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Website satisfaction by Google Consumer Surveys -- for free

If you are like most business owners, you know how important a healthy online community is to your business’s success. Traditionally, collecting user feedback has been an expensive and time-consuming process, but now you can hear from your site visitors for free using Google Consumer Surveys.

Website satisfaction surveys allow you to easily create customer satisfaction surveys in order to stay in tune with what your customers think. All you have to do is paste a small snippet of code in the HTML for your website. This will load a discreet satisfaction survey in the lower right hand corner of your website so you can get immediate feedback from your users. 

Users will be asked to complete a four-question satisfaction survey. Surveys will run until they have received 500 responses and will start again after 30 days so you can track responses over time. This is currently limited to US English visitors on non-mobile devices.

The default questions are free and you can customize questions for just $0.01 per response or $5.00 for 500 responses. By using Google Consumer Surveys to measure website satisfaction you automatically get aggregated and analyzed responses, provided to you through a simple online interface.

Creating a website satisfaction survey is simple, just go to to get started.
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I can't wait to use this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Thank you Google for adding another great tool to the toolbox.
mr zee
US only...bum hats! Is it coming to the UK?
haha, +mr zee we hope so! a lot of our customers are from the UK and they would sorely need this to improve their websites!
It's great until you consider that with very short notice, Google may discontinue the service (like GAN & Checkout).
Thanks +Moz for bringing this helpful article to my attention via The and only Moz Top 10.
Another great tool to be used. Thanks moz for getting this to my notice.
Added code to my website (UK based) but it does not work
Whens this likely to roll out to UK English?
The Google Consumer Surveys team is working to roll this out internationally to all users, but if you have US visitors to your site you can use website satisfaction to survey them now. 
I can't get it to work .. even the example isn't working properly, I can't see any surveys there! Is this thing live yet?
Good news! - Would it be possible to replace satisfaction with Net Promoter Score?
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