Calling all JS framework/MVC/magic-portion ninjas:

If you are interested in helping to shape how Web Apps of the future are composed, watch this video and try out this experimental JavaScript feature...we need your feedback, experimentation, and genius.

To explain...

Object.observe() brings the promise of high-performance data binding without the need to wrap all data access and modification in calls to a library. Just change your objects and watch your UI dance.

Object.observe() ( is a proposed feature for JavaScript which is currently being considered by TC-39. It allows code to observe changes to JS Objects much in the way that DOM Mutation Observers ( allows observation of the DOM.

The Chromium team has created an experimental implementation of Object.observe in a branch of v8 ( and there are custom builds of Chromium which are available for testing.

We've also created a utility library which uses Object.observe() and exposes some higher-level features called Change Summary (

Remember, this feature is experimental, the implementation is probably buggy and the use cases it enables are somewhat advanced...and awesome!

Start your tinkering.

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