Attention Chrome Extension developers - significant changes to how Extensions are installed are coming to Windows in Chrome 33. The engineering team has posted a FAQ explaining what is happening.
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This is going to affect millions of users, in a good way.
For the first time I'm glad for a limitation to users actions... As a Google Chrome Top Contributor I expect to see a great decrease in help requests on how to remove crap like chatzum, nationzoom, qvo6 and similar!
Once upon a time, Chrome was a good guy for Web development.
Fairy tales are off guys :)
Fuck You Chrome dev :)
+Gilles Wittezaële if you are a developer you should know well how to install arbitrary extension through the "manage extensions page", wich will still be possible, so why this bothers you?
How about external extensions ? Only affects windows? How about other OS? 
Really disappointed with this. Didn't want to see Chrome end up like iOS. Chrome is now being replaced by Firefox on all my machines.
What a shame. I have a ton of user scripts that make little tweaks to things here and there. It would be ridiculous to publish most of them to the Chrome Web Store. I guess I need to make one big "Craig's Big Bag O' Tweaks — Don't Install This!" extension and hope no one else sees in the store.
do any of u guys think it would be possible in the "find text on page" menu to be able to have some extra query options such as capital letters and maybe a scroll-down menu below the Find Box with a compilation of excerpts of each sentence on the page where the word is used so persons would be able to quickly find what they were looking for?  the second part isn't so important just brainstorming anyway I am just a random fan I found u by searching for Chrome Development Team.  Over the years I have noticed a lot of things that could be added to enhance the facility and swiftness of people enjoying Chrome I will have to write them down or something as I recall... hopefully this is the best forum...
Wow! I check back a few days later and my critique have been removed.
So much for listening to feedback.
Why even use Google+ if you remove all healthy discussions?
We need an unbiased forum so google can't censor valid critique,
#censorship #untrustworthybehavior #disgusting #evil
+Vidya Wasi I wonder what you comment was, did you break any Term of use rules?
+Flamur Kasa I wasn't notified about any rules being broken. So no. Logic and common sense would suggestion to notify the commenter about such things so the mistake is not unknowingly repeated.

Then again chrome and google is not something I associate with logic and common sense.

More like narcissistic snot-nosed kids. Those that grow up and become a pain for society.
That is my experience with google and its chrome "dev" team.
Real developers do not have egos that needs to be massaged to get things done or stomped on for that matter. Time wasters!
That is what you get when hiring young people and try to be "hip" and "cool". Wannabes!

Sorry, I have a bit of suppressed frustration and anger. All natural considering the situation. What humans do. Want to censor that too, google?

Now imagine what I would say when not holding back.

#googleisevil  #censorship 
Turn off local extensions? Fine. Not letting me choose to re-enable extensions that I use every day, on my own computer?  Goodbye Chrome, hello Firefox.  
hu ye
good, in China millions users never open chrome store successfully. before this is not a problem. now it is, but they can change to local browsers.
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