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The Developer Show (TL;DR 066)

Watch the new episode here:

Today's episode has updates on Android O security, TensorFlow, Firebase Analytics Udacity course, and GCP Deployment Manager.

The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts.

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“The future is artificial intelligence first”

Learn how to build your first Assistant App:

Want More? Please join us over in the Actions on Google community to discuss further on G+

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In this latest G Suite Dev Show ( episode, Google engineer +Wesley Chun ( concludes the two-part discussion field masks. In part one (, you learned about how to use field masks as a partial response mechanism, filtering the data that comes back in API calls. Today’s video is about using field masks with update requests as well as sharing some tips and good practices when using them.

With updates, field masks serve a different, but similar purpose—they still filter, but function more like bitmasks by controlling which API fields to update. In this video, we’ll walk through several examples of update field mask usage with both the Google Sheets and Slides APIs. Check it out at #GSuiteDevShow #GoogleApps #SheetsAPI #SlidesAPI #GoogleSheets #GoogleSlides

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Quick tip: Localization 101

Watch Route 85 here:

Translating your product -- it's easier than you think! On this episode of Route 85, Rony Rozen shows you how to set up your iOS Swift app so that it can be easily localized and translated later.

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#TBT: #io16 marked our 10y anniversary of hosting developer events and our first year at Shoreline Amphitheatre. See how I/O came to life last year, and start getting ready for #io17 (pssssttt, it’s only 4 weeks away!)

Watch here:

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Design Snippets: Circuit's simple and clean visual design

Watch here:

In this installment of Design Snippets, we look at visual design elements in a transit-planning app called Circuit, and particularly how contrast, a clear visual language, subtle motion, and use of keylines make the app feel simple and easy to use.

Click here submit your Design Snippets Project:

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Find out all the ways to use SSML to delight and entertain your users in your actions: #ActionsOnGoogle supports SSML to give you control over the ambiance and audio effects to delight your users. Join us over in the Actions on Google community to discuss further on G+

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Google I/O 2017 - Everyone is welcome

Developers don’t tend to be portrayed in press or on the big screen as a very diverse crowd. While this might have been a reality at some point in time, the status quo has changed - in 2017 any person, from any gender and/or race is enabled to become a developer or take on a technical role.

Helping to break this industry stereotype has been an important goal for Google and Google I/O has been a great platform to make all interested feel welcome and a part of the tech community.

Women Techmakers (WTM) (, Google's global program for women in tech providing community, visibility, and resources, has played a crucial role in increasing the participation and community of women at I/O since 2012. This has been achieved by working with community organizations like Women Who Code, Girl Develop It, XX+UX, CODE2040, and employee resource groups at tech companies to offer subsidized tickets and travel grants. As a result, women participating in I/O has increased from 8% in 2013 to 23% between 2014 and 2016.

Recently, WTM has taken things one step further by leading efforts to increase diversity at the event beyond gender; actively seeking a wider representation across ethnicities. As a result, in 2016, Google I/O was the first developer conference to publicly release gender and race data (

Last but not least, the WTM team led the creation of our Event Community Guidelines and Anti-Harassment Policy ( where we state that “Google is dedicated to providing a harassment-free and inclusive event experience for everyone regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiversity, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, age, religion, or other protected category.”

We’re excited that for #io17, WTM is:
-- Again distributing subsidized event tickets and travel grants for underrepresented groups
-- Sponsoring childcare for a number of parents attending the conference
-- Offering attendees the option to express their identity with pronoun stickers for their I/O badge
-- Hosting the annual pre-I/O dinner for women in tech with thousands of female attendees

A big Thank You to Women Techmakers for their role in making I/O an inclusive event for all interested in joining us! If you don’t consider yourself a developer yet, we hope #io17 can empower you to join the community. Learn more about the event here:

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Has incorrect use of design language influenced UX practices? Join the discussion with @Mustafa_x here:

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Find and join a Google I/O Extended event in your area

Over 200 events have already been submitted to our map from all over the world; from Tokyo, to Mombasa, to Buenos Aires! And keeping up with the tradition, Sri Lanka is once again hosting three events for thousands of attendees.

Joining an #io17extended event is the perfect way to experience #io17 while connecting with your local developer community. I/O Extended events can give you the opportunity to:
- Meet and mingle with developers in your area
- Create valuable professional connections
- Interact first-hand with your local community leaders
- Participate in unique dev experiences like codelabs and hackathons
- Exchange ideas on the keynote and sessions in real-time

New this year: ALL I/O sessions will be livestreamed! This means you’ll be able to watch all your favorite sessions in-real time across #Android, #Firebase, #GooglePlay, #MobileWeb / #Chrome / #AMP, #Tango, #TensorFlow, #VR, and more!

Find an I/O Extended event near you:
Don’t wait too long though, #io17 is only 4 weeks away!
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