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Google I/O Is Coming. We're Working Hard to Get Ready

Google IO is just around the corner and we're working hard to bring you tons of great content. Here's +Colt McAnlis toiling away at his desk, right before we record another video for #io14  
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Why is that last year's Google IO logo thing
So who else frantically entered that code to see if it worked? <hopes deleted>
Lol, "let's just find a random string and stick this other big long string in and highlight it".

What're the chances that's... oh yup, I can see Sublime Text's status bar...
What is that One Time IO key Code for?
So who DID get that IO code?  'fess up already!
Did this guy on the image ever heard about code conventions? Who should read that mess!? 
Wow those google coders are hardcore... Coding ~directly~ in minified code from the start ! +1

+Colt McAnlis This is strange, I past the whole day reading your articles and watching Compressor head and here you are again tweaking the Js script on Sublime Text!! That is completely random and it's a little bit weird since how fast my G+ stream is updating x)
They are developing the matrix
Remember. Code that is harder to break is always better than code that looks elegant.
Can't seem to find the countdown clock anywhere. Anyone have the link?
To get a job at Google, one needs to be able to write minified JavaScript code (without using a minifier, obviously)
Man, I'd get such a sore neck if my monitors were up above my line of sight like that...
Hi guys. sorry for the off topic post. but do you know if there's anyone i can contact to help me reinstate my developer account. Again. sorry for the off-topic post but i was just so sad to see my account revoked and would really like to get it back. thanks.
+Jimmy Baez I made it by hand. Its my desktop to remind me how much time I have left!
Lets see in Google I/O 2014 what'll be in IOS 9 next year...
Como é difícil implementar um simples contador ;-)
Waiting what will be announced in Google I/O.
Look how serious that guy's face is... what is all that jumbled text? Anyone recognize that code?
Sublime Text 3 and Javascript.
Who codes like that though 
No one codes like that. It's practically impossible. If code ever ends up like that, then it's obviously minified. Silly Google ;)
+James Dowen Oh boy, take a closer look to the highlighted text "ONE TIME IO KEY CODE : *"... This should mean something...
You should be able to watch on your TV's this year if you have a chromecast, the Google IO sessions will be live on YouTube!
The writing on the index cards taped to the monitor is smaller than the minimized code.  Google's secret project. super contacts!!  ~(8^(!)~
I think, one-time code was be useable here: but "Invitation code has already been redeemed". Who is the lucky man, guys?
Why is that guy looking at minimified JavaScript?
what's Google 1/0 supposed to do?
this is so awesome!
I need to finish the beginning
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