The Chrome Web Store's new Search User Experience has been released!
Chrome Web Store's New Search UI Released!

Good news, Chrome Web Store developers and users! We've rolled out our new search user experience, which provides the top search results across Apps, Extensions, and Themes, all on one page. Search results can be further limited to one category by using the selector control at the top or by clicking on the category heading at the top of each set of search results.

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Would be good to merge Blogger, Google Sites and put it in Google Drive with apps and extensions from Chrome WebStore with coding apps and templates for web design and etc.
ps: New notifications from Chrome is awesome. Hope there will be calls from Google+ Hangout too.
Wasn't that how it was before?
Finally. It was slightly frustrating before.
Not that this is a bug forum or platform, but I just want to comment that currently in google web search the search results happen without feedback that a search was done.  I saw my wife be confused by this just yesterday, so for example: search for silverlight, hit enter.  (results will pop up) > now try to search again, silverlight is already in the search box, the first sets of results are not silverlight, and when you try to "search again", there is no feedback that the page is responding at all.  *shrugs*
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