Heads up, Chrome Extension Developers! HTML Notifications being deprecated in M28
Deprecating HTML Notifications in Chrome Extensions

With the release of the M28 developer channel of Chrome, we are officially deprecating HTML-based notifications for Chrome Extensions in favor of the new Rich Notifications Chrome API. Developers that are using HTML notifications should migrate to the newer Rich Notifications API, as support for the existing createHTMLNotification() feature will stop working in a future release of Chrome. At this time, the Rich Notifications API only works on Windows and Chrome OS, but support for Linux and MacOS are coming soon. As the API is enabled on each platform, the existing HTML Notifications API will be removed for that platform.

Why the change? When the W3C introduced the web notifications API, they originally specified two flavors: plain text notifications and richer HTML-based ones. The W3C has since removed the HTML option from the spec. To be more consistent with the W3C API while still supporting a richer notification format, we made the decision to follow their example and remove support for HTML notifications in Chrome Extensions. 

Have questions? You can always contact us on the chromium-extensions forum and our G+ page.
Warning: Currently this API only works on ChromeOS and Windows. Usage. To use this API, call the create method, passing in the notification details via the options parameter: chrome.notifications.crea...
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Ugo Ano
What happens when one tries to use the rich notifications on a Mac? How is it rendered? Is the api in the stable version of chrome yet btw?
Ugo Ano
Lol! +Michael Corigliano I have an even better fairly priced upgrade already - a Chromebook! (Though my home computer is a Mac mini).  I'm more thinking about other users of an app I'm creating, really want to use the rich notifications
Ugo Ano
... thinking I might repost my question on the Chromebook Dev community...
Thanks so much for breaking the calendar reminder extension that I used more than anything else.   Would it really have been so bad to keep the html and just add the rich text option?  C'mon, Google!
The new API only makes notification useless.
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