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Google Developers is on Facebook. Like us for announcements, tips and resources!
Google Developers is now on Facebook

We’re pleased to share that there’s another way to stay connected to Google Developers. In addition to +Google Developers and, you can "like" us on Facebook for the latest announcements, protips from product experts, and the resources to support your development efforts.

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We're 2 days away from #io15 ! Here are some tips to help you get ready.
Google Developers originally shared to I/O:
Tips to get ready for #io15  for onsite and offsite attendees!
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Submit your #io15request on Twitter or Google+ to learn about what's going on at #io15 .   
Use #io15request to ask us anything you’d like to know about I/O 2015

If you’re interested in details about what’s going on at I/O 2015 ( but you won’t be at the show in-person, we’ve got you covered with the fourth annual #io15request program. On May 28-29, you can send your requests to our team about anything related to Google I/O 2015 and we'll do our best to get your questions answered live from Moscone. Even if it requires moonwalking (!

How does it work?
-- To put in a request during I/O (May 28-29), all you need to do is create a public Google+ or Twitter post from your profile using the hashtag #io15request. We’ll only be able to reply to requests written in English, French and German.
-- Our team of Google Community Managers will track down answers to your requests, mentioning you in the post so you don’t miss it. 
-- If you’re curious to see what others are requesting, follow our Google+ Collection ( (where we’ll be collecting all responses posted on Google+) or search for #io15request on either Google+ or Twitter. 

The team 
This year we have 15 members of the Google Community Manager Team standing by to fulfill your requests on a variety of products and languages:

English requests:
-- Android: +Orrin Hancock & +Paul Wilcox  
-- Chrome: +Kameron Kitajima 
-- Google Cast: +Jacky Hayward 
-- ChromeOS: +Todd Zabel 
-- Docs and Drive: +Arille Jeriza Virrey 
-- Gmail: +Andy Bravo & +Jordan Esparza 
-- Google+: +Justine Rivero 
-- Google Play: +Amanda Brodman 
-- Hangouts: +Chris Wong
-- Maps: +Abby DeBellis & +Alice Justman 

French requests:
-- +Jade Bessiere  

German requests:
-- +Moritz Tolxdorff

Note that we’ll only be replying to requests about and related to this year's I/O posted between May 28 and 29, 2015 - so please wait until I/O begins to start sending in your questions.

#io15request #io15
O hai #io13   #request -ers! Check out +Divya Vishwanath, +Melissa Daniels, and me moonwalking in front of this year's +Google Chrome booth. +Joshua… - Jacky Hayward - Google+
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Did I help or change any thing ?
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If you've not yet done so, you can still register your #io15extended event by May 25. #io15  
Google Developers originally shared to I/O:
Deadline to register your I/O Extended event: May 25

If you want your 2015 Extended event to be featured on the I/O globe (, make sure to register your event by next Monday, May 25. We will not be accepting any new submissions after that date. 

Links to register your event:
-- If YOU'RE NOT a Google Developer Group (GDG):
-- If YOU ARE a Google Developer Group: (make sure to use the "I/O Extended" tag). 
Your event info will be manually reviewed and featured on the I/O website by May 26.

If you’re looking to attend I/O Extended, we have 475+ events in 90+ countries featured on the I/O Extended globe. Several countries including Brazil, Cameroon, China, France, Germany, Italy, Uganda, UK and Ukraine will be hosting more than 10 events, while the record (so far!) goes to the US (54 events), Nigeria (30) and India (29)! This wouldn’t be possible without our local hero hosts who help us grow the I/O Extended program year-over-year, bringing together more and more developers from every corner of the world. Thank you!

#io15   #io15extended  
Google I/O 2015 brings together developers for an immersive, two-day experience focused on exploring the next generation of technology, mobile and beyond. Join us online or in person May 28-29, 2015. #io15
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hello google chrome how to fix it  automatically videos not playing chrome  on  version 43?  respond  me .
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Curious about this HTTP/2 thing? Check out the free ebook from +Ilya Grigorik. Or, read it online at
Under the hood look at HTTP/2: - free ebook from O'Reilly (PDF, ePub, Mobi)... grab it while its hot!

p.s. for more, see
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While I'm not Curious about http/2. I am Curious when dev might start looking to the growing number of printing issues with the latest versions of chrome.
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Today we announced we're extending the restriction on non-web-store extensions to more Chrome channels.

I've read a number of grouchy posts on e.g. Reddit claiming this is all about trying to control what extensions users use, in particular because the web store doesn't allow things like Youtube downloaders.

The sad truth is that malicious extensions mucking with Chrome are by far the biggest problem we deal with today.  A HUGE fraction of Chrome users are infected with such things (or worse), and it results in an enormous number of problems, many of which get reported to us as bugs and help center requests, many of which don't.  (It was amusing that on the same Reddit forum people were whining about this were multiple other top-level posts on the same page begging for help with Chrome-targeting malware.)

To some degree, fighting malware is an arms race, and we won't be able to perfectly win.  But our previous restrictions here were able, alone, to reduce the number of support requests we got for such issues by 75%.   That's enormous.  Think about the magnitude of the number that represents, when you consider that Chrome has hundreds of millions of users.

So no -- this has NOTHING to do with trying to prevent Youtube downloaders or whatever.  We've been forced to this by bad actors, and we're doing it because we think it's in the best interest of our users.  I'm sorry that there are some people inconvenienced by this.  But at least I want them to understand that our motives here are what we say they are; there's nothing ulterior going on.
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Miss me w/ the ignorance. Any person with sense can see the detrimental effects that the "status quo" in all platforms has on the public whom have little to no knowledge of coding or are not IT savvy
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Have them in circles
120,787 people
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New #LazyWeb  episode - Angular 2, #HTTP203  and Sublime Text tips!
Get a first look at Angular 2, Sublime Text tips from +Addy Osmani and +Matt Gaunt, plus HTTP 203 is BACK!

It’s #LazyWebShow time! 
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The chromium team has just landed the majority of the remaining Chrome for Android code (over 100K lines of code) into the open-source Chromium repository: Chrome for Android is now almost entirely open-source

External Developers can now build a full-fledged Chromium browser by building the brand new chrome_public_apk target.

Check out this page to learn more about the differences between Chromium and Chrome:

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You can change you google account password then enable 2 step log in

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+Pete LePage has the latest info for developers about what's new in Chrome 43!
Chrome 43 includes Cut and Copy, changes to DOM attributes & WebMIDI. +Pete LePage will tell you how you can use these features to create magical moments for your users!


Subscribe to the Google Developers channel here:
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Thank you! But please add an option to not load all tabs (contents) upon session restore when Chrome is launched! :)
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Check out the 1st episode of #TotallyToolingTips , a new show covering the latest in web tooling with +Matt Gaunt and +Addy Osmani
+Addy Osmani thinks Sublime Plugins can be a bit like Tinder. Find out what plugins he and +Matt Gaunt swipe right for in the first episode of #TotallyToolingTips (a new show covering the latest in web tooling)!

If you’re at #io15 don’t forget to say hi. Addy and Matt will be presenting at the Polymer Web Starter Kit and Material Design Lite talks.
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Check out the latest #Polycasts  with +Rob Dodson. Coming to #io15 ? Be sure to say hi to Rob in the Sandbox!  
Google Developers originally shared to Polycasts:
Want to know how to create a programmable interface for your elements? Tune into today’s episode of #Polycasts with +Rob Dodson. Learn how to add public properties and methods using the latest Polymer 0.9 syntax.

Heading to #io15? Be sure to visit Rob in the Sandbox!
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+Paul Kinlan has just created a ChromiumDev slack group as a place for real time discussion for web developers about Chrome and Web Development.

Join ☞

Login ☞
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I am Just going walking in an unknowing area. Who tells ime in a simple way what can I wearn and how to act beeing here?
Thank You all
Nuno Morgado
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Have them in circles
120,787 people
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A place for Chrome developers to meet, share, and discuss the latest in web development
This is the official Google+ home of the Chrome Developer Relations team. We aim to help you write great web apps.

Follow this page to keep up to date on what's new for HTML5, Chrome apps & extensions, Dart, and other APIs that you can use with Chrome. We'll also hold weekly hangouts, give you behind the scenes tours, and occasionally dive deep into internals of Chrome.

If you’re building for the modern web, then this is the place for you!