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Check it out! The Sony Internet Player with Google TV is officially available in Canada today at the Sony Store and other retailers.
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Yeah, but what about the Google Multimedia offerings? Like TV, or Music? Wasn't the GTV not launched up here last year because of that?

Were my hopes totally off the target? AGAIN? :'(
can someone tell me what this gives that I can't get out of a roku, or an apple tv 2 or a htpc. I have all three and have been without cable for more than a year now. Before I buy another toy it would be good to know what it can give that I don't already have. Being able to play google play movies would be nice, but I can do that with my htpc. 
waiting to buy one!  Hope they have them in stock at the sonystore
I got the sony internet player last week at future shop and I must say it's quite underwhelming. Very poor selection of apps and buggy software hurts the nice hardware. Have one more week to play with it before the 14 day return policy is up. Anyone need me to test anything on it?
Does this new +Google TV box know that we are in +Canada? Especially the "TV & Movies" app?
Does it show content actually available in +Canada?
What kind of tv content does it actually have?
+Renaud Lepage +Mathieu Méa +J-P Sturgeon there does not appear to be any content from Google directly. I don't have a tv & movies app or a Google music app. Confirmed that on the play store the tv and movies app says not compatible. Netflix is there and the redux app is actually really good. Other than that, not much.
This thing is totally not worth it. Gonna use it for a few more days and return it. Software is so half baked. Slow browser that crashes constantly. Nearly unusable.
Thanks for the info +Aaron Sutton. Canadian content barrier is not so easy to get around, I guess. I'm just looking for an Internet-ready tv box that has good content at a reasonable price. I want to ditch Rogers cable. This isn't it guess.
What websites are crashing it? Can you watch videos from global TV, or CTV? Have you tried plex for local network stored media?

If it runs Netflix and streams video from my media PC, then its better than what I'm using now, which is an Xbox 360
Steve K
Thanks +Aaron Sutton for telling us that the Tv and Movies app does not work, you saved me 200 box.
Never rely on one source for a review, just sayin'
+Jason McDonald I completely agree with you, but I think it's safe to believe what all the reviews say. Good hardware ruined by bad software and a lack of apps. I will try ctv and global and let you know. Plex works well but has very limited configurability. I miss xbmc. Crashes on anything. Yesterday I was playing rdio in one tab and searching Google on another.
I'm ignoring the reviews from the US, because it's all about lack of Hulu, Amazon and other support for services that that I can't/don't use.
+Jason McDonald right, but you should read through them anyways and just ignore that aspect. The issue is the os itself. It's very slow and buggy. It has so much potential, but at the moment you're much better off with a cheap computer. Google tv needs its own project butter. I really want to keep the device but right now it's nearly impossible to justify it.
Steve K
The problem is that I wanted a new Google TV device ONLY for the TV and Movies app working in Canada. I'll keep my Revue who can't do much if it's the same thing/experience.
Going to check out the Sony store soon! Apparently they've been around for little while according to Google TV but I haven't seen one yet.
+Jason McDonald just to give you an update on your previous question, ctv worked fine when playing video but global seemed to have an issue moving to the next clip. also, when playing global the flash plugin crashed once and the browser force quit shortly after.
+Aaron Sutton Thanks for the warning.  I can handle the lack of Canadian content, which I rather expected, but not the bugs.  I think the price is good given the hardware and the potential - sorry to hear that the experience is ruined by half-baked software.  (Apparently 1st gen was the same way.)
I have a Logitech Revue with a VPN service running through my sweet.
Google music works on any PC or handset with no VPN after setup.
Heck my Netflix goes "American" on my tablet with the VPN :-)
I'm a dual Canadian American citizen and feel the pain of the fictitious 45 parallel. Proud cord cutter since the revue hit 99$. 
Finally returned mine yesterday. Will reconsider it when it gets an update. Had it nearly two weeks and used it only when someone had a question about its operation. Not yet ready for  day to day use.
I got mine on Monday, and I cannot disagree more.  I haven't had a single lock up, despite it being used for 10+ hours a day use with Plex, Netflix, Redux, and just miscellaneous mucking about.  Plex's 'channel' support for things like TSN and CTV are pretty poor quality, but that has nothing to do with the device, it's the app.    Streaming shows directly from works well, although the page navigation is admittedly laggy with the flash support.  

Google Music was just updated last night with GoogleTV support, which is a bonus.  I'm not running any kind of HDMI into the box though, I don't have cable and am just using the device connected to the internet, so I don't get to test things like picture in picture.

The sony backed Crackle service has a pretty weak catelogue of content, but it IS a free service, and I'm never one to turn a nose up at free streaming. 

I'll be giving the device a more complete review hopefully this weekend.
I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I found the browser extremely laggy and crashed frequently even when doing something as simple as viewing pictures on picasa. Plex is a fine app for sure, but I've been an XBMC user for years and I just can't get into plex. Given that you can get the Zotac ZBOXNANO-AD10-U for $209, I just don't think Google TV is worth it. A full computer does a much better job.
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