Have you ever had a chance to hang out with the Chrome team? If not, now’s your chance! Starting Thursday February 16, we’re launching a weekly Hangout with the Chrome Team using Google+ Hangout On Air! Each week we’ll announce a developer focused topic a few days before the hangout and take your questions in the comments.

We’ll alternate the time we hold our hangout each week so we can do our best to accommodate everyone around the world. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, we’ll make the recordings available on YouTube afterward so you can watch them when it’s convenient for you.

On Thursday at 9am PST (5pm UTC), we'll start with an introduction to some of the powerful developer features of Chrome for Android Beta, and talk about best practices for developing great mobile web experiences. Leave your questions here, and be sure to +1 your favorite question, we’ll answer the most popular questions this week.
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You won't get many web devs at 9am PST ;) I know I know, there's still the youtube video available and not everybody lives on the west coast.
+Patrick Aljord agreed, that's why we're going to alternate weekly between 9am PST and 4pm PST. It's hard to find an ideal time for everybody, but we're certainly open to hear ideas! As we start to do more of these, we want to provide better coverage for developers around the world!
why chrome for android is not available in india...
Does anyone know why Google has not implemented an option to ask for Google password when opening the browser when account is tied to browser?
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