Watch a live +Project Loon balloon launch tomorrow on Field Trip Friday.

We’re very excited about this week’s Field Trip Friday to Project Loon, at the top-secret Google X. Since it’s Fun & Games Week, we figured we’d play with some balloons, but these Loon balloons are special: They’re designed to float in the stratosphere and provide Internet connectivity to people down on Earth. 

We’ll be talking with the Project Loon designers and makers, and then, weather permitting, we’ll get to watch a live Loon balloon launch! Check out this video to get a sense of how Project Loon works:

We’ll also be joined by Lauren Rojas, the girl who famously floated her Hello Kitty to space earlier this year! (She filmed the whole thing, which you can watch here:

See why we’re so excited?! 

RSVP and the event will be added to your Google Calendar. You can stream the live Hangout on +Make’s page here on Google+, on this event page, or on our YouTube channel. Ask questions, leave comments, and have fun! 
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