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The most impressive CSS3D demo I have seen so far. This is sooo good.
Gather ye monsters, ye wily web wobsters. Drop your iPhoneries, throw on clean clotheries. Come join the tribe, revel, rock and imbibe. Where Chopin wrote etudes, we'll be fueling bright moods. Sw...
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Sean K
Very impressive!
it says my browser doesnt support 3d?
I'd be more impressed if 90% of the polys didn't vanish and flicker as pages turned, that way it actually looked like a popup book instead of a glitchy mess
Terrible. Froze my Chrome browser. I have 16GB of ram, so it shouldn't do that.
no fire fox.,tried it in ie and only get a static screen.grey on the left and honeycomb on the right.
Amazing, I want a tutorial, meanwhile, I look the source code ! :)
LOL How come Chrome 20 doesn't support 3d transformations?!
Amazing! It is peculiar that it doesn't work on Chrome (I tried stable and Canary). It works wonders in Safari.
Works perfectly on my stable Chrome. 19.0.1084.52 m

And it did the day the site was first posted here too...
Works perfectly here on Latest stable release of Chrome, and is only using about 150Mb of RAM. No issues, lots of other tabs open on my older Core2Quad system.. you guys are doing something wrong :)
+Margaret Leber Hmm... strange. It gives me the "Boo! It looks like your browser doesn't support 3D transforms. You can still attend the party, but you will be judged" error message.
yes its an old one. all my newer ones got wrecked by viruses. They somehow nested in the video card, never found any data on it online odd.
+Margaret Leber Ah, my Chrome was just a little out-of-date. I restarted it and now it's working fine. I inspected the source, and it really is CSS3D, not WebGL. However WebGL was disabled as well as Flash and CSS3D until I restarted my browser. I should have tried re-starting earlier.
Yeah, both WebGL and CSS3D are much happier with shaders n' stuff available, they kind of fly in close formation in that area. (says the girl who re-greased the GPU on her home desktop last night...)
+Margaret Leber WebGL vs. CSS3D. One is programmatic, the other declarative. I favor declarative stuff as much as possible because it contains no logic and therefore no bugs. I switch to programmatic when either the movement model or the interaction cannot be achieved declaratively anymore. And then, I want fully programmatic APIs (Canvas, webGL) because trying to modify declarative stuff programmatically (à la JS + DOM manipulation) is a mess. Conclusion: I take both WebGL and CSS3D. For different use cases.
"declarative therefore no bugs" giggle Sure. :-)
well, no algorithm bugs at least ... :-))))
No bugs except errors in the declaration and bugs in whatever interprets them... :-)
not working on chrome 19.xx. (last update) :(
Works on my Chrome no problems.
not working on my chrome 19. It might be that my graphics card doesn't support webgl.
Working very very badly on my ubuntu 12.04 + firefox. Better on Chrome (even though is not so good anyway :( )
Atrix and galaxy10.1:
Both ics native browser get polygons flickering/missing.
That was amazing! Worked great in my +Google Chrome 19.0.1084.52 m on Windows Vista, but keeps crashing Safari on my iPod touch 4th gen.
oookay, impressive. time to have a look at this...
Tried on the MacBookPro... nice i can open the pages but nothing pops up! That on chrome & Safari. On Firefox i get the written content but no css at all.
<insert random apple rant here/> ;)
I didn't even know this was possible with css :/
Flipping the page in slow motion is almost lifelike...
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