Meet the Web Platform

+Alex Komoroske created three screencasts that show some of his favorite capabilities of the cutting edge of the web platform to help developers meet the web platform again for the first time!

The first video, Meet the web platform - Building on foundations, goes over how the web platform has been fixing various historical shortcomings and building upon its core strengths, like complicated graphical effects, composability, and advanced text layout.

The next video, Meet the web platform - Learning from other platforms, reviews how the web platform offers new capabilities inspired by successes on other platforms with things like push notifications, payment APIs, and web intents.

The last video, Meet the web platform - On the cutting edge, demonstrates some of the new tricks the web platform is learning, like webcam access, powerful audio APIs, and complicated 3D graphics.

If you're interested in learning more about the technology behind any of the demos, check out the Meet the Web Platform companion guide ( or the Chromium blog (
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Sublime Text 2, making primetime!
Came here to say awesome about Sublime Text 2. Props
Wow... a Google product post makes it to "Hot on Google+" with only 37 shares and 4 comments? This is nothing but Spam!

+Joel Larson Depends on the social graph of the folks who shared it, donchaknow. Son of page rank...
man, i am so out-dated
That's cool! And where i can find some information about text layout? Example with the star is great!
pretty cool! more fun for web programmings~~
woah we are going for the next WEB revolution.....
Just a little stretch. This is webkit platform, not web platform.
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Why do we even bother with all the complex mess of code we have worked ourselves into it seems all we really want is to write the same code we use to compile. Once upon a time a browsers code was very simple, having so few rules any one could learn, now, it might as well be assembly. I also see allot of fat code. This is great as it should help us all to learn the the code faster, but when some yahoo generates a new revision every couple months, who has the time to keep up. That is unless your unemployed, living in your mothers basement.

I should go so far to say, some have abandoned the mess. They have already begun authoring web environments in C++
my favorite song is wood kid -by iron best song ever!
What kind of sorcery is this? really great, is there something on text of this?
absolutely MUCH better than geek sex.
it's all in the codex
how the heck did that guy know where I live?
Sublime text2, my first JavaScript software that got successful to create HTML and JavaScript, but I'm still not good at scripting because im new to JavaScript, wait, isn't it a little similar than AppleScript, because I can AppleScript. Well I have not yet created any successful powerful program, but simple boring program, lol, hope to get to know more on it. I'd like to create a program for mobile and desktop, mabe I should script with others to learn and to create something, hope to get my technical class (not basic. HTML , java, other programming such as python, media…). Well at least I know lot on pc and I'm also learning to use Alice software to create videos. One day I'll make it! Well good luck! Have fun everyone!
I love it allready, super fast
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