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Get Google Play Apps, Books, Music and More by Answering Surveys

Want to trade your opinion for a Katy Perry song? Maybe you need help completing a level in Candy Crush, but would rather pay with your time instead of money for much needed boosters? Answer quick surveys from researchers and earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards, an Android app from Google Consumer Surveys, now available on Google Play ( for users located in the US. 

To get started, download the app from Google Play ( About once a week, you'll get a notification on your phone that a short and relevant survey is ready for you. Questions will range from “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”.

For researchers, the new mobile solution will be available to you in the next few weeks and is priced on a sliding scale with each respondent answering up to ten questions at a time. You get your results in days, with easy to read aggregated and analyzed data through the Google Consumer Surveys interface. If you are interested in running mobile or online studies, visit Google Consumer Surveys ( to find out more. 

About Google Consumer Surveys: Google Consumer Surveys is a market research platform that enables you to easily create surveys and provides a representative set of respondents in order to help you make more informed business decisions. Through this platform, Google has paid millions of dollars to publishers, including 7 of the top 15 papers in the US, enabling researchers to reach millions of unique respondents every month. Major consumer brands such as P&G, Lowes, and Priceline use Google Consumer Surveys.
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I already have the app installed! My only complaint is that it sounds like I'll only be getting surveys once a week...
Maxim R
Do these answers become part of my Google profile and then used for other marketing purposes?
Took survey and said there was an error = no credit :(
To the people saying they had an error (+David Amsler +Nick Cannon etc.) - was there a survey available which gave credit? The only survey I saw was more of a tutorial and didn't give any credit.
Not available in England 
Enough posting about other countries, it'll get there when it gets there. All of the posts regarding this are full of people asking about their country. 
US only. Bummer, I am very interested in this. Hopefully it will be available in Mexico soon.
installed, took the initial tutorial survey and now waiting for my first paid one to come in.
Would be most interested If it was available in Europe, The Netherlands to be precise...
Crashed immediately when I pressed "get started".  Report submitted.
After selecting my account it keeps on loading forever... Nothing next
Hi there I'm using the app on my Galaxy S3 and it keeps loading like there's no end 
I'm still waiting to be approved... I answered the initial survey correctly so I'm not sure what's up. I started as soon as the app went live.
Just as always - US only... Why oh why, +Google?
When will it come to India???? 
I understand that it's only available in the US right now, but can the UI be accessed in Spanish?
 +Google Consumer Surveys
Wie need it in germany,England, ... Tooooooo.....
Still waiting to be approved, I installed and completed the tutorial as soon as the app went live so I don't know what's going on. I see lots of other people already getting paid surveys to do. Even people I referred to the app have gotten them, but I'm still waiting.... Cmon Google, what gives? 
UK version arriving when...?
+Google Consumer Surveys Any idea why the initial start up survey won't submit the answers? It said it would try to resubmit them later and still nothing. I've still not received any surveys to complete, I'm going to guess it never submitted the answers to the first initial one either.
Some kind of an update on this issue would be nice, even if you don't know what the cause is yet, that would still be nice to know.
+Google Consumer Surveys At the end of the initial survey, it said to select 5 stars. As soon as I selected the first star, the screen went away not allowing me to select the other stars. Now it just says to wait to be approved to answer surveys and that was a few days ago. People have received their survey within minutes? What's up with that? 
*Edit to my comment above:
After posting my comment above, I received my first survey 5 hours later!! Excited about my $1. 
After taking the initial survey, I didn't get any credit for it. After the KitKat contest telling me I "already won a prize" on my first entry and not allowing me to win anything. I'm starting to think +Google doesn't like me! :-/
Sweet!  Just had my first survey and took about a minute and I received $1.00 in playstore credit! Woot!
why is it incompatible for galaxy y in Egypt? 
How long does it take to get approved? I have been waiting a week with no change within the app.
Unless there was intervention by an admin, I got a survey invitation offer today.
Ben Orr
Hey +Google Consumer Surveys, I was wondering, how long does it take on average for me to get my first survey? I installed your app last night and I haven't gotten any notifications yet. Thanks!
For those of you who experienced crashes with the app, we believe most of those should be fixed now so please try again. Thanks!
+Google Consumer Surveys  I'm still having the issue where after the initial survey it tells me it wasn't able to send my answers, that it will try sending them later. I've sent in numerous reports via the app, still have had no response, I've posted here also, with no response. I'm not the only person with this issue.
Any idea what is causing this?
I'm also consistently having this issue. Sent an email to the support page earlier. It's frustrating. It happens with me even during other surveys. I feel like I'm doing surveys for free... I am probably owed credit. 
Question. If I have the AP installed on my moto x and my galaxy tab 8.9 how come the tablet shows that I have a survey to do but the moto x does not recognize that?
Its been a few weeks and I still haven't seen any surveys. When I first downloaded this app it gave me just enough surveys to get a 2.00 dollars for the google store and that's it. WHATS UP WITH THIS APP!!! IT WOULD BE A GOOD APP IF IT WORKED RIGHT!!!
Ben Orr
Are logged into the app with the same account on both devices? +Rob Banks
It's been two weeks and I still have not been approved to answer surveys. Does anyone know why? 
I think it's too new so everybody needs to be patient until the idea gets out and there are more people paying for our information & opinions. Patience, as I have a feeling this is going to be very popular soon. This will open new doors for BI, derivatives will not be limited to arbitrary starting points.
I have done 5 surveys and not once have I received any credit. Always the same error. Very frustrating. I sent about 3 emails to Google surveys email address in the help website plus sent a feedback. 
I am hoping that Google will fix this. I signed up 1-2 weeks ago & yet, still no survey. 
The problem is I've been on it now for about 3 weeks haven't had a survey in over a week.Made about a dollar.
I haven't received a survey in over two weeks now and was wondering what was going on?
I've had this for months now and rarely get surveys, what's up Google?
I've used this since Oct or Nov. and I get about 3 surveys a month. My wife started using this about a month ago and she gets 3 or 4 surveys a week.  How do I change my demographics, because I must have done something wrong.
Should provide this service in more countries and regions , also Asia and me being from India, I would like to request this service here too!!!
I been using it and hangout I love it
Make it available in India please
google team this is not right! this survey app is not for India.
I really wanted this app to install in my android phone but its says your geological location is not authorized for this app.  Which is cruel! you sell android phones in India, youtube, google search's, Maps, Adwords etc. then Why Can't you allow Indian Android Device to Install in app and take a part of this survey program.
This sucks. I havent had an survey in weeks. Uninstalling.
This sucks. I havent had an survey in weeks. Uninstalling.
This sucks. I havent had an survey in weeks. Uninstalling.
I like it I just wish I had more surveys

I know right me too. That sucks because I dot get any survers at all not even with money. lol
is this available in the uae ?
Why must it be limited to only those in the USA? How about us in Africa, don't we use Google as well??? This segregation and area limitation is driving me out. If I pay for app then benefit accorded to those in USA should be accorded to me also because all of us in the world cannot reside in the USA.

kindly make policy amendment...
Why must it be limited to only those in the USA? How about us in Africa, don't we use Google as well??? This segregation and area limitation is driving me out. If I pay for app then benefit accorded to those in USA should be accorded to me also because all of us in the world cannot reside in the USA.

kindly make policy amendment...
Plz Plz Plz Plz For Bangladesh :(
Not enough google consumer surveys that receive google play rewsrds.....Why?????
Not available in my country: Indonesia, pls.
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