Chrome developers - The Sync FileSystem API has landed in Canary!

Sync FileSystem API is a storage API that appears as yet another local offline HTML5 FileSystem storage which gives app-private sandboxed file storage, except that the storage content is automatically synchronized across clients via a cloud backing service like Google Drive.  We initially only target Google Drive as its backing service.
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What are the future targeted backing services? It would be good to know the long term plans for this...
How does this new API differ from Chrome's already existing chrome.sync API? Isn't it supposed to provide the same kind of functionality? 
I suppose I can answer my own question (at least partially) by saying that chrome.sync is working on the JavaScript object level whereas this new API handles files. 
Timo - exactly, this is for syncing files instead of arbitrary pieces of data.
Does Google packaged app support  Websockets ? 
Thanks +Timo Reimann  for your reply . But my question is about  Packaged Apps . Even a simple websocket scripts is not responding it the Packaged Apps . 
+Nikhil Mishra Sorry I didn't read your question closely enough. I was curious and did a quick look on the 'net but all I found were a few non-answered Stackoverflow questions (which may hint at the possibility that WebSockets don't work with packaged apps).

On the other hand, the official list of disabled web features ( does not list WebSockets. Maybe the docs aren't perfectly clear on the issue though.
Exactly +Timo Reimann  , i read the disabled web features , which did not list the WebSockets . That's why i posted this post , because that created a confusion  . Well practically   it didn't worked when i tried . But thanks :)
+Addy Osmani just published a nice article regarding offline and synchronization capabilities in web apps, specifically mentioning and comparing sync FS API to chrome.sync. I thought it may be interesting for folks following this post to know. (Sorry for not linking Addy's article directly; I couldn't find a way to share links in G+ comments on my mobile.) 
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