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Survey Data As A Key Ingredient

If you weren't able to join us at IIEX NA last week in Atlanta here is a great write up of the talk +Jonathan Sadow gave! 
A Google Consumer Surveys spokesman relates the ways that survey data can complement Big Data and other data sets.
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Google Consumer Surveys

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Attending MRMW?

Be sure to join  +Jonathan Sadow on May 29 for his talk, "Unlocking mobile research, respondent first," where he will cover the following:  

+ The value of mobile is in its scale, context and respondent value
+ Mobile is much more than an outlet for complimentary research
+ Respondent-optimized, not mobile-optimized, is the key to mobile survey design

Learn more at:
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Google Consumer Surveys

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Survey mobile respondents in Spanish or French!

Now, with Google Consumer Surveys you can target users who speak Spanish in the US and French in Canada through our mobile app, Google Opinion Rewards.

Getting started is easy, go to and click "Create a Survey." In Step 1, select “Android smartphone users in the selected country” as your audience sample and pick the country and language you'd like to target. 

Additionally, in some countries, you may choose to target a subset of users who are bilingual. When targeting these users, you'll be asked to select the language of your survey questions to ensure that the question mechanics (e.g. the “Submit” button) are in the appropriate language.

You can learn more about the language targeting at: 
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My all pic callced in Google help
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Google Consumer Surveys

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Crosstabs are now available in Excel exports! 

Starting today, you will see a sheet labeled "Crosstabs (unweighted)" in all data files exported for new full length surveys. Surveys that finished before today will not be affected.

The new sheet contains tables, with rows corresponding to answers for one question and columns for answers to another question. At the intersection of two answers, we show how many respondents selected both of them. 

These tables reveal relationships between questions that you might not have seen otherwise. In the attached example, you can see that dog owners willing to spend less than $4.99 on a dog toy will mainly base their selection on "Price," but for higher price points, "Durability" wins out.

We hope this helps you get more value out of your survey data! 
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Ah, ok. 
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Google Consumer Surveys

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Are you planning to take a vacation this summer?

According to a Skift survey, conducted using Google Consumer Surveys, the majority of adult Americans don't intend on taking a vacation this summer. About 63% said they won't be taking a vacation at all this summer,and out of that, more than half said they couldn't afford it.  Find the full write up below.
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And g.l/consumersurveys
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Google Opinion Rewards Now Available in UK, CA and Australia

Back in November we launched a new Android App, Google Opinion Rewards, that let’s users answer quick surveys from researchers and earn Google Play credits with Google Opinion Rewards. We've seen great adoption and it’s been exciting to receive such positive feedback from so many of you in the few months this app has been available on Google Play. 

Starting today, Android users in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia will be able to download Google Opinion Rewards and answer surveys in order to earn Google Play credits. To get started, download the app from Google Play ( About once a week, you'll get a notification on your phone that a short and relevant survey is ready for you.

How do I install Google Opinion Rewards?
+ Open the Google Play store
+ Search for “Google Opinion Rewards” 
+ Click install

For the researchers who want to survey these new users, this will be available to you in the coming weeks. 
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Have them in circles
19,728 people
Putting Survey Data Where It Belongs

Jon Sadow, Product Manager at Google Consumer Survey, was recently interviewed by Akshay Kanyal of Online MR.  In this interview Jon provides in depth insights on various topics related to the market research industry – especially in the context of choosing relevant methodologies for optimal results.

Jon will be presenting on the topic “Putting Survey Data Where It Belongs" at the IIEX Conference in Atlanta next week.
caption id=attachment_5759 align=alignleft width=225 Jon Sadow/caption What an exciting week it turns out to be as I am thrilled to interview Jon Sadow, Product Manager at Google Consumer Surveys.
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this google clout print is nothing but harrassment. Im denied the right to print directly to my printer I have an older printer that is not an eprinter, and this constant harrasement of blocking me from accessing my printer is very agravating and google willo not leave my computer alone. I have to go get the geek boys to re move this virus from my system.
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New Stuff - May

We have updated our insights tab with cross question insights -- statistically significant differences in responses to the screener question and one other question in your survey.

In this example survey (, people who traveled in the last 30 days were more likely to have “a business or organization” pay for their trip than someone who traveled in the last 12 months. Check out the survey and see all of the new insights that are now available.
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I got my first Survey in spanish but this looks like Spanglish on some parts +Google Consumer Surveys but thanks any way
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New! Survey mobile respondents in the UK, CA and AU

Starting today, Google Consumer Surveys can target users in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia who have installed Google Opinion Rewards on their Android devices.

To get started go to and click "Create a Survey." In Step 1, you will be able to select Android users as your audience sample and pick the country you would like to target. 

Compared to the general population these smartphone respondents tend to represent early-adopters and heavier technology users. As a result, the respondent base is comprised of younger, more male users than the representative sample fielded by a Google Consumer Surveys general population survey. You can learn more about the Android sample at:

Give it a try today!
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I've had about 5 in the past 3 weeks, I think it's different based on location and age.
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Google Consumer Surveys

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New Data Sources: A Conversation with Google's Hal Varian

Chief Economist at Google, Hal Varian, sat down to discuss the explosion of new data coming from places like Google, Facebook and Twitter.  Read the article to learn his thoughts on this data, the benefits of using them, and their limitations.
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Google Consumer Surveys

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Election Trends

Be sure to follow our 2016 US Presidential election tracker to view early voting trends.
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2016 already!?

Maybe you guys should conduct polls in India.
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Google Consumer Surveys

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Announcing Survey Cycle

Lightspeed GMI announced the launch of a new service called Survey Cycle. With Survey Cycle, Lightspeed GMI offers clients extensive survey design and project management skills in combination with Google Consumer Surveys automated platform.

Learn more about this new service in the press release below. 
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Custom market research made easy.
From international brands to local food trucks, every business wants to make important decisions with their customers’ feedback in mind. Which version of your new logo will people like better? How much interest do dog owners have in organic dog food? Is your brand awareness growing over time?

We now have a new option for companies looking to answer these types of questions and more: Google Consumer Surveys. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a local bike shop, Consumer Surveys makes market research fast, accurate, and affordable.

You can create an online survey in minutes, have responses within hours and fully analyzed results in days. We do all the heavy lifting for you, finding interesting nuggets of information (or “insights”) and providing you with tools for digging deeper.