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With the new panoramic cover photo you now have another beautiful way to express yourself and your business. Scroll through the embedded album to learn about the new photos, the specifications and measurements, and how to ensure that your page makes a great first impression!
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Are there any quality guidelines related to cover photos that users/pages need to be aware of? Not seeing any documentation in Help about what can and can't be included in a cover photo.
I miss the exact position of the area covered by the the profile pic. Masks for Photoshop would be great!
I actually find that I have no idea how to now make changes to my old scrap photos. I want to replace one (without deleting it!) with a photo from one of my other albums, but there appear to be no way to do either, e.g. Scrap Photos is not available as an album I can move images to.
+Lars Ivar Igesund log in to your picassa account (it's basically G+ photos) and there you can add photos, and rearrange the order of your scrapbook album ;)
+Rupert Wood Huh, I didn't think of that - I do use Picasaweb for some other usecases. But it clearly shows that something is missing from the G+ interface :) Thanks!
Mine keeps erroring out when I try to upload a cover photo.
+Amanda Rosenberg Any reason why some images seem to be skewed a bit? I made +Equalitopia's scrapbook photo exactly 940x180, but the image is blurred. Google+ cropped it by 1 pixel, which causes the image to be stretched and look blurred.
+Mike Wilton, the cover photos should abide by the same content policies that govern general photos shared on Google+.

+Dan Leveille, what happens with a higher resolution image? A 1 pixel crop should not cause significant distortion.
+Google+ Your Business Google+ crops the image to 179px and then uses HTML/CSS to display it at a 180px height, which can cause browsers to distort the entire image. This can actually cause significant distortion if the image was designed with sharp lines or distinct, individual pixels. Many people design their images to be the exact size for the highest, pixel-perfect quality.

I can't think of a reason why this would be intentional -- it has to be an error. One simple HTML/CSS change can fix it -- just have the image displayed at 179px. I edited the HTML/CSS in my browser and it fixed it. Look at the difference:
This redesign is cool! cleaner with more dinamic elements. It seems made especially for tablets. Here in Peru, most of profiles has been updated and our company´s page has already its new avatar and cover. Regards to you people in +Google+ Your Business
Still trying to get used to the new look - especially to the empty space to the right on horizontal screens. Keep up the good work.
We don't like it. Why can't they just leave it alone. It looks like it's trying to look like FB. The Timeline is terrible and a lot of people don't like. It's the reason why we are in Google+.
meh, i like it a lotter better now. doesn't seem anything like facebook though. neater than that and nicer looking than the old +
the people should go for their own look-not try to change it to look sorta like another companies. b you-nique
How do I post on my business page? Every time I go into google+ it's my personal account and I can't switch to my business page I can't post or anything.
+Tyler Campbell Click on more from the left hand navigation panel and click on pages or click on pages if you have it on the main tray.
+Tyler Campbell or you can click the little arrow next to your photo in the upper right hand. It should show your page in the drop down.
+Google+ Your Business I have a page for a wheelchair basketball team (you should all follow it :) +Albuquerque Kings ). One of the players of our team uploaded a bunch of photos from a tournament to their account. Is there a way for that person to grant access to that album so that the +Albuquerque Kings page can show and share it with their followers? Would love to avoid having to upload all the same photos to this page. Thx in advance for the help.
I've set up The new panorama image fine but wanted to change the company profile pic so it blended in better but am having major woes in doing so (and I'm sure it should be really simple!)

I click Change Profile pic - The original image I want to use is 671x562 (Don't know why!) - If I try to use this original image the wording of the logo is outside of the draggable preview area so I figured, use the Creative tools to resize it. Whatever I resize it to, when I click save image and then set as profile pic, G+ still forces me to choose a smaller area from within the resized pic (I've even tried resizing it right down to 125x125 and it still does it.)

Is this a bug or am I missing something please?
cool! I already modified mine! wanna see?
Hit by Google Plus Update
Who likes change by dictate?

Since working with Google Apps the number of experiences like this has increased. I prefer this kind of surprise, even if they take away time and put us behind schedule, yet the policy of the Google Plus role out team requires a change!

No change without prior preparation of those, who are expected to adopt to the change. If you apply taktics in your day to day business, that you should apply in case of emergency only, you will end up dragging client projects into a subordniate position towards competition.

Does that really match with the expectations of +Vic Gundotra I have lost precious attention and time again, because of the unexpected change. This should not happen again with G+ - period. May be the change has been announced in time somewhere. Yet it should be possible to apply the same policy with G+ as with Google Apps - proper planning prevents from poor performance.

Setting up a social media presence seems to be a marathon. Stumbling upon changes like this, especially when running uphill, is like being put to the test by those who were supposed to be the support team. Only the strongest will survive repetition of such kind of a test! As it is essential for professional teams, the Google Plus Management is kindly asked to improve the notification process.

Do not mess around with the schedule of those who have put trust into the quality of your service, in order to set up a central social media presence on Google Plus for business purposes. Especially not with those who work against schedules.
Thanks a lot! Anyway, you people at G+ rocks... I only tried to help, nothing else :)
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