lang I wouldn't mind checking out your book when its finished please make an epub version not just amazon mobi edition
+Chris Lang  You are like the third programmer I've heard of that is making that switch. :) Interesting.
+Israel Knight I have seen 3 startups of mine in the last 3 years fail, because I am never as well funded as my competition. After an easy $100K of my own down the drain, 3 years of my life and 3 startups behind me, I need to do something else.

I can't keep competing with the likes of WidgetBox who beat me to market by two months the last time. So instead of doing a AR startup this time around, I am going to use my programmer skills to write a great, (hopefully) fictional Sci Fi work about what is coming.

However I am really looking forward to hearing from you all about your apps when your NDA is over. Hope many of you will let my interview you on a G+ HOA next year when you go public.

Scoble is doing much the same thing, writing a tech book on AR, I am sure he will be after you all too when you can speak on Glass.
I would skip class and drive to Austin from Berkeley - just to have a chance to work with Glass.  But as a student, I just can't afford the super expensive SXSW badges. =(
+Gautam Jain Yeah, I agree. Same for me and I make my living online. Spending $4K is not in my budget without a startup paying the way.
+Al Sutton I suspect the "US-only" requirement is because of FCC restrictions on products that haven't been tested for safety. It's legal red tape, so I doubt Google had much of a choice here. 
+Chris Lang Yeah, thanks!  I tried to get tickets last year - but their registration site was so damn slowww.. Hopefully better luck this year.  =)
+Gautam Jain You are lucky you live in the area, the cost of flying and hotel for me are 3X the $900 tickets. 
I'd be curious to hear what people thought about using Google Glass. Was it easy to use? Is it distracting having that screen constantly there? Does it seem like it'd be useful, or is it just really cool technology right now?
+Sean Cronin I love Google Glass. I really can't say a lot more than that at this time.
I echo many of the people here.  The SF Foundry was amazing and I am sure the NY one was just as awesome.  Glass was fantastic to use but I can't say more than that XD

+Jake Weisz I definitely agree.  That is a great pic of +Jonathan Gottfried Again, thank you for being awesome Jonathan!  :D
I wish I got invited to this!  Cant wait for my pair to arrive.
I'm still mad at you guys for putting me on the wait list.
how do you go about getting in the wait list for a pair I wish I could of contributed to the project's entirety
I want to say I feel jealous but thats not enough to explain the envy I am feeling.
I wish I could have been there! So much awesome technology in one place! 
Hey that's cool, you guys get a piece of glass, and Google will get millions $ when this project will be viable =D
Forget Glass, its an over rated peripheral already! Social networks will be dead soon enough as we bore of our need to share with the world. I'd like to register for the API for a self driving car please! Now that's something futuristic!
+malcolm nguyen I'm sorry you didn't make it off the waitlist :( We just had more registrations than available spots.
Someone know what about those who wear glasses?
I haven't seen people with glasses (regulars) in pictures..

+Google Developers maybe?
Just say if you think about that and if there'll be a solution (no need to say more).
Is there any way that +Project Glass could be used as an input pointing device for android tracking eye movement/gazing?
Are Glass glasses right eye only at the moment?
is there going to be another dev hackathon for the google glass foundry? My company is interested in participating
+Sarah Price Thanks Sarah. Since I wear glasses and I've got rubbish sight in my right eye there will hopefully be a left eye or clip-on version sometime soon. We're alternate designs discussed? 
+Joshua Strobl +Stefan Hoth Why Macbooks for Devs? Because they're easily the best Laptop choice for Developers. Very good build quality, unixoid OS, stable, and the opportunity to develop for all major platforms, including Windows 8 and BB apart from Android and iOS.
+Sarah Price if it could indeed be used as an input/pointing device, it could actually help people with ALS to communicate once again.
+Jono Ellis This prototype is on the right side, but this is just the beginning -- who knows where it will go?
+Sarah Price  indeed... I know eventually someday I will want one on the left side if it ever comes... being slightly left eye dominant. :)
+Chris Lang had a similar situation happen to me back in 2010, although my competition ended up being Soundcloud, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, etc. Doomed to fail I suppose. Now I'm working on a graphic novel....the situation seems to be trending. Good luck with your writings man. :) 
+Patrick Sharpe Nice! I considered a graphic novel myself, but instead the story, as it has unfolded to me, (strange experience that, that the story starts telling it self to me) has become so rich, I am sticking with a novel / novella.

If you all are watching +Robert Scoble's video interviews with Context and Intent based Startups, you can see why I am turning my startup into a fictional book. I am not going to compete with multi $mil funded starts again. Good luck to you and your writing Patrick, and good luck to all you developers out there for Glass. You are in the right place at the right time. 
Also +Patrick Sharpe I ran my AR ideas past my VC guys in 2010. They told me I was too late back then. I am taking their advice this time.
+Chris Lang Yeah I hear you with sticking to the novel concept. You'll be able to give a more comprehensive view to your overall ideas by going that route. For me it's a trade off. By using my 3D/artistic background I'll be able to spend less time writing (which I'm only ok at) and spend more time generating great imagery (which I'm really good at). Trying to strike a balance between the two is the hard part. The ultimate goal for both of us, though, is to seed our ideas into peoples minds, without breaking the bank this time around. It's never a good thing to waste good ideas and at least we've both found mediums that suit our particular requirements.

It'd be interesting to hear some of your thoughts on AR. You'll have to keep me up to date on how your novel comes along. I've put you into my most frequented circle in case you make any posts to that effect. :)    
Awesome +Patrick Sharpe. Check +Robert Scoble's feed for his video interviews with startups building context and intent based apps. The best one so far is a Calendar replacement, that learns from your Calendar :]

Also keep an eye out for Scoble's new book on such, as he is saying 2013 is the year of Context. We are all in the right place at the right time.
Wow, so many possibilities - I want my Glass please.
Any online dating company rep was there? I bet what s/he saw while looking from the glass was google maps with passing by online profiles. Another sense is added to the mating affords.
Mac, Intel, AMD, etc, computer doesn't matter, your brain matters.
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