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Read about SPDY performance on mobile networks. Featuring actual data!
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You are handing out mod for apache. Are you planning to create some solutions also for other servers? There's not so many of them out there. My personal choice is at the moment Cherokee so I would be very interested in the solution to implement spdy there.
+Michał Skweres looking at the article, all the major players except IIS have at least preliminary SPDY support. Which is pretty impressive for a new technology.

I also get from reading the article that SPDY will see the best performance benefits on sites that use a lot of smaller files as compared to sites that have few files or have primarily large files. Meaning AJAX (or other dynamically served content pieces) will see some good improvements using SPDY.
And what about it's effect on "buffer bloat" (latency of other simultaneous connections) ?
SPDY needs a server side plug-in like one for Apache. Could be case that Huffpo does not have it. New firefox supports SPDY. +Tom Acheté-Eymel
Zane A
I think that its great! I cant wait until they get it in our town. I love google. I love google so much I have a write a column that covers the entire platfrom of services.. lol
Still waiting for google to finish implementing html5/http ( *e.g. PUT DELETE in forms without js) in chrome
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