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This event about Polymer will also be recorded and streamed live on YouTube at All About Polymer at SFHTML5
All about Polymer at SFHTML5
Our tectonic #polymer  event is less than 2 weeks away! The event will be recorded and streamed live on YouTube. We have an amazing speaker lineup: +Eric Bidelman (Google) +Rob Dodson (Google) +Matthew McNulty (Google) +Zeno Rocha (LifeRay) +Jan Miksovsky (Component KItchen) +Eugene Oksman  (Salesforce) Akhilesh Gupta (Salesforce), and Daniel Buchner (Mozilla). 
Note: There is a good chance that many people on the waitlist will get in, so sign up.
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The Dart SDK 1.3 release features significant performance improvements for server-side applications. Sharing the same code across client and server is caring code. Learn more at
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มะรํ้เรื่องกะเขาหลอก แต่ชอบเข้าไปดู
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Grab the latest cca update for running Chrome Apps on Mobile! Lots of great new documentation, updated features and bug fixes. 

Update with npm install -g cca

#ChromeApps   #cca   #mobile  
cca is our tool for running Chrome Apps on Mobile using Apache Cordova.

Get it using:

npm install -g cca

Release Notes

* Lots of updated documentation
* chrome.fileSystem: Updated error handling
* chrome.identity: Added an account hint
* chrome.identity: Added the account to the getAuthToken callback
* chrome.notifications: Expand basic notification when message text overflows
* chrome.socket: Moved connection to its own thread
* chrome.socket: Fix up Android's getNetworkList() to match desktop
* chrome.syncFileSystem: Added a reset method to clear the internal cache
* chrome.syncFileSystem: Improved error handling
* chrome-bootstrap: Fix angular apps having the extensionID in their hash on start-up on KitKat
* chrome-bootstrap: Fix chrome-extension: URLs not setting no-cache headers
* cca: Added a run platform target of 'chrome'
* cca: Fix handling of path components in host permissions

Check it out!  We love feedback. :)
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Your a smart man. I live in a world of clients that suffer brute force attacks on their routers, gateway printers, unauthorized remote connections and injected software that seen to self replicate. Having these individuals change operating systems on an emergency basis until we can either track the hack or the hack moves on to someone more vulnerable. 
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If you missed +EdgeConf last week, fear not! The edited and captioned videos have been uploaded to YouTube at

* Components -
* Developer Tooling -
* Build Process -
* Page Load Performance -
* Pointers and Interactions -
* Accessibility -  * Future Web -
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+zach nope If Google And You Tube Does Not Comply With Cybernetics Securities And Exchange, Then France Will Be Consumed By The Sun. The European Union Is Now Under Attack By +StarOfSagittarius1 And +Cristina Rad .
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Are you using a CDN to accelerate your site? If not, you definitely should, especially for mobile clients!
Why is my CDN 'slow' for mobile clients? It's not: - don't confuse relative performance with absolute (latency) savings. Confused? Read on...
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Google Chrome Developers

commented on a video on YouTube.
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To see the URLs we refer to, turn on Annotations from Settings.

The new WebRTC sample repo is at

View samples from the repo live at
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Could these changes have any thing to do with the troubles i'm expierencing gaining access to Internet connection I'm working through a USB modem Telecom MF669 T-stick a Huawei Product Distributed byZTE @ model ,serial (IMEI)
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Do you know the four key components to consider when building accessible web components? Check out this guide to get started!
Writing accessible Web Components  - Part 1 of a new guide by +Alice Boxhall and I
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thank u...........
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Taking Chrome Experiments to the TV

With the release of the Google Cast SDK, making interactive experiences for the TV is now as easy as making interactive stuff for the web.  Google Creative Lab and Hook Studios took the SDK for a spin to make Photowall for Chromecast: a new Chrome Experiment that lets people collaborate with images on the TV."
#cast   #chromecast   #photowall  
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이제 찾은거같인요
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Last two #EdgeConf  sessions start at 4:30pm GMT with Accessibility and the Future Web.
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The first block of afternoon sessions start at 2:15pm GMT - in less than 10 minutes.  Up next is Page Load Performance and Pointers and Interactions.
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Hey, Chrome is getting slower. Stop.
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A place for Chrome developers to meet, share, and discuss the latest in web development
This is the official Google+ home of the Chrome Developer Relations team. We aim to help you write great web apps.

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