Chrome Web Store Update: Enhanced Item Validation

One of the driving principles of the Chrome browser and platform is security. We’re always looking for ways to increase the security for our users and developers, because a trusted platform becomes more widely adopted.

Starting today in the Chrome Web Store, you might notice that your item is not broadly available immediately after you publish it. Don't panic - we are just adding additional checks to keep our users secure. Most items will be publicly available within several minutes of publishing, however it could take up to 60 minutes for the scan to complete. Unless we see something worrisome, most items should be publicly available several minutes after publishing, almost always within 60 minutes.

This new functionality does not require any action on the part of developers. When you publish an item in the store, the developer dashboard will indicate that your item is in the process of being published. You can cancel the publishing process during this time if you want to make any changes to the item.

As always, we welcome your feedback on our G+ Developers page or our developer forum.
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