Ever get distracted watching a movie because you can't remember the actors name, or break into a debate with friends as to which other movies he/she was in?  Now wile you're watching a movie on Google Play, you can find out that it's Jack Black (of course!).  With one click you can search the web and learn the fun fact that his parents are both rocket scientists.

Info cards (http://goo.gl/FVZVWl)  have now been added to the Google Play Movies & TV app in Canada, so you can easily learn more about the actors and related films.  It's easy, when you are watching a film on your tablet, simply press pause and cards will pop up with information about actors on screen.  You can tap on the actor's face to learn more about him, like his age, place of birth, his character in the movie, and his recent work.   When you resume the movie, the cards will disappear.  

the new feature is offered for hundreds of movies in Google Play and we're adding more every day.  
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