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Some Monday Machines for your inspiration from Input/Output, our HTML5 game launched in conjunction with our Google I/O 2012 website. Keep sharing your machines using #io12 and we'll continue to add our favorites to the album.
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Unfortunately, elements positions depends on sreen resolution. Because of this remixes don't work fine on other screens :(
The "Keep trying" box is obscuring my view, unfortunately.
cant get it to work properly, top and bottom are cut off and things just freeze.
what's the correct resolution for this to work ?
Wish i could +1 this but its to buggy cant actually make anything :(
slow and not responsive - using google chrome 18
getting the same bug Glad its not just me
zoom out still not making things cool... I'm on the latest 17 release of chrome
Thanks for the bug report on the elements getting locked. We'll investigate further.
This does not work with Chrome Beta, but works in the latest FireFox.
thanks, will give it a try... needed an excuse to download FF
Awesome! But whenever I try to use the pendulum I'm stuck.
Pendulum does bug for me too. I am using last version of Chrome.
Pendulum doesn't work here, Chrome 17 on Mac OSX Lion
Should have it fixed by tmrw. Sorry about that folks!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there discount for students???
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