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Google Opinion Rewards Available in the Netherlands!

Following last weeks launch in Germany, users in the Netherlands can now earn Google Play credit by answering surveys in Google Opinion Rewards ( When we have a survey for you, you'll get a notification to complete the survey on your phone. All you have to do is answer the questions, and we'll apply Play credits directly to your Google Wallet account.

How do I install Google Opinion Rewards?
+ Open the Google Play store
+ Search for “Google Opinion Rewards” 
+ Click install

For Researchers:
We've seen an 80% response rate from our Google Opinion Rewards user base. You're currently able to target Android users in US, UK, CA, & AU. Germany and the Netherlands will be available to you in the coming weeks. 
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Don't forget Switzerland .... 
Do the words Mariachi and tequila ring any serenatas in your mind?

Mexico, baby!!! :D
Bring it!!
Since we recently got Play Store gift cards in Poland maybe you could launch Opinion Rewards for us too? :)
Plz come in India its biggest emerging market for You
So it's not available in Australia yet? Then why is it on the play store?
+Google Consumer Surveys But I have had it installed for months and have not received any surveys. I presumed this was because the service was not yet available in Australia?
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