We’re pleased to announce version 2 of Appmator: http://appmator.appspot.com/

Appmator makes it even easier to get your web apps into the Chrome Web Store. It gives you complete control over your app manifest and lets you quickly configure your app for the store.

Back in 2010, we announced the first version of the Appmator tool (http://paul.kinlan.me/announcing-appmator-get-your-apps-in-the-web). Improvements in the latest version include:
- A fresh new user interface (it looks really nice now)
- Addition of an icon editor (pluggable via +Web Intents)
- Added new permission for background processing
- Added WebGL and CSS3D requirements

Try it out, get your app in the Chrome Web Store and let us know how we can make Appmator even better.

Developed in Europe by your friendly Developer Advocates +Paul Kinlan and +Sam Dutton

For more information on building apps for the Chrome Web Store, take a look at our Getting Started guide at http://code.google.com/chrome/webstore/docs/get_started_simple.html
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