The Pwnium 4 security competition kicked off this morning at CanSecWest in Vancouver, Canada, and has now concluded. * Thanks to the many participants who applied to pwn Chrome OS. It was an exciting day with one demonstrated exploit on the HP Chromebook 11 confirmed for a $150,000 reward, and we’ll be considering partial credit for a second researcher working on the same platform.

We always look forward to this event to see what the security research community has cooked up for us. In line with our security principles, it’s one of the best ways we know to engage the community while improving web safety overall.

The first Pwnium competition launched at this conference in 2012, out of our desire to provide extra incentive to security researchers to find flaws in Chrome. The past two years, we invited researchers to set their sights on Chromebooks — which we built to be secure from the ground-up. Pwnium, combined with our ongoing vulnerability rewards programs, have resulted in awards to researchers nearing $3 million, which has the added benefit of keeping our users safer.

As usual we’ll post a full recap after the conclusion of the conference. More details about Pwnium 4 and the prize levels are detailed on the Chromium blog:

*Stay tuned as several researchers attempt to crack Chrome running on Windows during ZDI’s Pwn2Own Thursday afternoon.
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