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What's new in Chrome 45 you say? +Pete LePage has the answers, and some fun real world examples!
Chrome 45 is rolling out now with support for more ECMA Script 2015 features, the ability to defer the Add to Home Screen banner, plus new support for Subresource Integrity!

To liven things up a bit, we even demonstrate what subresource integrity might look like in the real world, complete with a compromised "server". Definitely a fun video to shoot!
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I've updated to chrome 45 to see the flash pausing in effect and flash is still running as normal. Is it device specific or has it not actually been implemented? 
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With the latest Dev channel update, Chrome will defer playback of media elements until the page is foregrounded.
Google Chrome will now defer playback of autoplay media until the tab is foregrounded in the latest Dev Channel. This means no more "Where's that sound coming from?" moments when an ad for instance decides to autoplay in a tab you've specifically opened in the background.

Resources will still be preloaded if indicated but Chrome will delay the start of playback until you actually visit the tab.

This cool feature prevents obviously user annoyance but also conserves power as Chrome will only consume power once the tab is foregrounded.

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A new API for cooperative scheduling of background tasks, please give it a try and give us feedback!
First implementation of requestIdleCallback is in Chrome Canary!

What is it? It allows applications to cooperatively schedule background tasks such that they do not introduce delays to other high priority tasks that share the same event loop, such as input processing, animations and frame compositing. 

For more details on the API, the spec, and more examples, see:

Finally, to get started:
- Boot up Chrome Canary
- Enable chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features
- Restart the browser
- Experiment with rIC, ..., and please provide feedback!
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+Lunix Watt Ah, webworkers can't run under a fully idle process, IIRC. I think the idea is to use these for bottom priority tasks, whereas webworkers are for 'background' tasks - still high priority, but not enough to be in the main thread. 
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Support for new preconnect hint is shipping in M46! Eager to test it out? It's also on by default in Chrome Canary.
Eliminating Roundtrips with Preconnect: - hot new tool for your latency optimization toolkit! Live in Chrome Canary.

The preconnect HTML hint allows the application to tell the browser which sockets it will need ahead of initiating the actual requests; preconnect eliminates DNS, TCP, and TLS roundtrips from the request's critical path.
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Im not so sure this proves anything, seems it's just a beefed up version of being able to collect data for a few days, then base your preloaded sites off of sheer luck...
Stop me if I'm just not seeing something but it's basically a way to make people feel like the next best thing is something that comes already stock in almost every basic Web-Browser...
If you have sockets pre-loaded your DNA server should be ready with out pre inhabition.
I don't mean to slam the product, and I could be completely mislead, buy if I can get a 'Free Sucker' Which taste just as good as the one for a (dollar) Well..... That just doesn't seem to Intrigued me..
Then Again, I'm not a Multi Billion Dollar Company, With nearly 78 Million dollars worth of taxes. ..
More power to the big guy!!
Hook a brother up with a Night TI me Window Cleaning Job, lol.
//ToDo=Go Fill Out Application For% Window Cleaning!!
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Tickets for this years Chrome Dev Summit are now available.  Sign up now if you want to attend in person. 
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I so wish
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Here's a fun way to start the week: Visit our new DevTools homepage for new and refreshed action-oriented tutorials, tips & tricks, and latest news.
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i didnot know any one
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Are you delivering optimized images to your users? Client Hints can help automate this task!
Automating resource selection with Client Hints:

In Chrome 46 the <img> and <picture> elements just got a lot smarter: enable client hints and the browser will advertise the DPR, width, and viewport-width to the server, which in turn can automate delivery of responsive images! Even better, mix-in ServiceWorker to further refine and control which assets are fetched and displayed -- see the post for full details.
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7am and getting ready to shoot New In Chrome 45! Great view of NYC from the top of the Empire Hotel!
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Like it.
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Check out the schedule for next month's #PolymerSummit  
The #PolymerSummit speaker schedule is live 🎉! Check out the latest details at Can't make it to Amsterdam? Sign up to recieve updates on the livestream:
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I can't get anywhere, I keep getting Error Access Denied all the time.If I can't see the page then they shouldn't be able to send it to me. Quite sending it to me PLEASE! !!!!!!
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Hands-on advice for optimizing for HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2.
Updated "Optimizing Application Delivery" chapter in HPBN:  - check out the HTTP/2 perf tips in particular!

And do let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

p.s. if you're looking for an overview of http/2, see
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My Facebook 
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Excited to announce that our official dates for the Chrome Dev Summit in Mountain View are November 17 & 18, 2015. Registration for tickets opens on August 11th 9am PT. 

Sign up here for ticket and livestream updates. We’re looking forwarding to connecting with the global Web Developer community to share what we’re working on. 

More details to come over the coming weeks; be sure to check for the latest.
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SLICE: the web - benefits of building on the web today and in the future in one handy acronym. 
What are the properties that make the web the web? How can we keep differentiating from native to stay relevant in a mobile world?
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hai Guys
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Have them in circles
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This is the official Google+ home of the Chrome Developer Relations team. We aim to help you write great web apps.

Follow this page to keep up to date on what's new for HTML5, Chrome apps & extensions, Dart, and other APIs that you can use with Chrome. We'll also hold weekly hangouts, give you behind the scenes tours, and occasionally dive deep into internals of Chrome.

If you’re building for the modern web, then this is the place for you!