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Oven mitts and pie? Must be a new episode of Game On! with +Todd Kerpelman. In this video hear the epic tale of Pie Noon. Be sure to watch 'til the end! 
So why did Google release a game about pie throwing to the play store? In the latest episode of Game On! hear +Todd Kerpelman tell the epic history of Pie Noon -- it's a tale that involves oven mitts, tiny image file sizes (using WebP), complicated math (using MathFu), and efficient data storage (using FlatBuffers).

Also, you're going to want to watch this one to the end. Trust us.

#GameOn   #PieNoon   #WebP   #MathFu   #FlatBuffers  
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Ypmate julwiz

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Google is open sourcing gRPC, a new library focused on efficiency and innovation in data transport across all platforms.
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IOT baked right in. Wonderful!
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Compressor Head rides again!

Google Developer Advocate +Colt McAnlis returns in season 2 of Compressor Head, a playful and informative source of knowledge around algorithmic compression. Advancing his #perfmatters offensive, Colt reveals the sources and practical uses of data compression technology.

In Season 1 Colt led us through Variable Length Codes, The LZ77 Compression Family and Markov Chains.

In Season 2 Colt will school you in The Burrows-Wheeler transform, Arithmetic Compression and Adaptive Statistical Encoding.

Join Colt for fun, history, some banana jokes, and math. You will enjoy it!

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+Google Developers do u know how to make a poll on the g+ app?
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Join us in celebrating 1,000 Chrome Experiments with a special experiment that visualizes all the experiments built over the past 6 years. Thanks to all the creators who built these beautiful web experiences and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Explore all 1,000 Chrome Experiments:

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The secrets of routing in +Polymer revealed(!) today on #Polycasts with +Rob Dodson 
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Loved it Rob. I love polymer and would love to use it more. If only it played better with I.e.... I mean if only I.e. played better with others..
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Retiring the Email Migration API

Last summer, we launched the new Gmail API (, giving developers more flexible, powerful, and higher-level access to programmatic email management, not to mention improved performance. Since then, it has been expanded to replace the Google Apps Admin SDK's Email Migration API v2 ( Going forward, we recommend developers integrate with the Gmail API.

EMAPI v2 will be turned down on November 1, 2015, so you should switch to the Gmail API soon. To aid you with this effort, we've put together a developer’s guide ( to help you migrate from EMAPI v2 to the Gmail API. Before you do that, here’s your final reminder to not forget about these deprecations including EMAPI v1 (, which are coming even sooner (April 20, 2015).

#GoogleApps   #AdminSDK   #Gmail   #GmailAPI   #emailmigration   #emailmigrationAPI
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New blog post from Google Developers! Learn how 2 big font optimizations deployed in 2014 - WOFF 2.0 and unicode-range - are reducing the size of the downloaded fonts by more than 40 percent on average. For you, that means faster download times and lower data costs!

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nvm just confirmed that they do infact serve as font/woff2 type!
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Have them in circles
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How I: Use URL builder to measure ROI on social media

Measure all the things! Identify your most valuable social media efforts by comparing content type & time of publication - then adjust for highest engagement. +Grzegorz Berezowski of explains how to measure effectiveness using Google’s URL builder.

How I: is a video series where entrepreneurs share their tips, hacks, and lessons learned. Learn about this and other events at

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Google Developers

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For nearly two decades, Google has been helping web developers connect their content to their users. But in today’s world, information can be found in apps, as well as websites. That’s why, today, we’re announcing Google Search for Developers, a single destination for information about all of the APIs that you can use to integrate with Search. To learn more, watch the video with +Jarek Wilkiewicz below, and visit to get started.
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always innovating 
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Google Root Access, the show for startups, is back from winter break!

In the first post-break episode, +Pascal Jaillon from the startup Magnet, in conversation with +Martin Omander, discusses 3 ways to get developers to buy into your platform.

#RootAccess   #StartupLaunch  
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Google Developers

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Women Techmakers is now on Twitter

Follow us @WomenTechmakers. Women Techmakers provides Visibility, Community, and Resources for women in technology. Learn more at
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+Google Developers reading that post it seems a little sexist to my point of view. 
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Rich Media Gallery redesign: Simplifying complexity and optimizing for mobile

This week we unveiled the redesigned Rich Media Gallery website (, Google’s destination for digital advertising inspiration and education. We rebuilt the website to be mobile-optimized using Material Design, and simplified the navigation, providing a seamless experience across screens, and making it easier for advertisers to find the right product and ad format to build campaigns. Take a behind-the-scenes look and read best practices for bringing Material Design to your own sites ( Learn more from today's webinar (

#MaterialDesign   #RichMediaGallery  
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+István Maczkó thanks for the head's up! We're working to fix the links.
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