Android's WebView is now powered by Chrome

The latest release of Android (KitKat) now uses a Chromium based WebView for embedded web content across the system.  The new Chromium based WebView lets you take advantage of many of the latest features inside Chrome for your applications and content, including first class support for Chrome DevTools.

Check out our docs about the latest changes to WebView 
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Best news of the day really. 

Will it ever be ported to older versions of Android as well? (at least 4.X ones)
I've been waiting for this! Can't wait to try it out!
Can't wait for Sleipnir tab management with chrome rendering engine... 
Brilliant. And great news for our current html5 massive multiplayer project which we really want to bring to Android, and which runs great in Android Chrome in first tests (for reference:
Thank GOD! Now I can finally have some websocket action! right?!
Does this mean that websockets are finally supported in them?
That's fine :D  Chrome is MUCH faster than the stock webkit browser on Android, at least for JavaScript heavy applications.
+Adonis K. no. sorry. It is a platform library which means we can't just swap it out.
Will the WebView have a six-week release cycle like Chrome?
WebView will continue to be tied to releases of the Android platform for the time being. However, sharing code with Chrome for Android will make it easier to keep the WebView up to date.

Enjoy your shiny new ChromeView while it's shiny! Big steps forwards, but this is a note for sorrow too. Hopefully that last sentence bears forth the fruit of it's promise fast & we get a continuously update-able WebView soon.
Waiting for android 4.4
Has anybody been able to test the Browser app in the 4.4 emulator? It consistently crashes for me...
I love Chrome, but unfortunately Old versions of Android browser are becoming as annoying as old versions of IE.  How long is it going to be before every Android user is auto-updated to the latest browser and web-view?
Canvas in the new WebView is not hardware accelerated though, and slower than it used to be in the old WebView... Just tested on a Nexus 4...
Huge disappointment given that regular Android Chrome runs great... :/
tnx chrome you give us a good sulotion to our problem.. :)
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