Announcing long(er) surveys

From the beginning, we prioritized our respondents' experience above all else. We believe that the highest quality data comes from surveys that are easy to answer, because more people will answer them. Restricting surveys to two concise questions per respondent allowed us to achieve remarkably high response rates. Data from our surveys has passed every test, from benchmark comparisons to third-party validation studies and customer evaluations.

Our research customers tell us that they love our efficiency and the ability to access respondents who wouldn't sign up for traditional research panels. However, they often find our two-question constraint too limiting. They need cross-tabs, multiple filters, segmentation, and custom metrics. Our top feature request has been the ability to ask more questions.

Starting today, you'll be able to ask the same respondent up to 10 questions at a time. It's now easier than ever to design new surveys, to run any existing survey on our platform, and to analyze the results with filters and cross-tabs.

To make this possible, we've extended our "surveywall" experience, offering respondents the ability to answer a few more questions for additional content. We refined and tested the design, confirming that our respondents are happy to answer these additional questions. Then we ran validation studies and showed that results from longer surveys are consistent with external benchmarks and our own shorter surveys.

We've made it even more affordable to run surveys with many questions. Our updated pricing includes demographic targeting, custom screening questions with 20% incidence, our suite of visualizations and full downloadable datasets. Standalone questions are still 10 cents per response. For 2 - 10 questions, prices are on a sliding scale from $1.10 to $3.50 per complete.

We're genuinely happy to have found a good balance between the respondent experience and our customers' needs. We look forward to conducting many new and insightful surveys with you! 
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