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I/O Registration is now closed. Thanks for all your submissions. Check your inbox April 21st to learn if you'll be making the trip to #io14.
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Will we find out how many entered the lottery?  Enquiring minds want to know.
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Google Developers

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It's Friday. Find Communities and Developers to Inspire You

Yes, Google I/O is coming. But all year round, you can be connecting with your peers and exchaing ideas about apps, coding and development. Here are some of the communities from Google Developers on Google+. Join and be inspired.

Android Development (Japanese)

Android Wear Developers

Cast Developers


Developing Enterprise Apps With Google

Developing With Google+

GDG North America

Google Drive Developers

Google I/O

Project Tango Developers

Women Techmakers
Google I/O
Google I/O 2014 is scheduled for June 25-26. This community is open to all whether you plan to attend or not. #google #io14
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+Joshua Woodward thanks - will add GDG North America.
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Video: Women Techmakers: Make your passion.
#wtm   #developers   #womentechmakers  

Last month 11,000 technical women attended 125 events across 52 countries to build greater visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

Today we're excited to debut a video featuring innovative women leaders who share their personal stories, solutions, and impact on the technology industry. 

Learn more about the Women Techmakers program at and join our Google+ community at
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very nice m field as well
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3 Flaws In Software Design: Part 3: Being Too Generic
#design   #developers   #software  

In part three of the series, +Jeremy Walker & +Max Kanat-Alexander  discuss the third Flaw in Software Design, "Being Too Generic," from Max's book Code Simplicity: The Fundamentals of Software.

Link to presentation:
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I can dig it a happy medium of form n function brains brawn balance brother ;-) I'm a libra so that's right up my ally
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Code School and the Google Maps SDK for iOS
/via +Google Maps API  #googlemaps   #ios   #developers  

Are you an iOS developer interested in adding a map to your application? The instructional experts at Code School set out to create a course introducing the Google Maps SDK for iOS to developers like you — and they delivered!
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I/O Registration Opens at 4pm PDT Today
  #io   #io14  
Design, Develop and Distribute at I/O 2014
#io   #io2014   #developers  

Whether you're a developer who's interested in the latest developments in the Googleverse or someone who wants to build the next billion dollar app, Google I/O is the ticket for you. The registration window will open at 4pm PDT today (April 15) and will remain open until April 18 at 2:00 PM PDT.
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I am happy to be random. I don't have one and I may have shot myself in the foot by posting up my experience. 

I truly believe that this is better.

I do wish that they would offer up some more spots for the AOSP folks.. but its all good. I will see most of those folks at #BigAndroidBBQ  anyway.
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Google Developers

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The I/O Registration window has now closed. Thank you for all your submissions - check your inbox on April 21st to learn if you'll be making the trip to San Francisco in June! #io14  
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Now that this is over can I cancel this worthless Google Wallet?
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3 Flaws In Software Design: Part 4: Incremental Development & Design
#design   #developers   #software  

In the final installment of this week's series, +Jeremy Walker & +Max Kanat-Alexander discuss a development process that allows one to avoid the Three Flaws of Software Design from Max's book Code Simplicity: The Fundamentals of Software.

Link to presentation:
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+Google Developers Are there still any valid codes out there?
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Google Developers

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DevArt - Winner Announced #DevArt  

Mapping a dream as it navigates through your brain using G+APIs. Exploring metamorphosis through storytelling in the form of a poetic adventure with Chrome Apps and Compute API. Travelling through a playful giant map that explores fantasy and reality on a huge scale using Map API. Creating music through the touch of your finger on a simple piece of wood using Android. These are just a sample of the hundreds of projects we received after inviting the developer community to express themselves creatively ( as part of DevArt ( 

And the winner is … a duo Cyril Diagne & Béatrice Lartigue from France. Cyril and Beatrice’s project, Les métamorphoses de Mr. Kalia, is an interactive poetic adventure exploring the theme of metamorphosis in the human body, inviting the audience to personify Mr. Kalia as he goes through many surrealistic changes [video] [project page on DevArt site]. The piece conveys feelings related to change, evolution and adaptation. Mr. Kalia is brought to life through the use of a skeleton tracking technology, and uses Chrome Apps and Google Compute Engine. 
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Google Developers

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A conversation about design
/by +Nadya Direkova  #design   #io14    

At Google I/O this year, we will have sessions and workshops focused on design, geared for designers and developers who are interested in design. We're looking forward to exchanging ideas with you both at the conference and online afterwards. Remember, registration is open until Friday.
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Now it makes much sense to me than earlier one. Thanks a ton! #io14
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