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I/O 2014 Registration: Open 4 Days Starting Next Week
Update on Google I/O Registration Window -- opening next week:

We're still working to make the registration process even easier for you, and it will now be open four days starting next week (opening next Tuesday and closing Friday). After the registration window closes, applicants will randomly be selected and we'll send ticket purchase confirmation emails shortly thereafter. #googleio   #io2014  
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April 15th-18th :) Next Tuesday through Friday.
WHAAAAAaAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaH!  :( I was so ready to register today. I was tossing and turning all night thinking about registration for I/O ... Oh well now i get to do it again next week !
It looks like it is sold out on the website, is that correct?
OK so registration for this year is still pending?
Still waiting for IOn pre-registration.  A comment on the original blog post by the writer of the blog post said IOn preregistration would be handled the same as years previous.  In years previous we got at least a week head start on the normal registration date..
I am going to assume the IO/N invites will come at the same time as the registration opens since the open registration is not actually allocating tickets or taking up spots. Which would still make the invite a "pre" event.
I just wish there would be some official statement around I/ON registration.  I think I spend half of my day checking I/O 2014 registration posts on G+.
+Louis Gray who posted the original blog post about #io14  registration commented in response to an I/On question "We will be using the same ION process as in years past."

In years past this was pre-registration at least a week before normal registration opened.
If pre-registration would happen at least a week before normal registration opened, and normal registration is opening tomorrow, it would suggest that pre-registration invites would have been sent out already.
+Nick Moline FYI, the reason for my statement is that it should no longer be about feeling "nervous" and should have already reached the level of "reluctant acceptance". ;)
Either that, or the opening of registration for the rest of us is going to be delayed yet again. :( Of course, I suppose since they're keeping registration open for 4 days this time, I/ONs could theoretically register at the same time as everyone else and just be given priority to actually be granted tickets before they do the random selection for everyone else.
it is possible of course, but they specifically said that Ions would be handled "the same" as years previous, and registering in the normal mad rush is not the same as years previous at all, and leaves much too much to trust
There is no mad rush. There are 4 days for people to register (fill out the lottery ticket). Only then will they pick the lucky souls. So I am not freaked out any more except for the fear that my spam filter has gotten rid of my invite. Or that they have somehow lost my IO/N status
EMAIL!!!!!!! Received, and Registration complete, I'm in!
Registration Completed.  See, I knew that +Vic Gundotra would take car of his I/ONs.  He ALWAYS does.  Kudos Vic!!!
OK, here is the next question.  Anyone know of how to book at the Google I/O negotiated hotels?  I assume Google blocked out a ton of rooms around Mascone West; however, they are mostly sold out.  I would love to get the hotel registration page for #io14  
yeah no hotel registration page...
Was interesting that the email didn't mention I/ONs at all.  Also not all ions have gotten the email yet
I am guessing that they are coming out in batches.  Mine came 30 minutes after the first person posted that they had theirs.

As for hotels, keep me posted if you find anything.  I already called the Marriott and they would not let me book without the Google I/O 2014 code.  As a lifetime platinum at Marriott, they sure weren't doing me any favors.  I guess we just wait for Google.
It's a funny Catch 22 situation.  When you register for I/O it says to tell them where you are staying, but you can't book a place to stay without a group code from google.... which Google hasn't given out.
Wow..that was fast.  Google already answered my hotel request.  They said to check the page tomorrow.
Any IONs besides myself still patiently watching their inbox?
Email Google.  They have been super responsive.
+Nick Moline That must make for some fun in house banter.  Would be tragic if one got to go and the other did not.
+Michael Hansen last year for some reason she got her email a full 8 hours before I did... I was really getting frantic.  I suspect she's feeling the same right now.
Getting a server communication error on the last step for checkout. 
Anybody else still waiting for their IOn pre-registration emails?  My wife +Barbara Moline still does not have hers despite being an IOn each year until now.
I haven't received any I/On registration email and I've been every year, too...
I would love one of those preregistration emails everyone seems to be taking about! F5.. F5.. F5.....
OK... so it says that it will be open today and the link still doesn't appear to be there on the Google IO main page. 

Is it going up today? 
Late last night, I sent an email to googleio2014@google.com saying that others had reported getting I/ON registration emails but I hadn't. I just got a response saying they show one being sent yesterday ~2:30pm PT. I checked my spam, trash, and every folder and no record of it (and I use corp. gmail so it's pretty easy to search). Just sent a response asking them to re-send (and check their audit logs). I'd suggest other I/ONs do the same to see if it helps.
Btw - loving the binary clock at the bottom. Classic. 
My wife +Barbara Moline sent a similar email last night to support@io14registration.com and received no response.  She's now resent the message to the googleio2014@google.com address, hopefully she'll get a response there.  Any luck getting the resend +John Arnold ?
I have sent a message as well to googleio2014@google,com this morning with no response as of yet.
Haven't received a re-send yet. I'll post if/when I do! Good luck to all I/ONs still playing the waiting game!
I received a response from the I/O team stating that they are sending invites out in waves and I can expect mine in the next two weeks. 
Seems odd to me.
+Travis Schmidt Me too. Got a response a few minutes ago from googleio2014@google.com that said the invitations are going out in waves and my i/on invitation will arrive in 2 weeks. A little scary since that is after registration closes.
Registration is open, folks! Head to the website to check it out.
To close the circle on my saga... after a few emails, I finally received a re-send of my I/ON invitation with my registration code. All signed up. Good luck to everyone! Hope to see you there!
+Barbara Moline just got hers as well, and exactly the same, it came across as the Partner code with the $900 price point.
+Marco Wise +Travis Schmidt +Nick Moline Got mine as well, and it was for 900.  For past I/ON registrations my colleague and I have registered at the normal rate then emailed and Google issued a refund of the difference.  I have registered and hope they do the same this year. 
+Justin Merz +Travis Schmidt +Nick Moline I've decided to do the same. Was worried that once I started registration with one code it'd fail with a new one. I was also given a refund in previous years, so hope they do the same. See you in June!
+Nick Moline Nothing, the help responses have been very slow to come this year.  If at all.
+Nick Moline +Justin Merz +Travis Schmidt An update. I received an email from Google yesterday saying they could cancel my regular registration and send me an academic code instead. I told them to go ahead. They've refunded me the full amount and cancelled the registration. I'm waiting for the new code.
No luck for me, resending my email.  Think I have gotten ~50% response rate.  Thanks for letting me know they are swapping codes.
They swapped my code, but the previous code is still associated with my Google+ account so I can't use it. I've asked for help. Waiting for a response. They must be swamped.
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