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We recently launched Spotlights on - our goal is to highlight great examples of web apps done well.

Want to be included? Submit your link 
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Anything that shows examples reinforcing a vision is useful.  Kudos
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Getting a full picture of your app performance became a whole lot easier in DevTools!

Read all about the improved Timeline and its integrated JS profiler, frame viewer and paint profiler.
We've upgraded the Timeline panel for Chrome DevTools to give developers more insight on their site’s runtime performance.
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+Steve Meinel me too
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Rendering performance is a crucial part of a web app's UX. Learn to profile & optimize with a new +Udacity course from +Paul Lewis
Rendering performance is crucial to the UX of any website or web app. So do you know your layout thrashing from your paint storms? How about when’s best to schedule your JavaScript? +Paul Lewis is here to help you to find out with his brand new +Udacity course!
This course will demystify the browser's rendering pipeline and make it easy for you to build high performance web apps .
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In Chrome 43 (Beta as of mid April 2015), we are moving DOM attributes to the prototype chain; this brings Chrome more in line with the Web IDL Spec and other browsers’ implementations.
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+Jo McClellan Same hear. Don't can do nothing with Google Chrome on my computer any more. Just a blue nasty page. Lottie Winter.
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We are very keen to hear how you have been affected by breaking changes to Web API's and how we can help.
Please Help us learn about how deprecations, removals and changes to Web platform API's affect you.
How do changes to web affect your site?The web is constantly changing with new shiny API's being added all the time. However, browser developers also have to remove legacy platforms features, fix spec incompatibilities (or even change when the spec changes) and this can cause massive frustration for users and developers when it is a change that causes your site to stop working. Has a Web Platform API removal or API change affected one of your sites or apps? If so, we want to know how...
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My chrome is always say saying it has stopped
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Built on #Polymer and the latest web platform APIs, Google's Santa Tracker is now open source. Take a peek behind the curtain to see what makes the beautiful pixels come together. 
The holiday spirit is about giving and even though the holiday season is over, we’re still in the spirit. We are thrilled to announce that Google's Santa Tracker is now open source on GitHub at google/santa-tracker-web and google/santa-tracker-android.

#GoogleDev   #AndroidDev   #AndroidWear   #Polymer  
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Santa can make a gift to MS WOS XP users with hardware not able to update (or update well) to MS WOS 10 with an XP to Chrome/ium OS (+ Crouton + wine and their actual main apps or Chrome /GNU equivalents) UPGRADE that would give Chrome/ium OS at least a big jump in market share.

This can be done in 2 steps, first, an upgrade to Chrome / GNU apps with an extension that would scan the actual software installed and provide Chrome / GNU apps alternatives to it with a one click recommended option. and after this trial period, and feedback, a migration to Chorme/ium OS in one click with external backup (restore) option that would be the second step.

As this PCs are old, and x86 chrome boxes and chromebooks are pretty cheap, this movement can make the chrome boxes and chromebooks sells sky rocket as replacement for old MS WOS XP desktop and laptop computers, as this, usually non techie users, would have prove it, and most of them with high satisfaction comparing it with MS WOS XP and 10, even more with a Crouton Mate desktop with XP alike config and wine.
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Have them in circles
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Push notifications and Add to Home Screen are now available for all users of Chrome

One of the web’s superpowers is its low friction: a new site is always only a single tap away, allowing users to easily navigate through a rich diversity of experiences. The mobile web provides a great discovery experience for users and unparalleled reach for developers.  
Now with Chrome 42 (current stable) we can also have the same type of deep engagement that users love from Native experiences.
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Don't forget to check out the latest episode of #Polycasts with +Rob Dodson
+Polymer 0.8 is hot out of the oven! Let +Rob Dodson show you how to start building your very own Web Components in this episode of #Polycasts . 
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+Kenneth Rohde Christiansen very true! I need to update my snippet :D
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Did you know that.. you can debug IE11 via Chrome DevTools? Fun.
Sweet, you can debug IE11 (and Spartan, soon) via the Chrome debug protocol (and DevTools): - kudos to the IE team for building and releasing this! 
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The likely scenario is this IE-sponsored project implements ~80% of the Chrome protocol, hypes the press, then Microsoft get bored and the compatibility steadily deteriorates.
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We would love to hear more about your potential use-cases.
If the Web had an API for accessing the users Contacts and Address Book, what would you use it for?

I have my own use cases, want to learn others.
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#chat emails gcd G+
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The #io15extended map already features 200+ Extended events in 70 countries! Become an I/O Extended host too! #io15  
Anyone, anywhere can host or attend an I/O Extended event

With the help of hosts around the world, I/O Extended is truly a global event. We have 200+ events registered in over 70 countries. Check them out on the I/O website today (!

Can I become an I/O Extended host?
Anyone interested in bringing their local developer community together can organize an I/O Extended event. The agenda is up to you: we encourage hosts to add value to their events by preparing other activities in addition to viewing the I/O live stream. Consider including code labs, hackathons, demos and Q&A sessions with local speakers, as these all tend to be popular with I/O Extended attendees. 

If you’re joining us as an I/O Extended host this year, here are the steps you should take to get started:
-- Read through the Organizer Guide to get tips and suggestions on how to host a successful event ( 
-- Register your public event on the I/O website for increased visibility (
-- Join the I/O Extended 2015 Organizers Google+ Community to exchange ideas with other hosts (

Should I attend an I/O Extended event?
Joining an Extended event is a great networking opportunity and much more fun than watching the live stream on your own! Last year we had 80K+ attendees worldwide. Make sure to search for your location on the I/O map to find Extended events happening near you in 2015 (

#io15   #io15extended  
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New episode of #Polycasts  with +Rob Dodson - get a 1st look at the Polymer 0.8 release!
Get a first look at the brand new Polymer 0.8 release on today's episode of #Polycasts  with +Rob Dodson. Learn the basics of creating your very own custom elements.
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Have them in circles
115,436 people
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A place for Chrome developers to meet, share, and discuss the latest in web development
This is the official Google+ home of the Chrome Developer Relations team. We aim to help you write great web apps.

Follow this page to keep up to date on what's new for HTML5, Chrome apps & extensions, Dart, and other APIs that you can use with Chrome. We'll also hold weekly hangouts, give you behind the scenes tours, and occasionally dive deep into internals of Chrome.

If you’re building for the modern web, then this is the place for you!