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Update on Google I/O Registration Window -- opening next week:

We're still working to make the registration process even easier for you, and it will now be open four days starting next week (opening next Tuesday and closing Friday). After the registration window closes, applicants will randomly be selected and we'll send ticket purchase confirmation emails shortly thereafter. #googleio   #io2014  
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Just to confirm that is April 15th through the 18th?
+Google Developers that's not fair. The whole registration setup is unfair this year for developers already but making the window bigger is even more unfair
+Pranjal Desai how is this any less fair than registration being open for 15 seconds and closing because it sells out? 
Both system are unfair. It's just with this year's method, Google doesn't need to worry about crashing their system due to thousands of people clicking F5 at the same time.
If I apply for the student discount is it for the registered classes I have for the spring semester  (which would be now when I sign up) or the summer when the I/O is?
+Ricky Solorio From the FAQ

When you check in at the conference, you’ll need to provide a current school ID, transcript, credential, or other form of documentation which demonstrates that you are qualified to receive this special rate.
+Andrew Martonik you at least have some sort of control over the situation and also a limited number of people try but in this new process there is no user control and more people would apply even though they actually don't care about development
+Pranjal Desai you think that only developers attempted to get in last year with the old system? That's laughable - it was full of people that didn't care about development then, too. This way theres a chance Google can vet people to see your motives for registering. 
+Andrew Martonik its random picks anyway. I just hope I can attend it this year again because its a really aspiring environment for new developers and also a great learning experience
Well that really blows I really want to go but cant afford that 900 regular fee and I'm taking a summer break from school, yet the world still spins without a care lol. +Ivan Yudhi 
Don't you still have the student ID +Ricky Solorio ? I think as long as you're enrolled in the school you will be able to claim the student price.
+Ricky Solorio When I was still in college I only had a Spring ID which was sufficient.  Registration is during the school year and most people don't attend Summer session.  My college ID didn't say what year I was just what my most recent session was so the most you could do to "game" it would be to register as a student in your senior year (which, again, you still would be upon registering).
I just want you to know +Google Developers that its 1:55am and I just decided to download your android studio instead of eclipse.... Thanks for making such an awesome program that now I won't sleep tonight. 
+Ivan Yudhi Yes I still have my spring student I.D. but dropped one class yesterday so now I'm not full time and google says full time students. +Ryan Loebs were you full time too?
+Rich Talcik Android Studio was developed by +JetBrains I believe with some collaboration with Google. You should totally check out IntelliJ IDEA 
+Maksim Ustinov I have no clue who developed it but it's amazing. And it doesn't let me sleep :'( and I will. Some other day lol.
+Ricky Solorio I was full time, yes.  I doubt they'll demand to see your transcripts to verify your hours though... I think the requirement is to prevent someone like myself from registering a 1 unit class at a JC, getting an ID and then paying 1/3rd the price.
+Pranjal Desai How do you get control of the situation last year? You prefer it when everybody tried to buy tickets at the same time, crash the server and have tickets sell out in less than 30 minutes? That's insanity!
+Danny Roa It's not like they had a whole year to develop the new system. It would have been good to know for me if I'm going a few months before as I need to book a flight, place to stay, etc.
+Alexander Gherschon Google may have tons of money but it doesn't have unlimited engineering resources.

Would you rather have Google divert engineers from Chrome or Android to build this registration system?

There are way more things that are higher priority than this.
Not nice Google... People coming from overseas have to plans these things ahead...
I'm waiting patiently on my press credential to cover the event. I look forward to getting out to the SFO area 
So much build up to today... gahhhhh
About had a minor heart attack this morning trying to find the URL. Then I see this. ;)
Hello Google Dev Team. Please consider adopting a more enterprise friendly registration so that if, say, 10 people at a company try to get in and only 4 get tickets, they can pick the 4 most critical people and transfer the tickets to them. Very important feature for companies. Thanks.
+Ed Burnette This allows a bit of cheating: you can ask everyone at the company to register to increase the chances of getting in and then transfer the tickets to the guys you actually wanted to send.
We still need to have a Google/Android World/Expo User type of event for the rest of us tech fanatics. 100k attendees.. $100 per family.. And more modest swag like a wearable or wireless headphones..
and we are supposed to believe that? ... Since Apple WWDC asks us to purchase our tickets till April 14th .. I am quite sure that this is all just a business decision to not be in competition with Apple here ... bad excuse  and quite unbelievable that Google with it's thousands of PHDs could not finish a simple sign up page ... haha

... and all this "you are making it easier for us" statement is just typical marketing BS .. how hard can it be to sign up now and how much easier will it be on April 15.

Don't try to pretend you are doing something for "us" by putting a false statement that should emotionally and subconsciously tell us that all you do is for "us". Especially if nobody asked you to and nobody wants that... Open SignUp today.. This is what people want....

all just useless statements since the ONLY thing that would make anything easier would be to sign up today now ... Now that would be nice and easy..
They could auction the tickets off on eBay.
+Danny Roa well ... with tons of money you can get tons of engineers ... tons of contractors ... tons of outsourcing ... so there is no need to divert .. and even diverting would be really no problem ... Chrome and Android are not critical paths..
+Christian Menkens: Believe it or not, it's hard to hire decent engineers. Ask every company in Silicon Valley.
I work for an academic research institution (staff). Last year I qualified for an academic ticket for Google IO and a letter from my institution was sufficient proof at check in. This year the criteria seems to be slightly different. It says academic tickets are available to staff of school or higher education institution.  I am not sure if I still qualify, probably not. I don't want to fly half way across the world to be turned away at the door :) Is anyone able to clarify please?
+Christian Menkens Yup. Google is out to get you. They are going out of their way just to annoy way. That's their mission. 
So the new registration dates are April 15th and 16th? Can we get a confirmation?
Still waiting for IOn pre-registration.  A comment on the original blog post by the writer of the blog post said IOn preregistration would be handled the same as years previous.  In years previous we got at least a week head start on the normal registration date..
Lec Maj
Same here, no ION info, would appreciate it. 
Clawing at the bit today..  Ctrl + R! Ctrl + R! Ctrl + R!
Anyone know what time registration opens today?
Still waiting for it. Need updates on links. Where to get registered?
where is the Registration page?
I want to register for I/O 2014
I got snubbed for my Registration due to a technical glitch in Google Wallet and Google has not responded to several requests to fix and just leaving me out to dry #SadDay #ComeThruGoogle 
How can i use the css property you are using in your tutorials. Are they extentions ?
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