Self Sign Up Now Open for Publishers in Germany, France, Spain, Mexico and Brazil

Are you a website owner looking to earn extra revenue for your content? Today, we're happy to announce self sign up for our Google Consumer Surveys publisher network in five new countries. 

In exchange for access to your content, your visitors answer a few short surveys, earning you money for each question answered. 

As a publisher, Google Consumer Surveys ( is easy to implement and control - you choose where and how often survey prompts appear as well as how much content to make available.

All Google Consumer Surveys publishers must have an AdSense account ( in good standing, an audience that is ages 18+, and must adhere to our Publisher Program Policies ( We'll start accepting publishers in DE, FR, SP, MX and BR today. More countries to come in the months ahead! 

Join the hundreds of sites that are currently using Google Consumer Surveys as a new way to successfully monetize their content. Enroll your site today! 

To learn more and enroll go to 
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