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Google I/O 2013 registration opens on March 13th

We know you’ve been anxiously awaiting more details on registration for Google I/O 2013, which will be May 15-17, 2013. We appreciate your patience, and the wait is over!

Registration will open on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 7:00 AM PDT (GMT-7) and will remain open until tickets are sold out. Based on demand in previous years, we expect to sell out quickly. Just like last year, ticket prices will be USD $900 for general attendees and $300 for academic attendees, and you’ll need a Google+ account and a Google Wallet buyer account to register.

We’ll be sharing more information about registration and travel planning here and on before registration opens on the 13th.

We’re looking forward to bringing you an amazing and inspiring Google I/O experience!

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I was sniffing this will happen today. 
"'"DAaMMMNnned!!!, "'"STRAIGHT"'!!!
"'"HEY!!! , (;~} , )•_°( √+++++++++

In how long can we expect tickets to sell out this year? 
900 bucks damn I want to go! :-(
Google X phone here I come!!! 
Can you comment on whether there is anything in the works to make I/O 2013 more accessible to the developers that want to learn as opposed to show up and play with new Google tech?
Seriously? That's making it extremely difficult to purchase tickets & get a reasonable flight.
Do high school students qualify for academic pricing?
I need add this event to my calendar to remind me.
Can't wait, hopefully I can get a ticket this year! :) Thanks for putting on a good conference where all can learn!
Just looking at the page makes me nervous for registration
Hope I get a chance this year
Does a student need a scan of there Student ID?
+Ethan Bresnick They'll need a bit more than a student ID, proof from the college usually works in years past
Ryan, are high school students qualified for the discount?
I was half a second away from sharing this... No... I want to keep it quiet... Odds of winning are in proportion to those who play.
+Matthew Filiberti I think I have seen people from high school there in the past. Typically if there's an after party or anything like that they won't let you in unless you're over 21 though. I'd email the I/O registration help email just to double check before registration though.
cant wait! hopefully i can register again... that went by fast last time.
Dear students asking for a price:
The price for you is $300.  
Lol. It says so in the post.
does anyone know if non-profit employees qualify for the academic discount? 
If I +1 here, will it give me an edge on registration queue? Just saying...
+Chris Turvey That's like not telling people the next lottery draw is going to be the biggest this year and thinking that will increase your chances of winning. Statistically yes, but realistically no.
+Matthew Filiberti I believe so. You can go to the conferences but not the 21+ activities they hold during the nights! Make sure you ask the IO team first to make sure.
your ID has to have a date or expiration to show that you are still a current student or employee

mine didnt work so I showed them my University's portal page and that I was able to log in and showed my status to them.
Do you need a copy of the ID for the registration online? I mean for the academic one?
+Ben Oberkfell Yeah that would more than likely work better if it has the dates on it. I was hoping to just print out the proof of academia letter than you can retrieve from our school system just so you don't run into trouble.

Last year they wanted a proof of email atleast and I was like oh yeah lemme just show you some emails and then realized they all get forwarded into gmail and they don't show the school account through the gmail app..

"Current enrollment verification"
Nick A
Odds are this sells out faster than the Nexus 4.
+Ryan Warner +Ben Oberkfell if you're a student or employee, you can have them send an email to your .edu address and then show them on your phone that you received it. That's the method of proof they were doing last year if the ID didn't have an expiration date on it.
+Marshall Levin Interesting! That's pretty useful actually. They didn't offer that as an option for me.
Is any college student an academic attendee? 
Google Goggles doesn't recognize the design. I was hoping something special will pop up.
How do we register as an academic attendee?
Chances are low but I hope I get a ticket.
Awesome! I hope I can get a chance to go this year
Looks like I'll be getting up again at 1am try try my luck.
Any restrictions in place to stop eBay scalpers? e.g. no ticket transfers allowed (unless you specify at the point of registration the Google id of the recipient - like, for gifting) The "at Google's discretion" policy for transfer seemed like it didn't work, given the amount of tickets being sold on eBay.

If so, please make it apparent prior to registration to stop them from attempting to DDOS the site in an attempt to amass tickets.
Dear Google, please just make the ticket allocation a lottery of all people who submit the registration form. Last year trying to register from Australia was impossible and losing out to freebee hunters is just plain frustrating. If I knew I had an equal chance of getting a ticket as everyone else, I wouldn't feel so bad when I miss out.
How are student tickets authenticated?
how do we get academic tickets? is it an option on the march 13 signup?
They should update the description to "Registration opens and closes on March 13, 2013 at 7:00 AM PDT "
They should also give discounts for Small Businesses some small business owner would like to send their whole development team to learn and gain knowledge but won't be able to afford it for $900/T so they might only send 2 or 3.
Will +Google Wallet finally provide more bank-account-connecting options?
I want to participate in tons of cool +Google things, buy tons of cool +Google Play stuff, but without +Google Wallet ....
Apologies, in Northern Europeans (at least, maybe South too :-) ) haven't been in the credit card ideal ideal as much as Americans and Japanese, British and Aussies.... but that doesn't mean we don't want to buy stuff.
+Google Developers, I apologize if this has been answered, but I haven't been able to find it. My question is about academic pricing. When tickets go on sale, I will be a student. However, I graduate on May 11, just days before the event. Am I therefore disqualified from academic pricing?
+Google Developers  I am currently in law school, do I qualify for the academic discount? I do have an id from the school with an issue date, barcode, and student id number. Is that enough?

Sorry for the dumb post, it was deleted
I was hoping we might see a coding challenge or similar this year for the majority of tickets, to at least help make it a little harder for the freebie-hunters.
+Google Developers , what happened to that nice HTML5 gradient on the I and O on the page? Now it is just a image. I really like that effect!
So would someone who works for the public school system as an educator/admin be allowed academic pricing?
how to get academic price? I cannot use my .edu email address for google wallet....can someone help me?
+Google Developers I've spent and lost thousands running for years (been around since the Droid 1 was released and every penny of AdSense revenue has gone to the site or developers while the rest has come out of my pocket) to support the Android community AND I manage all information systems for a small company that provides educational services while being a faithful, paid user of Google Apps for Business and we are looking at breaking the M$ chains to go the Google route. Please accept my money (I can't afford $900 but I'll give blood if that's what it takes) so I can attend I/O, learn and network with others. The company owner will cover my flight and room but if I have to wait until March 13th to know if I'll even have a chance (last year the site failed me) then the burden on our small company will be that much greater. I'm only asking for a secure position (though I wouldn't turn down a financial break). Will you show some grace for a little guy and company with big dreams?
Big money, big money, no whammies on the registration lottery!
Jia Li
Begin to pray to get a ticket this year!
Another year another attempt to get tickets
+Google Developers I wish you would stop giving out free stuff at this conference so us software developers actually get a chance buying tickets. If you want to give out free stuff to people just make a separate event for that. Don't ruin a good conference by filling it with people who are not interested in any of the sessions anyway. 
What do you mean by accademic? Are universities' students from other countries eligible too for a 300 usd ticket?
Tom D
good jobs!
It's like a ticket to the hottest non-concert of the year and you can't get one after the fact on stubhub!!
Is the I/ON program active for IO 2013?
How do i register as a student...what type of proof will I need to show
Google, thank yooooou! How many tickets will be available (> 15.000)? Please, you need to increase it quickly!!! 
+James Lu same here! but my last final is on the 14th in illinois. Catching a plane that day and heading to San Fran! :) ...IF i can get a ticket :(
I've attended the last two years.... is there any type of advance reg? or is it only for like 4+ years?
How does a student go about getting the discount? I want to register, but do not want to spend twenty minutes trying to apply with my University email and loose my spot because of registration problems.
Why? I work full time, I am a full time student, I love everything Google, I want to go to the event and learn something awesome, and you are telling me to be quiet? Really would love to attend.
hopefully I will be able to purchase a ticket. I/O is a must for me !
how do you expect "academic attendees" to attend if you schedule I/O during most student's finals week.
Anyone know if I have to sign up with my .edu email address or buy the ticket and show my id when I get there. 
Hey dudes I am from nepal how do i participate in this mega event any help and ssuggestion can i expect?????????????????????????????
Oh boy oh boy oh boy... Can't wait.... 
Does a high school student qualify for the discount???
does a middle schooler qualify far the discount?!?!?!?!?!?
i'm in china, i haven't american credit card, how to pay ?
Oh! I hope to go there but I can't :-(
I am living in the Korea :-(
Is there going to try once in Korea?
Does academic attendees include part-time students?
Academic includes students in college?
Can someone answer me this I am a college student (first year) at a public university in oh. Does this mean I would be able to purchase a ticket for the academics price? 
Gosh, too close to the actual date! Getting a hotel is going to be a nightmare!
How about everyone that signed up for Glass at last year's conference gets a registration chance before open registration?
Hey GOOG, If anyone reads these posts.....please send more info on academic registration so that not every post is about academic registration.
+Chris Cheshire We definitely read the comments! :) We don't have any more info to announce now, but more details about academic registration (and many other topics) are coming before registration opens, as we noted in the original post. Thanks for your interest!
+Google Developers is it possible people from other countries ( other than U.S), to buy academic tickets and attend the conference ?
Yes I'm coming over from Australia, hope I can get a ticket, it would be a dream come true! I've been an Android developer for over 5 years.
+Google Developers That's great news! And what about the academic tickets, is it necessary some kind of special proof or paper work to prove that you're a student ?
Do any of you guys know if high school students qualify for the discount?
+Google Developers, I was wondering as a graduating Senior with a degree in a CS related field this year in June 2013: Would I still be eligible for the "discounted" rates? I really want to attend the Developer sessions, and I am on the fence of what ticket to purchase. As a cash strapped Senior, I would love to get in for $300, but to be honest I really want to attend so I will make accommodation for the $900 ticket. 
Every year you guys have offered early registration to "IONs" (those who have attended every single year, will you guys be doing that again this year? (Asking because I haven't received anything if you have already.)
What about those without a Google Wallet? Wallet is not available in my country. Are there any alternatives for the payment?
Are tickets to be sold for international developer?
+Google Developers IONs are all developers.  I hope that we will be getting our early invites.  The reserved seating is nice but the early invite is the only benefit that I really need. 
I agree with the others stating that there should be a "skill testing" question of sorts to deter all the freebee hunters. It doesn't have to be super complicated, just enough so that non-devs have a harder time getting in.
+Stacy M. Do you mean southern California? because its in San Francisco, and that is in California
Any word on the status of early invites for IONs?  I've attended every IO and don't want to miss this one.
They should stop the ION program and free those spots for others wanting to go. 
No one loses a place.  IONs get early invitations.  If they don't accept the place goes back into the pool.
I'm excited, but I'm keeping my expectations low. Last year, the registration process was a disaster. I'd click 'register', it would tell me there were no more tickets, then it would immediately say 'searching for more tickets'. It wasn't very clear, and it was VERY frustrating. 

I'll get my approval again this year, and hope for the best. Hope to see you in SF!
what qualifies someone as an academic attendee?
Bob Lee
Will it be possible to purchase more than one ticket, so that I can purchase tickets for several folks within my company?
Hooray !!!
I/ONs have attended at least five of the following as a paid attendee: Google I/O 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and the 2007 Google Developer Day in Mountain View. I/ONs receive a limited time opportunity to purchase a ticket during pre-sale registration. Eligibility as an I/ON is at Google's discretion.
As soon as it opened, I clicked to accept the TOS and clicked Register only to be kicked to a 500 error page. I started over and was watching the spinny for only about a minute before it kicked me to an unformatted page that read there were no tickets. Now I am back at spinny...
Snagged a ticket! Clicked buy. New spinny. Spinny disappeared? Timer still running?? NO!
Well...two failed wallet attempts...timer ran out...back to finding another ticket.
Just saw this in Wallet:

Your purchase has been cancelled. You won't be charged.
Mar 13 »
Google has cancelled this purchase.
Comments from Google: Unable to notify the merchant of this order.
How does the system work? Are tickets released periodically or something? :(
+Alex Ford Dunno. It's the same card I have used for large purchases in the past. Wallet shows a cancelled charge due to being "Unable to notify the merchant of this order."
i got a ticket but it wont let me pay!
+Kevin Niven I bet if you check Wallet in a few minutes, you'll see a cancelled charge.
what the hell? I got the payment pending, the payment went through according to my bank, but I got no such "registration form" and it timed out in the middle of my payment cause google wallet kept hanging up. what's going on?
Me too, I finished the transaction, my bank tells me funds were withdrawn from the transaction account. But I got no registration form, and then the timer ran out.
+Eugene Bulkin Huh. Same here. Just logged into my bank. $900 taken out. Not like a $1 hold or anything. Still showing that the Wallet transaction was cancelled. This is frustrating.
Has anyone been successful in getting through the ticketing process so far? All I'm seeing here are failed attempts.....
+Tyler Scott yeah, mine's at least saying that it's Pending, and has been for the last ten minutes. so I'm assuming that it did indeed get through. But if it didn't, I'd be even more frustrated...
Unfortunately same issue here, was assigned a ticket 3 times but payment window timed out every time.  I can't believe Google can't handle this...
I had a ticket, but payment wouldn't process on Wallet. Just see a cancelled transaction.

This reminds me of trying to purchase the Nexus 4. Awesome job Google. 
yea within the 6 minutes had to purchase I tried multiple times with multiple credit cards....all but one were cancelled...and the remaining one is pending...not sure if it will go through or if I should try for another ticket
has anyone actually had a completed purchase?
+Tyler Scott +Geary Epperson Google Wallet shows no transactions as this was my first (and not a positive) experience but CC shows a small hold not the $900, yet at least... 
+Matthew Shelley do you think they are holding all confirmations and purchase payments until all the tickets are sold out?
Haven't got to a ticket since the one earlier. Wallet still shows a cancelled charge due to failing to contact the merchant. Bank still shows a $900 dollar charge. Watching spinny... Frustrated... I just want to go to I/O...
50 minutes of nothing but searching for tickets, then registration is closed. Better luck next year? Probably not....
Great work, Google! The customer experience I have had with every single one of your product purchases has been awful. Is there someone there that I can talk to about this cancelled charge that is not really cancelled? There is an apparent lack of posted email addresses...
+Dave Henke yep same with me except only one pending charge and no follow up...not sure what is going on
Very sad that I GOT A TICKET and then Google Wallet couldn't complete the transaction.  #fail I have lost some of my faith in Google.
+Pierre van der Westhuizen yea...that is the worst feeling ever...maybe google purposely did that to have a larger user base "think" they got a ticket presumably making them happier...but really there were never enough tickets for them anyways
Me too got ticket then Google wallet didn't work! 
boooo every year our company gets nothing, no matter how quick we react.
I payed the registration and my wallet says the payment has completed. However I never got a final registration form .. So what's next?
Yep, nothing like the joy of getting a ticket slot only to be followed by the helpless, sinking feeling watching the 5 minute payment timer expire while waiting for Google Wallet to process a simple transaction...
I am totally disappointed, got the ticket but got stuck at the Google Wallet transaction page. With only 20 seconds left to expire, my browser jumped to a 500 error page. I was really excited to get the ticket.... tried for another 40 minutes, and the tickets were sold out......No completed transaction in my G-Wallet..........
yeap... I clicked on the registration button exactly at 7:00 a.m. PT and it waited for like 5 minutes to get a server error....
So....nothing we can do, eh? Good luck next year?
yep...hopefully better luck next year!
C'mon Google, There has to be a better way to register rather than everyone clobbering the server at 7am on one day!? A lottery perhaps ? I attended in 2011 as a Staff member working behind the scenes on Wireless (4G) coverage. Had full access to the lectures and all that, but of course I was banned from the schwag lines due to my badge type.   Oh well. 
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